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Podcast following Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus' daily life on the BWF World Tour in badminton.
Also contains interviews with other athletes and personnel from the World Tour.
You can support the podcast on patreon.com/vittinghus.

A Year On Tour With Vittinghus - A Badminton Podcast Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus

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Podcast following Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus' daily life on the BWF World Tour in badminton.
Also contains interviews with other athletes and personnel from the World Tour.
You can support the podcast on patreon.com/vittinghus.

    Kim Astrup - Tribute To Markis Kido & Much More

    Kim Astrup - Tribute To Markis Kido & Much More

    Today's episode features Danish doubles ace and good friend of mine, Kim Astrup!

    This is one of the few guest episodes actually recorded sitting right across each other, so please excuse us for the little bit of background noise for a few very short sections of the interview.

    We mainly focused our chat on the Tokyo Olympics and on getting a deeper understanding of Kim's (and his doubles partner Anders Skaarup Rasmussen) mentality on court, but we touched on several other topics as well.

    We obviously also had to pay tribute to the legend Markis Kido, who sadly passed away at age 36 on June 14th.

    Below is a short rundown of the different main topics during our talk:

    2.45-7.15 Tribute to Markis Kido.

    7.15-19.45 Tokyo Olympics, preparations, expectations, goals and what Mathias Boe has taught him.

    19.45-38.00 Being controlled by your emotions, dealing with pressure and expectations from yourself and others and why finding the right mindset every single time is so tricky.

    38.00-41.30 Modelling tips from the main model of the Danish team & how Kim suddenly realized he’s now one of the old guys!

    41.30-43.35 Tips for left/right handed combinations.

    43.35-48.10 Kim and Anders’ relationship, future and why he’s calling Anders Badminton’s Benjamin Buttons!

    48.10-49.50 How much training is done with and without your partner as a doubles pairing.

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    Beiwen Zhang - Doing It Her Own Way

    Beiwen Zhang - Doing It Her Own Way

    Ever wondered what Beiwen Zhang thinks of never really having a coach beside her for the big events? Or what it was like to move away from China and her parents at age 13?

    Perhaps you even wondered why she would move from the national team in Singapore to doing things on her own in USA?

    Search no longer for these answers! It's all in this podcast along with a lot more - and some fun stories about how entering USA was quite chaotic, not just once, but twice...

    Feedback from the patrons of the podcast is that this is a very enjoyable listen, so don't miss out on this one! 

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    New Scoring System?

    New Scoring System?

    This episode is a little different than usual as it is a part of an interview I did with the guys at The Badminton Podcast some weeks ago.
    In this part of the interview I share my take on the new proposed scoring system, which is very likely to be agreed upon at the BWF AGM on May 22nd.
    Get to know why I'm more concerned about the possible effects it might have on recreational/lower level badminton than it will on the professional level.
    I also share why I actually disagree with some of my colleagues on weather or not we should have had a bigger say in the matter - and why I think, if you are against the change, it's a little unfair to "blame" BWF if it gets voted through!
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    Bronze It Is!

    Bronze It Is!

    This episode contains a rundown of my semifinal loss against Anders Antonsen.
    I'll also provide you with insights into why the positive COVID-19 cases of Axelsen and even Lamsfuss (Germany) makes some sense.
    Finally I'll go into my plans for the immediate future with Malaysia and Singapore Open (perhaps) coming up.
    Also this is the first post after reaching my goal of 50 patrons, so make sure to tune in and hear what's now in store for all of them and who won the special prize of the month of April!
    Sign up at www.patreon.com/vittinghus if you want to join in.
    Thanks for listening and the support everyone!

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    European Championships - Medal Secured!

    European Championships - Medal Secured!

    Update from the European Championships in Kiev, Ukraine, where I've struggled both physically and mentally with quarantine issues!
    So far so good in terms of the badminton though, so this update offers you some insights into the entire situation and my matches on road to tonight's semifinal against Anders Antonsen.
    Thanks for the latest reviews, comments and ratings, please keep it up as it really helps the podcast get out to a wider audience.
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    European Championships & More COVID Troubles!

    European Championships & More COVID Troubles!

    First update from the European Championships in Kiev, Ukraine and it's not the most positive one...
    Tune in to find out why I'm now in some sort of quarantine here and why traveling to events at the moment is really testing my patience and even motivation some times!
    Thanks for all the latest ratings, shares, reviews and comments. Means a lot to the growth of the podcast and me personally.
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5.0 ud af 5
31 vurderinger

31 vurderinger

Christina77n ,

Great insights about badminton

I look forward to new episodes all the time. The podcast really gives a good insight into badminton. HK is a great host.

22 Anne ,

Super badminton podcast

Vittinghus - you are a great host for the special guest. Your questions, insights and very nice apperance makes all the difference

Samsen1234 ,

Behind the scenes is Great!

HC.....thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and learnings on the tour. Really liked the part today where you created the perfect player! Looking forward to the guest. This will definitely also make the podcast even more dynamic.

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