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Welcome to the Master/slave lifestyle podcast. Here we will interview real people living the real Master/slave lifestyle - all consensual and all in different ways. Now with over 10,000 listeners!

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Welcome to the Master/slave lifestyle podcast. Here we will interview real people living the real Master/slave lifestyle - all consensual and all in different ways. Now with over 10,000 listeners!

    How embracing pain and the constraints of your health can move you to new BDSM possibilities

    How embracing pain and the constraints of your health can move you to new BDSM possibilities

    in this episode, we speak to both slave conrad and Alexander about their experiences with pain - how significant health issues stopped them from embracing their desires and how they moved through this to embrace and enjoy BDSM pain.



    About the guests

    slave conrad is an owned slave, nurse, hypnotherapist, classical singer, a voice coach for singers and transmen and women, and is a writer of erotic fiction.

    You can contact him on NLleatherman on twitter and recon

    Alexander Hahne is a gay trans man, sex educator (gsp), somatic counsellor, sexological bodyworker (ISB), dancer and pleasure activist. He leads workshops and individual counselling on the topics of body awareness, intimacy and sexuality and is a speaker for trans-specific topics in the field of sexual health.

    Check out  www.alexanderhahne.com for more information.

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    The Joy of controlling someone and consensual objectification

    The Joy of controlling someone and consensual objectification

    In this episode, we speak to Master Ghee - a Gay Leather Master who also won Mr. SF Eagle Leather 2022. In this episode, we speak of his journey to discover his identity as a Master, the joy he has in controlling a slave through its own pleasure and the fun of objectification.


    Check out this course:

    Find a Master/slave in 7 Steps - from writing a profile to collaring: https://masterslavelifestyle.com/find



    Recon - https://www.recon.com/mastersirg
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MrSFEagleLeather



    When did you first release you were a Master?
    The misconceptions you can have over Mastery when starting out  
    What have the major learnings on his journey been to really understand what he wanted as a Master
    The three comings out
    How joining a support group really helped him identify as a Master
    How the slave is not just the slave - but also a well-rounded being
    The fun of consensual objectification and calling the slave “it” 
    About punishment of the slave
    What was he hoping to achieve when he competed for the MR SF Eagle leather award
    What makes a Good Master/slave
    What would he like to see more in the community

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    BDSM and Mental Health

    BDSM and Mental Health

    In this episode, I speak with Dr Richard Sprott and Dr Anna Randall from TASHRA - The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance. In this episode, we discover how they merged the personal and business to focus on kink and BDSM.
    We talk about how therapy has changed its view on BDSM and Master/slave relationships, and what to do if you are looking for a therapist. But also how we can use the skills we have learnt in BDSM and Master/slave to find the right therapist for us.


    And they also talk about the Kink Health Study - which will be one of the most extensive studies on Kink people and communities ever done.


    TASHRA - https://www.tashra.org
    Kink Health Study - https://www.kinkhealth.org


    Master/slave Lifestyle has been nominated for the Best Media of the Year for the X-Awards. If you believe the Master/slave Podcast is worthy - please take 5 minutes to select the Master/slave Podcast as the winner at x-awards.com. The nominations close on 28 February, and the winner will be announced at Darklands in Antwerp on 8 May.

    Podcast index

    Why are they so passionate about kink and mental health
    How was BDSM first seen by mental health professionals 
    If someone needs to see a therapist, what would you recommend?
    What should someone do if a therapist shames you for your Masterslave or kink/BDSM fantasies  
    Is there more therapy happening online
    If you have been shamed before and you are frightened to talk about it with your current therapy, what can you do to open up
    Why has kink turned into a hot topic?
    In their previous research - what have they found out - especially in Master/slave power dynamics
    About the kink health survey 

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    How focussing on the flow allows total power exchange to really work

    How focussing on the flow allows total power exchange to really work

    In this episode, Sir Tyger Yoshi and his slave speak about their 3-year relationship. They detail how they found each other, and how by focussing on flow and building up things slowly, they found their way to a total power exchange relationship.

    Important note: This episode contains a brief mention of suicide; please be aware if this subject triggers you.


    More info on the Master/slave Lifestyle Community:

    Join here: https://www.patreon.com/masterslavelifestyle
    Find out more here: https://masterslavelifestyle.com/community/


    More info on Tyger Yoshi and slave

    Tyger Yoshi: Twitter/IG/recon: tygeryoshi
    slave: Twitter/IG: tygersslave
    Recon: slaveinco


    Information on suicide

    In the US, the  [National Suicide Prevention Lifeline](https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/)  is at 800-273-8255 and  [online chat is also available](https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/) . You can also text HOME to 741741 to connect with a crisis text line counselor. 
    In the UK and Ireland,  [Samaritans](https://www.samaritans.org/)  can be contacted on 116 123 or by email  [jo@samaritans.org](mailto:jo@samaritans.org)  or  [jo@samaritans.ie](mailto:jo@samaritans.ie) . 
    In Australia, the crisis support service  [Lifeline](https://www.lifeline.org.au/)  is 13 11 14.
    Other international helplines can be found at  [befrienders.org](http://www.befrienders.org/) 


    • 1 Std. 10 Min.
    The journey of a black submissive to find his true self

    The journey of a black submissive to find his true self

    Find out about Boi David’s story to embrace his authentic self as a submissive and Black Man/African American Man. Boi David is the Vice President of the International Level Association (ILA) and was the 2019 winner for Mr Atlanta Eagle. He defines himself as a submissive looking for a dominant to serve. 
    Check out the new Master/slave community here: http://masterslavelifestyle.com/community/

    More information on boi David:

    Instagram: @becomingtheboy 

    Email: becomingtheboy@gmail.com

    National Leather Association: vice-president@nla-international.com

    Show notes:

    4:00 - How did he realise he was a submissive?

    8:18 - About his additional struggle coming out as a submissive because he is an African American/Black man

    11:08 - Some of the thoughts and feelings he felt as he was having is coming out as a submissive

    16:09 - Boy David shares some of the steps he had on his pathway to power and finding his authentic self

    20;05 - Pathway to a submissive

    26:01 - How would you define yourself 

    26:29 - Who do you want to become

    39:58- Have you been collared before, and what does collaring mean for you

    47:30 - What does the title submissive mean to you?

    50:48 - what advice would you give to someone who is black and thinks they might be a submissive

    56:37 - What would you like to see in the Master/slave or Dominant/submissive community

    59:29 - What makes a good Master and slave

    • 1 Std. 3 Min.
    Find Out About An Authentic Kinky Family

    Find Out About An Authentic Kinky Family

    In this episode, we have Dominant Dan back on the show talking about his kinky, polyamorous family. Find out what makes it a family,  how it works, Dan's role as the dominant in caring for and looking after the family, and how blood is thicker than water when it comes to family.




    Recon link: As Master 

    Recon link: Pit of despair (for Bondage) 



    Connect more with Master/slave Lifestyle
    Check out https://masterslavelifestyle.com for more information and resources on the gay BDSM Master/slave lifestyle
    If you are interested in being interviewed, you can contact me at contact@masterslavelifestyle.com

    Become a member of the Master/slave Lifestyle community and gain early access to the podcast and a number of video workshops - https://www.patreon.com/masterslavelifestyle

    Check out the new shop at www.masterslavelifestyle.com/support 


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