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Host Nastasha Alli chats with Filipino food lovers across the world to ask: what does your Filipino kitchen look like?

Exploring Filipino Kitchens Nastasha Alli

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Host Nastasha Alli chats with Filipino food lovers across the world to ask: what does your Filipino kitchen look like?

    EP 23: A Food Trip In Iloilo And Cooking School In Antique

    EP 23: A Food Trip In Iloilo And Cooking School In Antique

    01:40 Netong's Batchoy at La Paz Public Market
    04:00 The language I'm most myself in
    06:15 Pancit Molo at Panadería de Molo
    09:25 From Iloilo to Antique
    11:00 Visiting Alpas Restaurant and Guesthouse
    11:25 Meet Ken and Kim
    14:00 Sulig and tisa
    15:30 "Only the goats eat it"
    17:15 Tonight's dinner menu: green salad, grilled fish, spicy beef stomach, roasted sweet potatoes, grilled eggplant, suman with coconut cream and bananas
    21:30 A feeling I chase
    22:45 Off to the market
    24:00 What "Alpas" means
    24:40 Our goal for today's market haul
    26:20 Cooking school with Ken
    28:10 Preparing sulig
    29:40 Salad, stuffing and salsa
    31:20 The winged bean theory
    33:20 Breaking it down
    34:25 "How do you normally approach cooking?"
    35:35 Rethinking my relationship with vegetables
    36:30 The definition of a salad
    38:20 Food deserts in the Philippines?
    43:00 Applying the bean theory
    48:05 Today's lunch: salad of roasted okra, peppers, eggplants, winged beans and sweet potatoes, kangkong-stuffed fish, cucumber and tomato salsa
    54:35 Uncovering culinary experiences in the Philippines

    • 57 min
    EP 22: The Coconut Kitchen With Regina Newport

    EP 22: The Coconut Kitchen With Regina Newport

    01:40 Why I loved the book
    05:00 About Regee
    07:50 Going to culinary school at 55
    09:45 On becoming an author
    15:20 How Culinary Historians of the Philippines (CHOP) began
    19:30 A solutions-based approach to storytelling
    26:00 Foods we take for granted
    28:35 "The coconut figures a lot in our cuisine"
    29:30 Regee's turning point
    31:15 Finding Dr. Dayrit
    32:05 A visit to the coconut house
    33:15 First setback
    35:00 Finding our path
    36:30 Building something you love
    38:00 "Cooking is so fulfilling"
    39:20 Recipes from contributors
    40:10 The magic of burnt coconut cream
    41:50 Coconuts in regional cuisines
    44:20 3 essential lessons
    45:55 Regee's pinakbet
    47:05 Chicken coconut soup & roasted shrimp with coconut sauce
    47:50 Shrimp summer rolls and coconut meatballs
    49:00 Ubod-stuffed squid (with heart of palm and coconut)
    51:15 "For me, dishes evolve"
    52:50 Simplicity in Filipino snacking
    54:30 Coconut cooking tips
    56:45 Takeways from Coconut Kitchen

    • 59 min
    EP 21: The New Filipino Kitchen in Toronto

    EP 21: The New Filipino Kitchen in Toronto

    01:25 What place do my stories have?
    05:30 "Every Sunset"
    10:00 What The New Filipino Kitchen has to offer
    11:05 Meet the panel
    12:30 What does your Filipino kitchen look like?
    13:25 Gelaine and heritage
    15:45 Dolly and merienda
    16:30 Dolly's favourite dishes
    17:55 Diverse patrons
    18:40 The power of referral
    19:05 How Diona brought Filipino street food to downtown Toronto
    20:10 Defying the norm
    21:10 Diona and sinigang
    22:20 Diona's childhood...and lechon
    24:35 Gelaine's revelation
    26:00 What's in your dream kitchen?
    27:25 What Chef Marc wants
    28:30 On Dolly and Diona's wish list
    29:40 Jennilee's dream kitchen
    30:30 Gelaine on fruit, halo-halo and cacao
    32:30 Spaces like iSLAS
    33:00 Why Marc and Mariel built their restaurant
    34:00 Marc's favourite dish
    35:25 Jennilee and champorado
    36:45 About "Filipino Talks"
    37:30 What led Gelaine to Cambio & Co.
    38:55 Cuisine in flux
    39:45 "Our expressions make us nuanced and interesting"
    40:25 What's your relationship with Filipino food today?
    40:45 Jennilee's wishes
    41:40 Some words from restaurateurs
    42:35 What keeps Gelaine going
    42:50 A beacon for me, and maybe for you

    • 45 min
    EP 20: No Forks Given With Yana Gilbuena

    EP 20: No Forks Given With Yana Gilbuena

    06:35 Summers in Iloilo
    08:30 Growing up with lola
    10:05 A book of our time
    12:50 Cooking to heal and reclaim
    15:00 The Stone Barns Fellowship
    18:45 "We're an agricultural country"
    20:50 Why storytelling takes drive and courage
    23:45 How we shape our food culture
    27:15 Immigration and the loss of knowledge
    29:30 Creatures of convenience
    32:35 "Food has always been part of our identity"
    33:45 Barkada's first question
    34:55 Pride in hospitality

    • 38 min
    EP 19: Pulutan With Marvin Gapultos

    EP 19: Pulutan With Marvin Gapultos

    01:25 On Filipino drinking food
    04:45 About Marvin
    05:45 What does pulutan mean to you?
    06:45 Great Uncle Nick and his buddies
    08:50 Doreen's advice
    09:50 Papaitan (a bitter Ilocano stew with innards)
    11:40 Highlighting flavour profiles
    12:20 The Cicerone Program
    12:55 How it led to "Pulutan"
    13:45 Beyond ties to San Miguel
    15:25 Filipino food and a world of beer styles
    16:05 "It just clicked"
    17:15 Moving up the ladder
    18:55 Cooking is a process of discovery
    20:15 We all evolve as we grow
    21:15 Chicken wings with fish sauce and calamansi
    22:25 Mind-blowing vinegar
    23:55 What should we take away?
    25:45 Dinner party #1!
    28:15 One of Jennilee's favourite words
    30:20 Eric on sacred pulutan
    32:00 Jaisa and connecting through food
    33:40 Justine's fam jams and university parties
    36:25 Jennilee's pet peeve
    37:00 Celebratory vs solitary drinking
    38:45 Justine on a certain kind of western freedom
    40:20 Why Nastasha loves bars

    • 41 min
    EP 18: For The Love Of Cooking With Jenn De La Vega

    EP 18: For The Love Of Cooking With Jenn De La Vega

    04:25 About
    05:35 From competitions to a cookbook
    06:55 The thrill of it all
    08:40 "Showdown" was born
    10:15 Filipino notes and a nod to the past
    11:10 Bake that lumpia chip!
    11:55 "I'm not just cooking for me"
    12:15 A spectrum of taste
    13:25 Embracing new culinary ecosystems
    14:25 Longganisa and champorado
    15:20 Contextualizing the food we grow up with
    16:00 "I'm influenced by a lot of things"
    17:35 My story and your story matters
    20:40 8 years of throwdowns
    21:05 Winning a bacon challenge
    23:55 Childhoods at Costco and seeing yourself in others
    24:45 Put A Egg On It
    26:15 Zine themes
    26:30 On shame and mung beans
    27:10 Dinner conversations
    28:25 The allure of an egg yolk
    30:25 Foodways of Iloilo
    32:10 Everyone loves adobo and chicken wings

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