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One Page at a Time is a podcast to give inspiration, encouragement and support to anyone wanting to bring books and their families closer together. We know that books and reading can bring out the best in your family, and we strive to connect you with the books, ideas and techniques that suit your family’s unique situation and personality.

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One Page at a Time is a podcast to give inspiration, encouragement and support to anyone wanting to bring books and their families closer together. We know that books and reading can bring out the best in your family, and we strive to connect you with the books, ideas and techniques that suit your family’s unique situation and personality.

    Episode 26: Dealing with Covid-19

    Episode 26: Dealing with Covid-19

    Dealing with Covid-19 using books may sound overwhelming or like a perfect fit - or likely somewhere between these two on the sliding scale. We wanted to give you a look at what's happening in One Page at a Time and also a couple resources you can look into if you wish.

    In this episode we talk about:

    1 Jill and Amanda are both dealing with Covid-19 in different ways, since we have different personalities and different situations. The one commonality with everyone is that this is an unexpected and life-altering period in our lives. We all handle it in different ways, and that's totally okay.

    2 We very quickly list some of the resources we are aware of that are currently available to help us all during this time. Check the end of this post for links and more info.

    3 Finally, we both feel as though some of the unpublished interviews we have done may be helpful for many of us now. Therefore, we've changed our schedule around and you can expect to hear from authors

    Dealing with Covid-19 resources:

    We are Teachers

    This may be the most concise and inclusive list of "virtual author activities" that we have seen. This lists a lot of authors and illustrators doing drawings (think Mo Willems) and many read alouds (think Oprah Winfrey). It's sectioned off into 3 age categories, so don't get too overwhelmed by the length of the list. If you're going to start somewhere, we recommend you start here.

    A Kid's Book About Covid-19

    Big fan of A Kid's Book series like us? Download their great ebook on Covid-19 for free at the link above. In general, these are great books about subjects that can be difficult one way or another, so it may be worth perusing their shop, as well. (not affiliated in any way, just like their books)

    What is a Pandemic? Free e-story

    Teachers Pay Teachers is a treasure trove of great resources, and this free story is definitely one to read. It's graded K-3rd grade, though my 5-year-old had a harder time with the text.

    Wide Open School

    This is one of the resources we have that covers kids Pre-K to Grade 12. I will quote the website, "As parents, you may be adjusting to the idea of having your kids at home all the time. To make learning with them more accessible, we have been busy compiling the best free online resources." If you are feeling a bit lost and on your own, this is a great start for schooling.

    Kate Messner

    Author and former teacher, Kate Messner has shared a page full of resources that are even divided by age. As a parent, I think this is a useful page, even though it is intended for librarians and teachers. She includes a link to publisher guidelines for online read a louds, if you have been wondering about that. She also has links to several of her own children's books on YouTube.

    Author Penpal: Kimberlee Gard

    We have a great interview we will be publishing soon with Kimberlee about her books. The Day Punctuation Came to Town is my personal favorite, and she is an absolute delight. She just announced on her instagram account that she will respond to anyone who wants to write to her, pen-pal style.

    Storyline Online

    Celebrities reading books can never get old, right? These are picture books, heads up.

    Story Seeds Podcast story about Corona Virus

    Story Seeds is a fabulous podcast that shows up regularly in our bedtime routine at Amanda's house. Jason Reynolds,

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    Episode 25: Libro.fm: Loving Bookstores from Afar

    Episode 25: Libro.fm: Loving Bookstores from Afar

    Loving Bookstores from Afar may seem impossible, given the nature of brick-and-mortar stores. Add in the current #stayhome world we are in, we fear for our sanity and for the bookstores around the world. Libro.fm can help with both these concerns.

    This week we are joined by Stephanie Ballien, the director of marketing for a digital company called Libro FM. She worked with many other major brands before finding her passion and home at Libro FM. She hails from Seattle and enjoys life there with her two children.

    In this episode we talk about:

    1. What Libro FM is. It is a company that provides a way for you to buy audiobooks through local and independent bookstores that they have partnered with- a great way to support bookstores while still getting the digital content we love!

    2. How the partnership with bookstores makes Libro FM different from other audiobook platforms and what features they are able to bring to their customers thanks to that partnership.

    3.  A speed-round of Frequently Asked Questions that Stephanie handled like a champ! So much good information about them, how they work, how much it costs, and so much more in such a short amount of time (you get to own the audio file! They have monthly sales! You can get a refund if you did not like the book! You can pick a bookstore to support!).

    4. When we recorded and originally aired this episode, the world was in the middle of dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19. We chatted about what Libro FM was doing to support the local bookstores that they partner with, many of which had to close down while their cities tried to contain the virus.

    5. And, as a final wrap-up, we got Stephanie about the latest book that she has read and fell in love with.

    In Libro.fm: Loving Bookstores From Afar we mention

    We are so grateful to Stephanie for taking the time to talk with us! More information about her, and LibroFM can be found in the following places:








    Books we mentioned:

    Stamped by Jason Reynolds

    Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer  (series)

    Disney's Frozen Anna and Elsa sister series by Erica David

    Nate the Great (series) by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

    A Boy Called Bat (series) by Alana K Arnold

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    If you're looking for another great way to listen to audiobooks, be sure to listen to Episode 9: Getting to Know Overdrive and Libby with Adam Sockel

    We also talk about listening to audiobooks in one of our earliest interviews with Family Looking Up in Episode 6: Finding Books for your Family

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    Episode 24: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Books with Coleen Graham

    Episode 24: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Books with Coleen Graham

    What do we mean by healthy bodies, healthy books? We share how can you use books to help your family stay healthy, and what are some great options to read together.

    This week we are joined by Coleen Graham, a RN who has worked in a major pediatric hospital for the past eleven years. She also has three kids of her own, so she has had plenty of experience teaching kids about being sick and staying healthy in all sorts of settings. Along with nursing she also teaches preschool and the occasional yoga class, so we are very grateful that she was able to take the time to chat with us about this topic that has been on many parents’ minds lately!

    In this episode we talk about:

    1. Coleen’s job at the hospital and what she does there. She explains her unit as a “step-down NICU.” She mostly works with infants and toddlers, although they have recently started getting children of many different ages.

    2. What she prioritizes as a nurse and a mom when she teaches her kids about their bodies and staying healthy. 

    3. How she has used books to teach those things to her kids and why picture books do such a great job at putting these complicated topics on their level.

    4. How she has seen books used at her hospital unit. For instance, she has seen a feeding tube kit that comes with a story book and coloring book that talk about what it is, how it is used, how they can talk about it, etc. Since her unit is mostly younger kids, they do not use them to explain what is going on as much, but they have books that are for the kids and parents to use while they are there, which helps to bring something familiar and comforting to a scary situation.

    “The parents are happy to see a book that they are familiar with and they are happy to read to their child and it kind of makes a scary hospital experience something a little less scary.”

    5. Coloring books and what a great tool they can be. Coleen has used them when teaching her kids about their bodies and she made a great point about how kids are often times better able to listen to things we are trying to teach them when their hands are busy doing something else... like coloring or drawing!

    7. How she has decided what to teach her different children at different ages.

    8. A few of their family’s favorite books for talking about bodies and health.

    9. How our emotions and mental health can affect our physical health and how we can help our kids with their emotions and especially to identify and communicate them.

    10. All three of us chime in with some books that might be good for older children, teenagers or even adults who want to

    We are so grateful to Coleen for taking the time to talk with us! More information about her, the books we chat about, and other resources to help us teach our kids about being healthy can be found in the following places:

    In Healthy Bodies, Healthy Books we mention:


    Kids Health.org

    Google Scholar


    The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist by Stan and Jan Berenstain

    What are Germs? - By Katie Daynes (Usborne)

    My Body - Usborne

    The Usborne Science Encyclopedia by several authors

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    Episode 23: Building Character with Picture Books with Mary Costello

    Episode 23: Building Character with Picture Books with Mary Costello

    Building character with picture books is not even possible, we here at One Page at a Time argue that it's fantastic. We hear about how one Bookstagrammer is using picture books to help their whole family learn 12 Character Traits in 2020.

    This week we are joined by Mary Costello, the amazing woman behind the website, Children’s Lit Love. Mary spent years gaining her education in Child development and Elementary education before teaching elementary school for ten years. When he oldest was born she began using that wealth of knowledge and experience in her own home and now shares it with us on her website and Instagram account. 

    In this episode we talk about:

    1. How she went from being the book recommendation lady for all of her friends to her website now, which still has plenty of book recommendations, but also fantastic information on children’s literacy in general.

    2. Their family’s journey this year to focus on developing different character traits with their children. They wanted to be very intentional about teaching their girls certain things, so they pick a new trait each month to talk about. Mary puts together the books and other things they have used so far and shares them all on her sites.

    3. We talked a bit about the nitty-gritty of how exactly they have been putting this character trait plan into practice in their family and what roles she and her husband play in what they do.

    4. Mary had some thoughts on how to do something similar if you do not have the same support from a spouse. She especially points out that by the end of the year she will have twelve character traits-worth of lists and information that anyone can use, thus cutting down on a ton of work and preparation for someone who wants to try it!

    5. How has it been going so far for them? In Mary’s own words, “It is going so much better than we had imagined!” It has been fun and unifying for their family and they have been able to see the differences in their girls that their efforts have made.

    6. Why books are such a good fit for what she and her husband are doing with the character traits in their family this year. 

    7. How Mary handles the gathering and organization of the books she collects and uses for her monthly topics. 

    8. And some great book recommendations to round us off!

    We are so grateful to Mary for taking the time to talk with us! More information about her, her sties, and their family’s character traits development journey can be found in the following places:

    In Building Character with Picture Books we mention:






    Molly and Mae by Danny Parker

    Mindset by Carol Dweck

    The Power of Showing Up by Daniel J Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

    Clementine (series) by Sara Pennypacker

    Henry Huggins (series) by Beverly Cleary

    Ramona (series) by Beverly Cleary

    Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson

    Bear Feels Scared by Karma Wilson

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    Episode 22: How We Read with Amanda Pilmer Roberts

    Episode 22: How We Read with Amanda Pilmer Roberts

    This week we are joined in a discussion of How We Read with Amanda Pilmer Roberts, a “semi-retired” librarian, as she describes it, who has a great love of (and talent for) music, dance and theater. She has degrees in Theater, Musicology and Library Science and has spent her varied career working in unique school libraries, singing in choirs, choreographing musicals and now, her latest adventure, raising her beautiful baby daughter. 

    In this episode we talk about

    1. Amanda’s unique career in equal parts theater and libraries. She gives some great insights into what goes into many librarians’ careers and gives us a sense of how many different types of libraries there are, which many people aren’t aware of!

    2. How being a librarian has influenced Amanda’s approach to books with her family now that she has her daughter. Suffice it to say, she will never hesitate heading to a library and asking a librarian for help when they are in need of books or information!

    3. What reading looks like with her baby, who is just younger than a year old. This is a hard stage for many people to read to their kids at, as they are active and mobile, yet not always engaged in book, and Amanda shares what works for her and her baby.

    4. Both Amanda and her husband are actively involved in reading with their daughter and she talks about what the looks like in their family. They had talked about it and knew that books were going to be a part of their family’s life even before they were married and had kids and started their book collections for their future family long ago. 

    5. We talk about tracking the books our kids read and Amanda makes a great point that she wishes she had kept track when she was younger, since there are books that she remembers and wishes she could find then again, but doesn’t remember enough about it (...the cover was blue…?).

    6. Amanda wraps up by sharing with us a technique she used as a school librarian to help her students to pick books to read. She used a system from Scholastic called PICK (link to it below). It’s a great system helpful in a school as well as family setting!

    In How We Read with Amanda Pilmer Roberts we mention:


    The Princess Bride by William Goldman

    Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

    The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease and Cyndi Giorgis

    ABCs of Physics by Chris Ferrie

    The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood

    If you enjoyed listening to Amanda Pilmer Roberts, try one of these other episodes:

    Episode 17: How We Read with Rachel Lambourne

    Episode 13: From Reluctant Reader to Librarian with Harold Hayes

    Episode 11: How We Read with Cathy Balfanz

    Episode 01: The More You Read the Better you Get with Cyndi Giorgis

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    Episode 21: Organize yourshelf; Storing books with Jamie Shaner

    Episode 21: Organize yourshelf; Storing books with Jamie Shaner

    This week we are joined by Jamie Shaner, a professional organizer who founded Home Solutions of WNY, Inc. in 2005. She is also an avid perennial gardener who loves playing in the dirt,  and enjoys reading and listening to all kinds of music. This was an interview we looked forward to for a long time, both for her expertise as well as because of her approach toward books, which to quote her is: “As a professional organizer, I'm authorized to say there's such a thing as too many suitcases, too much jello in the pantry, or too many dolls with eyes that move, but rarely ever too many books.” 

    In this episode we talk about:

    1. Note that Jamie’s book philosophy is that one can rarely have too many books (not never), so she does share with us some circumstances that may show that we have books that might be better served finding a new home for.

    2. For all of our remaining books, we talk about finding ways to store books appropriately using the space we have available. One missed book storage opportunity that both Amanda and I are guilty of is picking short bookcases- why limit yourself to that when we could find one that goes all the way up the wall that can use that rarely-utilized vertical space.

    3. We were very interested to ask Jamie her thoughts on Marie Kondo, the rather famous organizational expert who has gotten some flak through the years for her sometimes sparse attitude towards owning and storing books. Jamie gave us her personal method of helping her clients organize: “Do you need it, do you use it, do you love it (if it is something loveable), and do you have the space to store it?” She shares with us how she would apply it specifically to books and it is incredibly helpful!

    4. If we do every find ourselves needing to downsize our book collection, Jamie also had thoughts on what to do with the ones that we, as she put it, “release out into the universe for someone who does not have these books of their own.” 

    5. We also got into the organization of books once you have the spaces set to store them. The librarian half of our duo loved this part of the discussion and, while we recognize that everyone is going to have their own “cataloging” system for their home collections, she gave us some great thoughts and tips if you are struggling managing it.

    We are so grateful to Jamie for taking the time to talk with us! More information about her and her company can be found in the following places:

    In Organize yourshelf: storing books, we mention:


    Home Solutions WNY Inc

    University of Buffalo Annual book sale

    How Amanda's bookshelves are changing as a result of Jamie's interview



    Books we mentioned:

    The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

    Ann Patchett (Author)

    Barbara Kingsolver (Author)

    Anne Tyler (Author)

    Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel

    The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

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