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Inspired Energy Podcast - Exploring strengths, leadership, personal growth, mindset and living an inspired life. Available on all Podcast platforms.

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Inspired Energy Podcast - Exploring strengths, leadership, personal growth, mindset and living an inspired life. Available on all Podcast platforms.

    Episode 79 - Michael Fearne | Launch of The LSP Method book!

    Episode 79 - Michael Fearne | Launch of The LSP Method book!

    In this episode, I welcome back LEGO® Serious Play® expert Michael Fearne, to discuss his new book, The LSP Menthod. Michael is the founder of Pivotal Play, a facilitation consultancy in Melbourne, Australia, where he specialises in the LEGO® Serious Play® method. He works with companies big and small to tackle business problems and make change happen using a playful approach.

    LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) is the highlight of this conversation, and we unpack what this incredible tool is and what it can do for individuals, teams & organisations. We also delve into the process of book writing, and Michael's experience of birthing, his awesome new book, The LSP Method out into the world using Scribe Media.

    Key episode highlights include:
    - How LEGO Serious Play (LSP) brings out a deeper level of truth and vulnerability.
    - How LSP helps unlock answers to questions through play and storytelling, helping people to think and communicate differently.
    - Writing a book isn't about the money, it's about the legacy.

    You can discover and buy Michael's new book, The LSP Method here. Check out Michael's courses on his website, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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    Episode 78 - Alessandra Edwards | Performance & Wellbeing expert for CEOs

    Episode 78 - Alessandra Edwards | Performance & Wellbeing expert for CEOs

    In this episode, I chat with Alessandra Edwards. Alessandra is a high performance and wellbeing expert, coach and trainer. Alessandra is passionate about helping leaders understand their own genetic limits so they can achieve their maximum potential and reach exceptional levels of physical and mental performance.

    This enlightening chat is packed with deep knowledge on the importance of understanding yourself deeply from a genetic, biochemical and emotional perspective. Our deep dive into genomic wellness goes into how that enables you to be the leader of you and how combining with intrinsic motivation can lead to boundless, self-renewing energy, clarity and the ability to ‘stretch’ time.  We explore how Alessandra's work helps not only A-type achievers (with high dopamine) but all leaders. You will learn how to take advantage of your inner workings and so much more.

    Key episode highlights include:

    Identify and create clarity about what you actually want, from more physical energy, more stamina or mental staying power, strength and cognitive ability.
    If we don’t focus on patching up our leaks - energy leaks, resiliency leaks, motivational leaks, compassion leaks - then what are we left with?
    When you’re in a state of complete self-serving, self-love, self-acceptance and self-mastery, you become completely magnetic and access the highest level of personal power.

    If you loved our discussion on the role that our DNA plays in terms of us achieving our potential, maintaining optimal mental health and having great levels of energy, then you can find out more by connecting with Alessandra on her website and on LinkedIn.

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    Episode 77 - Kristen Ulmer | Fear Expert

    Episode 77 - Kristen Ulmer | Fear Expert

    In this episode I chat with Kristen Ulmer, who is a thought leader on fear and anxiety. Kristen draws from her tenure as the most ‘fearless’ female extreme skier in the world, from intently studying Zen for 16 years and also from facilitating thousands of clients on flow and peak performance.

    This chat was a deep dive into the philosophy of fear, how and where it shows it up and how you can respond to it with insightful anecdotes from Kristen's extreme previous life and more recent interpersonal experiences with people whom you would consider ‘fearless’. We also cover exactly why some people struggle with anxiety and others don’t, fear and your flow state, and why calling people fearless sets our society up to live under an impossible ideal.

    You will definitely want to take notes on this one! Especially around Kristen’s top three tips to start embracing your fear.

    Key episode highlights include:

    If you embrace fear, it just feels like excitement and presence.
    We can’t see what’s really going on in our undercurrent until we raise our antenna (our awareness).
    You cannot have less fear by controlling it. The ONLY way you can have less fear is by taking risks and expanding your comfort zone.
    Your unwillingness to feel fear is actually what’s holding you back - not fear itself.

    If you are yearning for more then you can grab a copy of Kristen's book here.

    And the best place to connect with Kristen is via her website (don't forget to take her quiz), Facebook or take up the opportunity to meet her in person at her ski camp in Alta, Utah.

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    Episode 76 - Elena Pastore | Strengths-based Coach & Contractor

    Episode 76 - Elena Pastore | Strengths-based Coach & Contractor

    In this episode, I chat with Elena Pastore, an aspiring strengths coach who has a passion for people development. Her current roles in marketing and business help people understand their areas of strength and inhabit a growth mindset.

    We discuss Elena’s multiple roles in the workplace, her passion for changing the antiquated education system, social media and re-confirmation of belief, and how to embrace a growth mindset (especially during 2020!). We also touch on how Elena leads with the Strengths WOO and Includer, and how that has helped shape her connection and relatability with others.

    Key episode highlights include:

    The most successful people are the ones who are emotionally intelligent
    The best way to cultivate a growth mindset is to create self-awareness - look internally and get vulnerable with yourself
    You cannot force someone to have a growth mindset
    Let’s not wait for a crisis to start looking after ourselves

    To connect further with Elena, you can find her on LinkedIn or over at her website.
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    Episode 75 - TyAnne Osborn | Micro-messages & being an ally

    Episode 75 - TyAnne Osborn | Micro-messages & being an ally

    In this episode I chat with Tyann Osborn, a Gallup-certified Strengths coach and trainer, whose passion is creating positive cultures and making the complex, simple. Using Strengths-based training, she transforms workspaces and teams to be more productive, authentic and stronger relationship builders.

    TyAnn inspired me to have her on the podcast again (she was on episode 24, which you can find here) after publishing an article on LinkedIn on micro-agressions. In the article, Ty vulnerably shares her experiences over the years with micro-messages and micro-agressions. The article has received plenty of positive feedback (which it should), as it has inspired others to talk about their experiences and help people understand the impact of these behaviours.

    In this conversation, we certainly cover some ground, including some of TyAnn’s personal experiences and in the workplace, and how that contributes to your sense of belonging and identity. We also delve into the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S., the realisation of privilege and what that means, along with how you can be a more impactful ally.

    Key episode highlights include:

    Have you asked someone how do you feel lately? Allow individuals to tell you what they need from you.
    Your words matter, every conversation is an opportunity to influence the culture. So what words are you using?
    Reframe your language from what you HAVE to do, to what do you GET to do.
    Always be mindful of what conscious actions you can take when showing up.
    Take the time to reach out to the leaders that have inspired and supported you.

    The best place to connect with TyAnn is via LinkedIn or her website. Read TyAnn's article on Micro-Aggression here.

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    Episode 74 - Jim Collison | CliftonStrengths Community Manager Gallup

    Episode 74 - Jim Collison | CliftonStrengths Community Manager Gallup

    In this episode, I chat with Jim Collison, a powerhouse Talent Acquisition and CliftonStrengths Community Manager at Gallup.

    Jim brings his incredible knowledge of people, podcasting, and purpose to this discussion. He has facilitated and been featured on over 1000 podcasts and generously shares his top tips on the podcast process - including how to make other experts look even better and the keys to being a pro-interviewer.

    We also discuss his journey of Strengths discovery, the impact it's had on his relationships, the positives from the pandemic, and how to start being a better leader by shining the light on others.

    Key episode highlights include:

    It’s all about the person you’re interviewing, it’s not about you. Make other people the big deal.
    The less the agenda is about you and the more the agenda is about your kids/spouse/team members/employees, the more effective it is.
    When you find the thing that inspires you, boundaries don’t matter. What matters is the flow.
    Strengthening partnerships starts with one simple question: What can I do for you today?

    You can discover the work Jim does at Gallup by heading to Gallup - Coaching, tuning into The Average Guy Network, and Ask the Podcast Coach.

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