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Each episode we interview a person who has had involvement and or knowledge of soccer (or football) in the Illawarra.

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Each episode we interview a person who has had involvement and or knowledge of soccer (or football) in the Illawarra.

    John Krajnovic (Part 2)

    John Krajnovic (Part 2)

    Welcome to part 2 of episode 37 of the Football United vs Soccer City podcast. In part 2, I continue to converse with John "Kraj" Krajnovic about his football journey. Sincere thanks to John for allowing me to speak with him for over 2 hours in his home, I sincerely respect his time. Please enjoy the second part to episode 37.

    • 1 hr 17 min
    John Krajnovic (Part 1)

    John Krajnovic (Part 1)

    Welcome everybody to episode 37 of the Football United vs Soccer City podcast. As always I would like to sincerely thank all the interviewees, listeners and the soccer public of the Illawarra/Australia who download this podcast. Additionally I would like to say thank you to the people who contribute, comment and reminisce on the social media pages.

    This episode's interviewee grew up in Balgownie and started his football journey at Balgownie Junior SC. From here John Krajnovic developed a deep love for the game and for the goalkeeper position. After a junior career with Balgownie and representing Illawarra junior teams, John moved to Fairy Meadow United in the State League. At Fairy Meadow John proved himself amongst men, forged relationships and developed his craft.

    After playing at Corrimal Rangers in 1987 and Wollongong Macedonia in 1988, John received a call from Sydney Croatia and it was here that John deservedly found himself playing in the NSL amongst Socceroos and quality NSL players. He took his opportunity and played 18 league games and multiple pre-season games in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

    In the 1990s he cemented himself as one of the premier goalkeepers in the Illawarra Premier League in particular with the Cringila Lions and in the latter part of his playing career he additionally started goalkeeper coaching.

    Since retiring at the end of the 2000 season, John has developed as one of the best goalkeeping coaches in the region being a part of multiple clubs and entities such as Fernhill, the ISA, the Wollongong Wolves and of course coaching his children, something that was a delight for John.

    The clear point for me in this interview is that John deeply cares and invests in the people/players who he trains and mixes with in the region. And it is this part of his personality which distinguishes him and is one of the reasons why he is successful and deeply respected in our community. As our interview spanned over 2 hours, I have split this podcast into two parts and although it might not be optimal for you the listener, I apologise but I couldn't stop chatting to John about his amazing journey as a player and as a coach. Please enjoy part 1 of this interview.

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    Richard Lloyd

    Richard Lloyd

    Welcome everybody to episode 36 of the Football United vs Soccer City podcast. As I am putting together this introduction we are in the New Year and I wish all the listeners a Happy New Year and a safe 2020. As always I would like to sincerely thank all the interviewees, listeners and the soccer public of the Illawarra/Australia.

    This episode's interviewee although not originally from the Illawarra has entrenched himself as part of the Illawarra footballing community over the past 30 years. Richard Lloyd developed his passion for football early on in his life playing junior football with Padstow Heights and Catherine Fields, supported by his parents.

    In this junior period he began being selected in representative teams, which augmented his development. Noting in this time Richard had interaction with the Johnny Warren soccer academy and the Pele soccer camps, which added to his enthusiasm.

    At the age of 17 Richard had a vocational decision to make and this brought him to the Illawarra with State League club Fairy Meadow Italia. From this point in time he has stayed in the Illawarra and in the late 1980s he was signed up by the Wollongong City Wolves in the NSL. He played at the Wolves for several NSL seasons amassing 164 appearances, forming a lot of positive relationships, gaining the respect of his coaches, team mates, opponents and the supporters.

    After the Wolves Richard played successfully in the NSW state league and the Illawarra premier league. Once his playing career ended Richard started his coaching career initially with his family at Balgownie JSC and then onto other projects and Clubs. What is clear with Richard's coaching career is that he is positive and has a player-centric focus. And amongst his words about players, coaching and the Wollongong Wolves it is clear Richard has an unyielding passion for the game and wants the best for the football people of the Illawarra.

    I absolutely enjoyed interviewing Richard and he is a measured and valuable football asset for the region. My sincere respect and appreciation go out to Richard and his Family for allowing me into their home and giving me the time to speak with him. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoyed interviewing Richard.

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    David Naylor

    David Naylor

    Welcome everybody to episode 35 of the Football United vs Soccer City podcast. As I am recording this introduction we are coming to the end of the year and I would like to sincerely thank all the interviewees, listeners, football public of the Illawarra/Australia and of course my family.

    Approximately 14 months into this podcast journey and it has been an absolute delight to meet and interview people who have shaped our game in the Illawarra. Although my interviewing and producing techniques are slow to improve, I sincerely appreciate the listeners in the Illawarra, Australia and around the world.

    This episode's interviewee has a name which is synonymous with soccer in the Illawarra. His Family has been a part of Illawarra soccer for over 50 years in various areas of the code. David Naylor came out from the United Kingdom in the 1960s with his Family and since then has impacted positively as a player, committee member, administrator, coach and referee.

    David has many attributes that make him a great clubman, team member, referee and administrator. However for me David's greatest asset is that he has a selfless mindset and he serves our great game with not wanting anything in return. David has put in copious hours into various parts of our game and has put his heart and soul into the roles he has undertaken. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with David it was a pleasure to record his journey.

    My sincere respect and appreciation go out to David and his wife for allowing me into their home. I hope you enjoy this podcast!

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    Kevin Lewis

    Kevin Lewis

    Welcome everybody to episode 34 of the Football United vs Soccer City podcast. Slowly but surely the catalogue of interviews is piling up and it is a credit to the soccer people of the Illawarra who have put their hand up to be recorded. The memories, journeys, stories and facts recorded will be a useful resource later down the track for their families, our soccer community and for others.

    For the regular listeners and one-off listeners I truly appreciate your support, it is an additional motivating factor to record these interviews knowing that 60 to 150 people are listening to different episodes.

    This episode's interviewee had an ability to score a goal, coach successful teams and make a grand final or two. Kevin Lewis came out from Wales with his Family in the early 1970s and has made an impact as a player, a committee member and as a coach.

    Due to Kevin's humility it may not come across in the interview, but Kevin was an excellent striker in the Illawarra Premier League in the 1980s with Bulli Soccer Club. He collected the Illawarra Premier League first grade top goal scorer award twice in 1985 and 1988. Additionally he was part of the very successful Bulli Soccer Club first grade team during the 1980s that won league championships and won a grand final.

    The passion Kevin has for the game can be heard in his voice during the interview and by listening to his soccer resume, which is immense. Well respected in the Illawarra soccer fraternity, Kevin is a man who keeps volunteering and achieving in many ways for the clubs he has been involved with and it was an absolute pleasure listening to his journey.

    My sincere respect and appreciation go out to Kevin and his wife for allowing me into their home. I hope you enjoy this podcast!

    Episode 34 of the Football united vs Soccer City podcast is done and dusted. Kevin is a wonderful man in many ways and still has a presence in the game to this day, which I think is a positive for Illawarra football. I sincerely appreciate and respect the time given by Kevin and his wife. As always thank you for listening and downloading this podcast. I am your host Travis, good bye for now.

    • 1 hr 36 min
    Dez Giraldi

    Dez Giraldi

    Welcome everybody to episode 33 of the Football United vs Soccer City podcast. It is a pleasure to have you uploading this episode, whether you are a one-off listener or a frequent listener. I sincerely appreciate your support.

    This episode's interviewee had a varied football career here in Australia and in Italy. Dez Giraldi grew up in the Illawarra's northern suburbs and played the majority of his junior football with Corrimal JSC and the Illawarra representative teams.

    He then transitioned from the Illawarra representative teams to the Wollongong Wolves junior teams. After a couple of seasons Dez then joined the Wolves youth team.

    From this point Dez then had experiences with the AIS, FIFA U17 World Cup with Australia, Empoli in Italy and then back to Australia in the A-League and here in Wollongong.

    His time in the game had many parts, some of this time being complex and challenging. Articulate and thoughtful, Dez has remained genuine, pragmatic and positive about his time in the game. His transition to post football life has been successful and he is a credit to himself and his family.

    I was thoroughly engrossed by Dez's thoughts and journey and I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did conducting it. My sincere respect and appreciation go out to Dez and his family for allowing me into their home.

    • 1 hr 47 min

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