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Podcast by Major Sports

    The Major K and Pops Show...?

    The Major K and Pops Show...?

    Bad jokes. Hyena Laughs. Talk about our favorite Los Angeles and Southern Californian sports teams. Par for the course for the return of Major Sports with Pops and Major K.

    We talk about the Lakers' recent hiring of Luke Walton and the Draft Lottery; the Dodgers' early season struggles; the LA Kings' and Ducks' early playoff exits; and the return of football to Los Angeles and our new No. 1 Pick.

    Be sure to follow us at @MajorSportsPod on Twitter for increasingly silly sports banter!

    • 33 min
    Episode 1: Check One...The Mic Sounds Nice!

    Episode 1: Check One...The Mic Sounds Nice!

    Years in the Making, Two Days to Create.

    He's Pops. I'm Major K. Together...we're Major Sports.

    This marks the end of our private father-son couch-side sports rants and the beginning of those sports rants being captured by our microphones for all of the world to agree or disagree with.

    In this inaugural episode, Pops and Major K discusses the successes and misfortunes of their favorite sports teams - The Lakers, Dodgers, LA Kings, and Chargers - as well as the sports landscape at-large, including the current NBA Power Rankings; the World Series and our Dodgers' playoff demise and current managerial search; the final NFL Unbeatens and Cam Newton's dabbin'; and the LA Kings' newfound success and the Ducks' dive.

    Be sure to check out Pops (once he figures out Twitter) and Major K @MajorSportsPod for updates and other sports musings!

    • 45 min

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