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The Women's Podcast, hosted by Kathy Sheridan & Róisín Ingle.

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The Women's Podcast, hosted by Kathy Sheridan & Róisín Ingle.

    Ep 465 Ten Truths to Change Your Life with Caroline Foran

    Ep 465 Ten Truths to Change Your Life with Caroline Foran

    Author and podcaster Caroline Foran took the world by storm in 2016 with the release of her best selling self-help book, Owning It: Your Bullsh*t-Free Guide to Living with Anxiety. Now, she’s back with her third book Naked: Ten Truths to Change Your Life, which challenges readers to explore, embrace and expose their vulnerability. From realising that you’ll never really have it all figured out to accepting that someone else’s success doesn’t take from yours, the truths featured in this practical guide will help produce positive change in your life. In today’s episode, Foran sits down with Róisín Ingle to discuss the power of your own vulnerability, how to deal with imposter syndrome and what life is like as a new mother in the middle of a pandemic.

    • 32 Min.
    Ep 464 The Book Club: Untamed - Glennon Doyle

    Ep 464 The Book Club: Untamed - Glennon Doyle

    In our first book club of 2021, Róisín, Ann Ingle, Bernice Harrison and Niamh Towey discuss Untamed, a memoir by American author Glennon Doyle. This is Doyle’s third memoir, which follows on from her two previous best sellers, Love Warrior and Carry On, Warrior.

    Untamed is the story of how Doyle left her troublesome marriage, fell head over heels in love with soccer star Abby Wambach, found her inner voice and eventually learned how to stop pleasing and start living. The book has garnered many famous fans all over the world, with the singer Adele announcing to her 39 million Instagram followers that “this book will shake your brain and make your soul scream. I am so ready for myself after reading this!” So, is this the perfect ‘New Year, New You’ guide to motivate you through January? Let’s see what our book clubbers have to say.

    • 49 Min.
    Ep 463 Things can only get better in 2021, right?

    Ep 463 Things can only get better in 2021, right?

    If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the future is never certain. But with a number of vaccines against Covid-19 on the way, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Last year we learned how to live in a pandemic, somehow managing to keep the show on the road in ways we never thought were possible before. We learned that, for many of us, working from home is possible. We found ways to keep in touch with friends and family, even though we couldn’t physically be with them. We got used to wearing masks and keeping our distance. How much of this will we have to carry through this year? What does our ‘new normal’ look like in 2021? What can we look forward to? To discuss this, and more, Kathy Sheridan is joined once again by Irish Times journalists Jennifer O’Connell and Kitty Holland, and performance artist, poet and writer, Felicia Olusanya, to look ahead to what’s in store this year.

    • 35 Min.
    Ep 462 Panel Review: Looking back at 2020

    Ep 462 Panel Review: Looking back at 2020

    At the start of 2020, as we began a new decade, we were caught up with news stories about the Australian bushfires, the seemingly never-ending Brexit talks, a then-looming Irish general election, and students from 72 schools around the country began opening time capsules sealed in 1996 containing their hopes and dreams for 2020. How many of them could have guessed what lay ahead?

    Bubbling away in the background, further down the news agenda here, the World Health Organisation was dealing with the emergence of a ‘novel coronavirus’ in Wuhan, China, a disease that would dramatically change our lives.

    Covid-19 is the prism through which 2020 will forever be viewed and while it has swept across the world devastating communities, killing millions and bringing the world’s economies to their knees, life has somehow carried on.

    In today’s podcast Kathy Sheridan is joined by Irish Times journalists Jennifer O’Connell and Kitty Holland, and performance artist, poet and writer, Felicia Olusanya to take a look back at the year gone by.

    Stay tuned to the end for a performance by Felicia of her beautiful pandemic poem, Still.

    • 57 Min.
    Ep 461 Best of 2020

    Ep 461 Best of 2020

    The time has finally come to say goodbye to 2020. But before we bid adieu to the longest year on record, we want to take you on a journey back through the last twelve months of The Women’s Podcast. The year 2020 will not just be remembered for the pandemic, it will also be remembered for the global Black Lives Matter movement, the historic US election result and the scandal around the sealing of the Irish Mother and Baby Home records. Róisín Ingle brings you a selection of these highlights including a conversation with Sinead O’Connor who spoke to us from her cabin in the garden, a touching interview with Dr Catherine Motherway, Intensive Care Consultant at University Hospital Limerick and a snippet from our lockdown inspired series, The Big Night In with playwright and actor Olwen Fouéré. And of course, amongst all of that, there’s not one, but two highlights from our Summer episodes on Normal People.

    Here’s a link to each episode mentioned in today’s podcast:

    Ep 387 Sinead O’Connor

    Ep 392 Catherine Motherway

    Ep 392 Domestic Abuse Pandemic

    Ep 395 Mary Lou McDonald

    Ep 397 Normal People

    Ep 405 Normal People’s Ita O’Brien

    Ep 406 How to be anti- racist (Black Lives Matter)

    Ep 411 Big Night In - Olwen Fouéré

    Ep 423 Fat Cow, Fat Chance - Jenni Murray

    Ep 441 Sealing the Records

    Ep 446 US Election 2020

    • 42 Min.
    Ep 460 Maeve Binchy - Season of Fuss

    Ep 460 Maeve Binchy - Season of Fuss

    In this special festive episode, we’re bringing you a story written by Maeve Binchy, first published in The Irish Times on Saturday, December 29th, 1984. Read by Róisín Ingle, the story captures the beautiful ordinariness of everyday life, the fuss and excitement of the holidays and the place of a woman at the head of her family. With true emotional tugs and important lessons to be learned, we hope this story offers you some solace this pandemic Christmas eve. So sit back, relax, wrap some presents or venture out for a walk, whatever you do, enjoy Season of Fuss by the brilliant Maeve Binchy. Merry Christmas.

    • 20 Min.


4.7 von 5
7 Bewertungen

7 Bewertungen

Dorota1407 ,

Great Podcast

I moved last year to Ireland and wanted to find out more about living in Ireland as a woman is and what issues need to be raised or be aware of.

I think this podcast is very informative even though it’s more about experiences and stories.

Saracvhjk ,

Brilliant, giving women a voice.

It's great to listen to women and their opinions. I live in Germany and find it hard to find women's stories or anything concentrating on women's perspective. I'm Irish too so it's a taste of home to listen.

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