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A podcast telling the story of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire from 476 AD to 1453

The History of Byzantium thehistoryofbyzantium@gmail.com

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    • 4.9, 42 Bewertungen

A podcast telling the story of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire from 476 AD to 1453


4.9 von 5
42 Bewertungen

42 Bewertungen

Markus4409 ,

"The history of Rome" sequel

Picks up where "The history of Rome" ended. Very professional and entertaining right from the start

Akehu ,

Precise, humane, fascinating

This is what a history book or podcast should be: A precise and detailed account based on sources and critical use of accounts. It gives an idea about the complex reality while still deliver a straight narrative. It is engaging and there is a noticable care for its subject, the roman world. As the author himself said so fittingly: He is a member of „team rome“. But it is not a jingo-parade for rome. To the opposit: Mistakes and strokes of fate are analysed in detail and felt the deeper. As are structural , economic and cultural issues. I loved how the author described byzantium as its best with Nicephorus Phocas, Lecapinos, Basil etc. But I am fascinated how he deals with its defeats also (Manzicert). Ups and downs - that‘s what is so adicting.

123jayjayjay123 ,

One of my favorite podcasts

I love this podcast. I have learned a lot about the Romans in a time period that I didn’t know there were Romans. It also covers the Romans’ interactions with some of the neighboring civilizations like the Bulgarians, the Califate or the Vikings. Especial mention for the podcaster’s voice and the occasional jokes. I recommend it to everybody.

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