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A podcast made by young people with disabilities discussing their lives and the impact of COVID-19.

The Disability Project Bee

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A podcast made by young people with disabilities discussing their lives and the impact of COVID-19.

    The Disability Project: Who We Are

    The Disability Project: Who We Are

    Who we are, why we’re making this podcast, and how we’re doing during COVID-19…


    Welcome to the disability project. Episode one. 

    We are a group of young people with disabilities who were inspired to start this podcast after feeling especially left out of the picture when COVID-19 began. We're here to share our experiences and provide a platform for others with disabilities to share theirs. Today let's get a general check in on how folks have been handling COVID-19 so far. Our first guest is Xavier, who is a founding member of this podcast and part of the youth group. He has asked me to read his responses.

    Xavier would like to share that his disability is autism. We often think of the impact that are disabilities can have on our lives , but to think about that in terms of COVID-19, another layer have complexity is added. Xavier shared that it's really hard not being able to see friends and family right now. He isn't able to do things he normally does like volunteer or be out in the community as much. Stress and anxiety already make up so many ever the bulk of our days, and Xavier is feeling that, especially concerned that someone he knows may have the coronavirus. 

    So what do we do? Most of us are stuck at home. Some are working. Some have more interaction with others, whether through technology or people you live with. But it's a fact that we haven't experienced something like this before and it is affecting all of us. Thing occupied and busy as much as possible is what we can all do in the present moment. Xavier has been doing this by exercising, doing crossword puzzles, video chatting, helping his mom, working with his tutor , watching Netflix, and reading. 

    We would like you to know that there is support out there. If joining our youth group is not for you, we can help you find something that is. We will be talking about a variety of topics on upcoming episodes. Next episode we will be talking about school and access-VR services. The schooling system has been tremendously affected by COVID-19. we need to make sure that students with disabilities are not being left out of the picture while trying to figure out how the schooling system is going to work going forward. This is non-negotiable. 

    Lastly, we would just like to reiterate that this podcast is for everyone of all ages . If you would like to join in, or need more information, you can send an email to me, Brennan, at bwilliams@ilchv.org.

    Thank you for listening in. Stay safe. Until next time…  

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    The Disability Project (Trailer)

    The Disability Project (Trailer)

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