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Listen to host Susie Schaaf and rotating panel from the Mia San Rot website chat weekly about all things FC Bayern Munich.

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Listen to host Susie Schaaf and rotating panel from the Mia San Rot website chat weekly about all things FC Bayern Munich.

    MSR-EN-S2-001 Welcome Back! An Analysis of Bayern's Transfer Window

    MSR-EN-S2-001 Welcome Back! An Analysis of Bayern's Transfer Window

    It's been a hot minute (well a bit more than two years, to be precise) but now, finally, the Miasanrot.com podcast makes a (hopefully) dashing return!
    Susie sadly won't be on the podcast, but we hope we'll do her legacy justice.
    This is my (Daniel) first podcast to be on and to edit, so please excuse my nervousness and a few issues here and there in the beginning, I'm hopeful things will ease themselves into a successful routine.
    In the first episode Marc, Maurice and Daniel are taking a deep dive through all of Bayern's signings this summer. They were so plentiful in the end, that it's pretty easy to lose track of all the signings Salihamidžić did in these last days, so we're here to break them all down.

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    MSR-EN028 All Good Things Must Come To An End

    MSR-EN028 All Good Things Must Come To An End

    Instead of what might have been a rather expected double to send of Jupp Heynckes, instead Bayern never seemed able to catch their breath after suffering defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League semi finals.
    Mia San Rot’s Marc Almstedt and Maurice Hauss join host Susie Schaaf to chat about the last two matches and more.
    Just glancing over the disappointing (yet, meaningless) Stuttgart game, the trio take a bite in to the DFB Pokal against Frankfurt. Future Bayern trainer Niko Kovac set his XI perfectly, while the group feel like the out-going Heynckes might have started a more effective Startelf. Individual mistakes also came in to play in the loss in Berlin, before the crew talk about some pretty contentious VAR decisions from referee Felix Zwayer.
    A talk about the misguided anger at certain players by a large part of fandom is discussed, as well as how muted the ceremonies at the Allianz Arena and Marienplatz seemed to be this year.
    Susie and Marc debate Maurice’s season-end grades for the entire senior squad, before they all take a glance in to the future. Will Kovac play a 3-5-2 next season? With rumors swirling around some of Bayern’s starters, who is really on their way out?
    Before they close down the last podcast of the season, the team discusses a couple of listener questions before giving their very early expectations for next season.
    Thank you, as always, for listening! And in case you think you’ll be without the podcast this summer? You are in luck! The MSR team will be recording for World Cup competition-- with an emphasis on all Bayern players representing their respective nations. Mia san mia. Danke, Jupp!

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    MSR-EN027 Frankfurt, Madrid, Koeln

    MSR-EN027 Frankfurt, Madrid, Koeln

    There are two different segments to this one. First, host Susie Schaaf is joined by Marc Almstedt to chat about Bayern Munich’s 4:1 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt and next year’s trainer, Niko Kovac. The chat about SGE-FCB is centered mainly on the youth that were promoted for the game and how they performed. After segueing massively off-topic-- as this podcast is wont to do-- the pair bring it back in to talk about what this match might mean for Kovac going in to the DFB Pokal final, and if there will be any lingering misgivings over the result.
    In the second segment, Susie is joined by an English language commentating legend-- Phil Bonney. Before the loss to Real Madrid is discussed, as well as the victory at relegated Koeln, Susie gets the rare opportunity to chat with Phil about his career in broadcasting-- when did he start, how did it all come about, and most importantly? What was his favourite match he ever got a chance to call.
    Moving on to Bayern’s dump out of the Champions League at the hands of old foes, Madrid, Phil and Susie discuss how much criticism can be leveled at the players. Is VAR warranted in Champions League competition? And do most Bayern fans have it better than they think?
    Phil is based out of Koeln, so he provides a sort of overview of the season and the team’s slide in to relegation, but the pair would be shocked if the Billy Goats didn’t come right back up in 2019.
    There are plenty of bits of history, a stellar look at what it is like to do Mr. Bonney’s job, and one or two errors might be mentioned (only compounded by making another error during the podcast. Haha.)
    It’s a long one, folks. But with a character as interesting as Phil, Susie was reluctant to let him off the line. Thank you, as always, for listening! Mia san mia. Mia san Rot

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    MSR-EN026 Hannover and the team that shall not be named

    MSR-EN026 Hannover and the team that shall not be named

    Bayern got a slow start against Hannover, but eventually ran out 3:0 victors in what is now a basically meaningless Bundesliga match. And the big stuff comes in the second half of the pod where we’ll discuss the 1:2 loss at home to Real Madrid, and all the news surrounding the Champions League semi final tie.
    Before delving in to the pair of matches, Susie and Dennis chat about their geek fandoms and why exactly the podcast was being recorded in the middle of the night in Germany.
    Getting back to the pressing topics, the Hannover match appears first with most of the talk pointed on U-19 Lukas Mai and his debut as the first 2000-era player for Bayern, and his signing to a professional contract. But, the pair realize nobody really is interested in this particular Bundesliga match, so they move on rather quickly…
    Whew. The loss to Real Madrid is the heart of the podcast-- with a few segues elsewhere-- as the duo break down the match tactically, and call out performances pretty much across the board. Might Jupp Heynckes have been able to change the match more effectively had he not been hampered by two early substitutions? Is Robert Lewandowski really a flop for Bayern? What did Madrid do particularly well? Did Franck Ribery really have a “great” match?
    Assessing Bayern’s chances in the return tie at the Bernabeu-- and how Bayern might go through to the final are talked about before ending with some thoughts on Niko Kovac, Eintracht Frankfurt, Saturday’s match and the Pokal finale.
    Thanks, loyal listeners, as always. We’ll be back shortly! Mia san mia. Mia san Rot.

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    MSR-EN025 Leverkusen Pokal match

    MSR-EN025 Leverkusen Pokal match

    The trio got a lot wrong here. We had all pegged Schalke 04 to beat Frankfurt to progress to the DFB Pokal finals, as well as picking ‘Kusen over Dortmund in their derby match on the weekend.
    Beyond all of the collective bad calls, Eric, Tom and Susie discussed fandom-- in the stadiums and throughout the world-- whatever the result.
    We promise, there is match chat, too!
    Thank you, as always, for listening! And we will be back with you after la Bestia Negra vanquishes Real Madrid in Munich.

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    MSR-EN024 A title, the semifinals and a new trainer

    MSR-EN024 A title, the semifinals and a new trainer

    Bayern Munich had a busy week with a 0:0 draw surrounded by a couple of goalfests. Even off the pitch things got interesting as the team welcomes Niko Kovac as Jupp Heynckes’ heir-apparent as well as some sad news about Arturo Vidal.
    Marc Almstedt joins host Susie Schaaf to run through all the good stuff.
    The Augsburg match is the first item on deck as the pair discuss FCA’s first half press, and the general lack of lustre surrounding Bayern’s sixth consecutive title win on the trot. Moving on to the Sevilla game, Marc and Susie never really thought Bayern’s progression was in doubt, although the Spanish side did have their chances. The overtly physical (murderous) play of the away team would be a cause for concern, but the duo agree that FCB were able to keep their heads straight, and are entering the semifinals suffering zero suspensions (out of a possible six).
    The devastation of Gladbach was fun for all Bayern fans to watch-- although it did not necessarily seem like that from the start of the match. Does going down a goal early-- like Bayern is prone to do-- help or hurt the team down the stretch?
    The podcast closes out with the pair’s opinions on the Kovac hiring, and what Arturo Vidal’s injury means for the team moving forward through the crux of the season.
    Thank you, as always, for listening. Mia san mia.

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4.6 out of 5
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10 Ratings

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Great work!

Best Bayern podcast in english

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Meister Podcast

With charme and a wide array of guests, Susie Schaaf discusses the latest games and other topics FCB-related. And they all have a fun time recording each cast. 5 out of 5 Sandro's favorite goal-scoaring body parts

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Best Bayern Munich podcast

This is definitely the best Bayern Munich podcast. Many cheers to the crew and the versions guests! They all present a different and interesting view about Bayern.

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