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A podcast by @sarahas_san & @sarah_diedro celebrating women of color in Europe and featuring real talks about their lives as two WOC living in Brussels.

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A podcast by @sarahas_san & @sarah_diedro celebrating women of color in Europe and featuring real talks about their lives as two WOC living in Brussels.

    #15 Vocal about embracing identity politics

    #15 Vocal about embracing identity politics

    We’re starting fresh into 2020 and in this newest episode, we’re all about embracing identity politics. As women of color and black women, our identities are political whether we want it or not.
    Still, when we’re taking advocacy for our lives in our own hands, „identity politics“ is weaponized against us.
    Why tho is actually nobody coming up with „the harm of identity politics“ when a rich, straight, white cis-head elite is doing politics in their interest and their interest alone?
    Who is that afraid of identity politics and why? How do some want to try and prevent us from taking matters into our own hands and play by our own rules?
    Where does this kind of thinking (really) come from?
    How have we overcome it and practice to unapologetically and loudly be ourselves? All this and more in our newest episode!

    On our journey on decolonizing our minds, we have come to the conclusion that we find it reductive to celebrate „women only“ as those binaries are rooted in colonial thought - and as of now, start to celebrate the non-binary.

    We start with celebrating the Nigerian- non-binary trans author Akwaeke Emezi, author of the highly acclaimed novel „Freshwater“ and their newest book, the YA novel „Pet“ that is dealing with a world where adults deny that monsters still exist - because they can’t see them it’s an intriguing lesson on how the evil might not always look like you might expect it to and how dangerous it is to forget that monsters can make themselves appear neutral. Get your hands on this book and follow @azemezi on Twitter. Read about her impressive journey here: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/oct/20/akwaeke-emezi-interview-freshwater

    In the light of the recent assault of Cláudia Simões by the Portuguese police, in front of her 8-year-old daughter - we celebrate Black Portuguese Women who have been denouncing police brutality against black bodies and institutional racism for years and who always find the strength to speak up and show up, as well as the ones who survive institutional violence and have to live with the trauma. Appreciation shout out to:
    -Beatriz Gomes Dias- politician, professor and activist of Djass, association of people of African descent ( read about their work against racism in Portugal: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-44965631)
    -Carla Fernandes from Afrolis. The portugese-speaking lovers can check out her work here: https://radioafrolis.com/sobre/ (for the German-speaking community, an article about Carla Fernanden amazing work: https://www.deutschlandfunk.de/das-afrikanische-lissabon-5-5-radio-fuer-mehr-afrika-in.795.de.html?dram:article_id=418751)
    -Ana Fernandes from Plataforma negra
    -Francisca Van Dunem - Ministry of justice - read and watch her story here: http://africaneuropeanarratives.eu/en/testimonies/conversation-with-francisca-van-dunen
    In this article, the violent assault against Cláudia Simões is described in detail. Trigger warning: assault/ violent racism/police brutality: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1219651207465250817.html

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    Holidays special - Vocal about WOC authors

    Holidays special - Vocal about WOC authors

    The end of the year period is a great one to reflect, have some chill me-time and read. We want to inspire our sisters with some amazing readings by Black Women and Women of color who have inspired us, lifted our spirits, made us cry and just won a special place in our bookshelves:
    -Children of blood and bone by Tomi Adeyemi
    -Plantations Memories by Grada Kilomba
    -The hate you give by Angie Thomas
    -Chronicles of Black Feminism by Djamila Ribeiro
    -The bluest eye by Toni Morrison
    -The Art of Discarding by Nagisa Tatsumi
    -Kindred by Octavia Butler

    Thanks a million for following us and supporting our work throughout this year lovers!! We love you loads and can't wait to continue this journey with y'all in 2020!

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    #14 Vocal about anti-blackness among POC

    #14 Vocal about anti-blackness among POC

    In our newest episode, we tackle anti-blackness among people of color. White supremacy planted anti-blackness in all our minds - so it’s present even among the ones that experience racism themselves. Still, this is often considered a taboo and we are here to break it.

    It is as our auntie Andre Lorde puts it:
    “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”
    Audre Lorde

    In order to do that, we are taking a deep look inside and talk about our own journey when it comes to anti-black sentiment and why we are now talking about women of color and black women.

    We need to acknowledge the particular place of anti-blackness in our societies and non-black POC need to sit down and do the work to be strong allies.
    Your sisters got you covered here tho: Keep on the tip of your toes till the end of the episode where we provide you with strategies and practices to tackle anti-blackness.

    The women of color and black women we celebrate in this episode:

    Thaís Muniz - Antropology researcher, creative soul and lady boss of ‘Turbante-se’, Thaís is an Afro-Brazilian designer based in Dublin who created a holistic project around headwrap-wearing for Black Women: the project’s goal is to research, promote and connect the history and ancestry of turban-wearing. Follow this amazing sister on Instagram @thaismunizthais and support her work by talking about ‘Turbante-se’ around you and liking it on all social media!

    Sunanda Mesquita, a queer Femme of Color with Indian and Swiss roots, living and working in Vienna on art spaces for Black artists and Artists of Color as they very rarely get access to art spaces in this very white city.
    Together with Jaqueline Ejiji, she co-founded WE DEY x SPACE – a permanent self-organised art and community space focusing on healing and art.
    Sunanda co-created an amazing list of resources to tackle anti-blackness that is for POC only This „tackling anti-blackness“* resources were created in a collective of non Black QTIBIPoCs. They hope that the list will grow in the future, adding different resources in various languages and media- interested PoC can drop an email to we.dey.in@gmail.com with links that you wish to include or critique you have towards the content and lets make this list grow bigger and better together!

    The black woman in your life. The one who is always there when you need her, knowing exactly what to do, saying exactly the right things, knowing what it takes to heal and knowing how to plot delicious revenge against any injustice against you. You don’t do this enough so get your phone right now, or even better take ehr out to dinner and say thank you, she’s worth it. Tell her she’s beautiful, tell she is allowed to not be strong for once, tell her that she deserves a break, tell her she is enough, that she is oh so much more than enough, that you for once have her back and that you will come at her enemies with the heat of a thousand suns so that she can unwind and work her black girl magic. This is for you.

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    #13 - Vocal about finding your people

    #13 - Vocal about finding your people

    For this new season opening, we celebrate the relationships and communities which lift us up, discuss the importance of chosen family in our political lives and share our brand new energy with you Zozo Ntokazi Mposula - an amazing and inspiring creator from South-African descent living in Copenhagen, founder of My beautiful people: a platform that celebrates Black people, their culture, their hair, their beauty, their talent. She will be hosting a event on October 5th about Black Motherhood. Check out mybeautifulp.com/ and follow her on insta @_mybeautiful_people/

    >Brunette Matinda, Brussels-based Kemetic yoga teacher and founder of AfroYoga: an amazing platform that offers inclusive yoga classes every week in Brussels and also on-demand private classes for groups.
    Do check out afroyoga.be for more info, follow AfroYoga on Facebook and Instagram and show up every Monday at 6.15pm rue de l’Atelier 51 for the most beautiful and peaceful energy.

    >Gal dem founder Liv Little: created the platform at the age of 21 when she was tired of being asked as the only black woman in university to share her views as a representative of all marginalised minorities - in "a sea of white voices".
    Gal dem is a community medium, committed to telling the stories of women and non-binary people of colour. They publish an online and print magazine, addressing inequality and misrepresentation in the industry through platforming the creative and editorial work of their community. If you want to become a contributor to gal dem, you can pitch your articles, that are even paid!
    Check out their page:
    gal-dem.com/about/ and follow Liv Little on twitter: @livlittle

    -Solmaz Khorsand, an amazing Austrian journalist of Iranian descent who wrote an article about how broken the UK is (for our german-speaking listeners, here you go: www.republik.ch/2019/09/10/wie-ka…t-grossbritannien)
    In this piece, people of color including the founders of gal dem spoke as political commentators with agency who have a deep insight into what’s going on in society. To see people of color as experts is still so rare and uncommon that German media add a disclaimer to clarify that the perspective is one that is „only of POC“ - so when POC perspectives are seen, it has be to explicitly marked as different. major eyesroll
    Check out Solmaz’ brilliant work and enjoy the unapologetic energy she carries as there is no need to be modest. Because Solmaz kicks ass: She started journalistic career with 17, she was the first woman to write an editorial in the history of the oldest Austrian newspaper and most of the time, the only woman of color in the newsrooms.
    So, read her pieces, follow her on twitter and prepare yourself for amazing stories: @solmazkhorsand

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    Trailer Season 2

    Trailer Season 2

    The world is burning, the news is depressing, politics is trying to divide us - we've had enough!
    Fear no more: 'cause we are back!
    This autumn, your favorite sisters of color are back to bring you the kind of energy we all need so badly in these times of late capitalism.
    Stay tuned!

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    #12 - Vocal about decolonizing the classroom

    #12 - Vocal about decolonizing the classroom

    This episode is about the presence of colonialism in the classroom and how to tackle it. With our brilliant guest Nozizwe Dube, a law student who lived half of her life in Simbabwe, we compare how schools in Simbabwe, France and Austria are organized around race. We unpack how rooting out people of color to serve white interest is a global phenomenon and how colonial structures continue to be powerful in education.
    Nozizwe is providing us with insight about the importance of universities in the process of decolonizing the mind and what it takes to decolonize academic institutions in the framework of her inclusion project "Undivided" on her campus at Leuven's university.

    WOC we celebrate in this episode:

    Dr. Jasmine Abdulcadir
    very inspiring Swiss obstetrician and gynecologist. She is responsible for the first outpatient clinic for women and girls living with FGM/C of the Geneva University Hospitals, which provides health education, prevention, counseling, culturally sensitive surgical and psychosexual care.
    Do check her TEDxTalk on countering myths about female genital mutilation: bit.ly/2QNmjZG

    Vanessa Spanbauer, Austrian journalist and editor in chief of "Fresh", Austrian black lifestyle magazine, editorial staff member of the feminist magazine an.schläge and working for Zara, an initiative advocating against racial discriminations and online hate. As a historian, she is also dealing with the topic of black people in Austria from a historical perspective.
    Follow her on Insta and Twitter: @VanSista

    Kimberlé Crenshaw, Professor of Law and civil rights advocate who developed and coined the theory of "intersectionality". A pioneer and leading scholar of critical race theory, she spent more than 30 years studying civil rights, race, and racism. Check out her podcast "Intersectionality matters" here: http://aapf.org/podcast
    And listen to her TED talk about the urgency of intersectionality: www.ted.com/talks/kimberle_cren…f_intersectionality

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Die Themen bewegen mich und sind super toll aufbereitet! Ich empfehle diesen Podcast allen Menschen, die ich liebe und die mir wichtig sind! Einfach nur mega! Danke!

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