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Podcast by Krav Maga Systems

    Krav Chats Ep.7 - Gershon Ben Keren

    Krav Chats Ep.7 - Gershon Ben Keren

    In this episode, Krav Maga Systems Hong Kong Instructor Nils Beiskjær speaks to Gershon Ben Keren. Gershon frequently uses his knowledge on psychology and real-world experience as a security professional to break down and rebuild stagnant paradigms in the Krav Maga and Self-defence Industry.

    His aim is to help people bridge the gap between the reality of violence and the framework that makes Krav Maga great.

    In this podcast, Gershon addresses this perspective and explains why it's so important to ensure your training (and teaching) is supporting what you can expect to face in a real situation.

    A bit about Gershon:

    Gershon Ben Keren is a 5th Degree Black Belt with over 20 years of experience in Krav Maga, he's a security professional, a second-degree black belt in Judo, runs his own school (Krav Maga Yashir in Boston, USA), AND has a Masters in Psychology. On top of this, he has authored popular books about Krav Maga.

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    Intro and outro credit: Ryan Little - Star Writings

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    Krav Chats Ep.6 - Yigal Arbiv

    Krav Chats Ep.6 - Yigal Arbiv

    This special addition Krav Chats is the audio from a video interview Krav Maga Systems conducted with Yigal Arbiv from the International Krav Maga Association - Gidon Systems. You can see the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0epBd4PvXM

    Yigal shares an inspiring message about the true nature of Krav Maga and the 'never quit' attitude that we all need to be better at our training.

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    Krav Chats Ep.5 - Ryan Hoover - Is Krav Maga even 'Krav Maga' anymore?

    Krav Chats Ep.5 - Ryan Hoover - Is Krav Maga even 'Krav Maga' anymore?

    This episode Krav Maga Systems Senior Instructor Kurt Colpan chats to Ryan Hoover from Fit to Fight. Ryan has a long history in Krav Maga and is known for his no-bs approach to self-defence, fighting and Krav Maga. Some find his views a bit controversial, but we appreciate his efforts to open up a dialogue about topics that affect the wider Krav Maga community.

    You can find out more about Ryan here: http://www.wearefittofight.com/ryan-hoover

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    Krav Chats Ep.4 - David Kahn on Origins of organisations and the importance of holistic training

    Krav Chats Ep.4 - David Kahn on Origins of organisations and the importance of holistic training

    Krav Maga System's Senior Instructor Kurt Colpan talks all things Krav Maga with the one and only David Kahn.

    David has been a leading proponent for Krav Maga in the U.S and around the world. He's released books, DVDs and most recently Mastering Krav Maga Online which you can check out at masteringkravmagaonline.com
    You can find more info on his publications at israelikrav.com/instructors

    received his advanced black belt teaching certifications from Grandmaster Haim Gidon of the IKMA (Gidon System) and is the
    only American to sit on the IKMA Board of Directors. He has formally trained all five branches of the U.S. military, the Royal Marines, as well as federal, state, and local law enforcement

    David shares his stories of Imi, including meeting one of Imi's best friends who learned Krav Maga from him, before it was even called Krav Maga.
    David also shares his experience best training practices and the importance of learning from a holistic curriculum.

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    Krav Chats Ep.3 - Danny Zelig on Running a Successful Krav Maga School.

    Krav Chats Ep.3 - Danny Zelig on Running a Successful Krav Maga School.

    To find out more about Danny Zelig and Tactica Krav Maga Visit: http://www.kravmagainstitute.com/
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    For our third interview, we're picking the mind of Danny Zelig. Danny is well known for running a very successful Krav Maga school and organisation called Tactica Krav Maga Insitute, based in San Franciso, California.

    He's a second generation Krav Maga Instructor of Imi Lichtenfeld, he's had a lifelong passion for combat sports, served in the IDF as an infantry staff Sargent, and also taught
    Krav Maga to active infantry service members for the rest
    of his service.

    He's been the Director of California IKMF, and has various
    instructor certifications with different KM organisations.

    Because of his experience running a successful KM school
    we thought we'd pick his brain for all those out there
    who are looking for some tips to make their school better
    or for those of you out there who want to run one.

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    Krav Chats Ep.2 - Avivit Cohen on Fight quest, being a good instructor & teaching women Krav Maga.

    Krav Chats Ep.2 - Avivit Cohen on Fight quest, being a good instructor & teaching women Krav Maga.

    In the second episode of Krav Chats, Krav Maga Systems' senior instructor - Kurt Colpan - talks with Avivit Cohen.

    Avivit is arguably one of the most well-known female figures in Krav Maga. If you don't know her by name, then you'll probably know her from the Krav Maga episode of Fight Quest. She takes Doug Anderson through a killer KM crash course.

    Though the show portrayed her as a 'crazy Israeli chick', she is far from being that one dimensional. In this podcast you will hear her share her many years of Krav Maga (she's been training since she was 8 years old!) experience for both instructors and students.

    You're sure to pick up some great inside tips for best practices in teaching women and kids. This episode is especially great for all the ladies out there who want to hear things from a refreshingly familiar perspective; it may be surprising just how humble Avivit really is.

    We hope you enjoy!
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