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Random Topics of everyday life

    Special Guest Tim Gileo On Oil&Gas

    Special Guest Tim Gileo On Oil&Gas

    Tim Gileo is the founder of the field service management system, FSMS this is a health, safety and environmental program that was developed beginning in 2003.
    As early as 2009 the founders of the Operating under Anchor Communication Inc was actively promoting safety and environmental stewardship to the oil and gas and government heads, workers compensation boards and industry major producers and the leading associations in Canada the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, CAPP.

    Currently the interest of Field Service Management System, FSMS is held by Big T's Holdings Inc. 
    The industry through its association with government in cooperation and collusion has utilized the intellectual property the FSMS in training industry supply services business in the safety plan developer course since as early as 2009.

    Big T's Holding Inc maintains the offering through the collusion of government and industry is a criminal extortion and has offered the industry through CAPP and the government the opportunity to challenge the veracity of the companies claims.

    Through the investigations of the unauthorized use of the intellectual property and the activities of the founders the information and wanton disrespect for life and the environment has included the Prime Ministers Office of Canada, the Prime Minister Trudeau, the Natural Resource Ministry the Minister Sohi, The office of the Attorney Generals the Justice Ministry and Minister Lametti, among other ministers and ministry which was finalized by a small claims suit, between the listed individuals and ministry and Big T's Holding Inc. 
    File # 22760, Dawson Creek registry, the current status is the government has defaulted as of this writing by failing to address the issue even though the plaintive provided a draft copy of the complaint 30 days in advance of filing and used the government mail bag to insure prompt delivery.

    It is in all fairness the inclusion of former Attorney General and Justice minister Judy Wilson-Raybould inclusion as possible witness that may have limited the actions of the government.

    The reason for the go fund me is in part to allow the fight for justice to continue but also to limit the cost to the service industry devastated by the activities in the oil and gas industry and the extortion by the industry.

    Big T's Holdings Inc. The  legal owners of the Field Service Management System, FSMS has provided notice to the industry and government that it is our intention to order the service and supply business those existing and those that have been forced out of business to pay to Big T's Holdings Inc. a licence fee for every year the business operated a safety program voluntarily identified as the certificate of recognition program or one if the lessor programs identified as , COR/MECOR/SECOR.
    Having identified the extortion and collusion between government and the comparative strength of engaging these forces the last thing the owners of the intellectual property want is to harm the workers and business further.
    In lieu of the current years licencing fee and a suspension of litigation Big T's Holdings Inc. Is offering inclusion in a class action suit for the extortion as evidenced by the action we have set out in the letter to industry and government. Currently the effect of the criminal extortion under lies a greater propensity by government and industry to ignore convention and the public interest and provide interest to the corporatocracy and corruption that effects us all.
     The relationship between FSMS and the class action is to limit the harm the criminal activity of industry and government on the supply/ service business that the extortion has harmed the most by providing them recourse. Likewise it is the adaptation of the FSMS by which its design made the industry accountable resource development and the regulatory bodies to vessels of the citiz

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    Bucks PodCast #5 BC Lets Talk

    Bucks PodCast #5 BC Lets Talk

    Alberta to the point makes some good takes on what canada should do to start making choices in out upcoming Election

    what are you gonna do to help us Canadians

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    Buck's PodCast #3 Trump Speaks Telling Fake News Off

    Buck's PodCast #3 Trump Speaks Telling Fake News Off

    Trump talks about what he has done for his country
    new updates on the 2 mudders in Canada

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    Podcast #2 Interview with Nathan Webber

    Podcast #2 Interview with Nathan Webber

    Today we talk about how westren Canada work has gone down hill since Justin Trudeau
    Talk about Cannabis prices and why we think the taxes are a rip off

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    Episode 1 - Buck's Show introduction

    Episode 1 - Buck's Show introduction

    Introduction about myself and what my podcast shows will be about Thank you for taking the time to listen

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