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A Podcast Dedicated to a Community about All Things Men.

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A Podcast Dedicated to a Community about All Things Men.

    Tescasterone_015 - Artificial Intelligence

    Tescasterone_015 - Artificial Intelligence

    Welcome to your Weekend, Tescasterone Nation. 
    Every time I move toward a goal I have set for myself, it seems the universe conspires against me.  I am not going to give up on you, or the podcast. 
    To that end, Welcome to Episode 15, Artificial Intelligence, Sentience, and what rights would a sentient android possess?  In the last month I have been listening to other podcasts, and 2 of them stand out to me. 
    Hysteria51 podcast, and TimeSuck.  And a ton of thanks goes out to Dan Cummins of TimeSuck for planting the seeds for this topic by suggesting the HBO series, Westworld. 
    In a world of increasingly impressive VR, AR, Learning computers, and Programmers intent on making an actual intelligent machine, we will quickly be coming up on the decision 'will a sentient android have any rights of it's own'.  Will we have made a metal based life form?
    Today, I take you on that intellectual journey.
    Thank you, Tescasterone Listeners, and talk to you all next week, 

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    Tescasterone_014 - Entitlement

    Tescasterone_014 - Entitlement

    Welcome back, listeners,
    Season 2 has begun.  And with the second season, a few changes have come into action. 
    1.  Unless something extraordinary happens, I probably won't mention much about sports.  Just keep in mind, I am probably still watching them, and am able to carry on an informed and intelligent conversation about them. 
    2.  Scotty's presence will be a little spotty.  His project has gotten the better of him and his time, for now.  Rest assured he is in my thoughts, and his contributions will be welcomed when he is able to join in.
    3.  I have finally figured out a way to get the voices in my head to be recorded, hopefully that will become less of a distraction as time goes on.
         Today's episode (I know it's a couple of days late, blame technology) was recorded on a very hot day, and my energy levels were way down.  I'll see what I can do about that in future episodes.  Also, I had a guest co-host, Brady.  Brady was kind enough to join me, and give his young perspective on today's topic, entitlement.
         Still looking for more reviews, and ratings.  Tell your friends, hell, tell your enemies, tell everybody about Tescasterone, home of all things men.  Follow on Twitter, Facebook, and at Tescasterone.com.  Give me ideas on what topics you would like to hear my twisted opinions espoused upon.  This week I will set up my email account, so by the time next episode airs, you will have a place to personally let me know what you think.
    So for now, Joe and Brady tell you to have a good week.

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    Tescasterone_013 - Eras

    Tescasterone_013 - Eras

    Welcome to the end of our first season.  Yes, we are taking June off, and will be back in the first weekend of July.  We are just gonna work on a few projects, and try to get some other ends nailed down - like, getting this rally thing settled.
    Twins are still kicking ass.  1 game ahead of the 2nd place Astros, and 10 games ahead in their division.
    Martin Truex Jr. won the Coca-Cola 600, his 3rd win of the season.  Having watched the entire race, all I can say is; it was awesome.
    Dale Jr, contact us, we just want to put a tiny sticker on one of your cars that says "Fueled by Tescasterone.com" right under the spoiler.
    Walking the Mall of America, I was drawn into the Old Timey Photo Store (I don't really remember the name of the place), Scotty and I want to get our photos done as Hickock and Bullock.  It got me to thinking, why are some of us drawn to certain time eras?  For Scott, when he was a teenager, it was the era of the 60's.  Peace, Love, and Happiness drew him there, or maybe it was the funny things he was smoking, who can tell?
    For Joe, though he did the hippie thing in his teens, too, he is more drawn to the piracy era - Black Beard, and the like.  When he was down sailing in the Caribbean, they spent the night in a protected bay on Norman Island (the same island used for a setting in the Treasure Island book).  As they were mooring to the buoy, he had flash while up on deck, of being on the deck of a large pirate vessel, he could hear the barked out commands, smell the tar used to patch holes and leaks in the hull, and feel the rough wood of the deck - blinked his eyes and it was over.  It just felt so familiar.
    We know other people who are drawn to the Scottish time era (think Brave Heart), the Native American traditional way of life, the renaissance era.  Although we don't know why people are drawn to these different time periods, we still find it fascinating. 
    So, dear readers, to where (or, when) are you drawn?  Find me on Twitter (Just search for #tescasterone - I am Tescasterone Joe), or log on to Tescasterone's Facebook, and post some stuff there.  Say Hi.
    We are wanting to do this rally, if we have to we will run it just the two of us.  It would still be a great time, but would be way more fun running with a bunch of you fine people.  If you want to join us, tweet me, or post a message on Facebook.  Let us know.
    We are liking Jon and Sea of Vapors' contribution, however, if you can come up with some music for a theme for Tescasterone, something you would be proud to put your name on, we would be happy to put it into rotation with Sea of Vapors.  It doesn't have to be Rock n Roll, whatever floats your musical boat.
    We are looking forward to July, however we will be on our Social Media, waiting for you to say Hi.
    Joe and Scott.

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    Tescasterone_012 - Rasputin

    Tescasterone_012 - Rasputin

    Still rockin' the new intro from Jon.  Thanks, Jon.
    Joe and Scott welcome you to your weekend with Tescasterone.
    Nascar news, this past weekend was the all-star race, congrats go out to Kyle Larson, and next week is the Coca-Cola 600.
    Twins are still kicking ass, and taking names.  One game, just one game, behind the number one Astros, and we have beaten them 4 games to 3. C'mon Twins.
    This week we are discussing Grigori Rasputin, arguably one of history's most evil men.  Born in 1869, this self-proclaimed holy man, and mystic, eventually made his way to St. Petersburg, Russia.  While there, he was introduced to the Tsar and his wife, Nicholas and Alexandra Romanov.  We go fairly in depth to what happened next - Give it a listen, and see if you think he was one of the 'most evil' men in history.
    Rally, Rally, Rally.  We really want to do this.  Starting here, in Minneapolis, on to Kansas City, over to Denver, down to Albuquerque, and finishing up in Las Vegas.  It is not a race, it is a rally.  The goal is to get your time as close to what Google Maps claims it will take, the person with the closest time wins.  With a party every night, driving in the glaring sun may prove to be a challenge.  What we, Scott and I, need is for you to tell all of your friends, all of your enemies, and get everyone interested in having a kick-ass time with us for a week.  Find Joe on Twitter (search #Tescasterone, and you will find him) or, find Scott on our Facebook page (at Tescasterone, where else?), and tell us 1) that you are interested, and 2) What month works for you.  We are considering August, or September. . . basically before school starts. 
    Let's do this!
    We are looking forward to chatting with you guys next week,
    bye from Joe and Scott

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    Tescasterone_011 - Altruism

    Tescasterone_011 - Altruism

    Hello Casteronies, hmmmm - Castaways, I don't know - trying to come up with a name for you guys.  Whatever, welcome to your Weekend!
    Starting off the show with NASCAR, congrats to Brad Keslowski for winning the Kansas Speedway Digital Alley 400.  The top 5 drivers according to the standings: 1) Joey Logano, 2) Kyle Busch, 3) Kevin Harvick, 4) Chase Elliot, 5) and Brad Keslowski.
    I went to a Twins game on Monday, Hear all about my trip in the podcast, it was pretty cool.  Twins still leading their division, and 4th place overall in the Major League.  Go Twins Go.
    Just Joe today, as Scottie's Big Project is starting to make him feel a bit overwhelmed.  I've helped him as much as I could, I guess the rest he has to do on his own.  So, today, I'm here to discuss Altruism.  The dictionary defines it as the practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.  Sometimes altruism is viewed with cynicism, but I honestly believe in and practice it, on an almost daily basis.  We are all on this planet, Together.  We are all striving for the thing - happiness.
    How can it be, then, that there are those that step on, steal from, crush, and kill others in their attempt to gain happiness? 
    Have you ever watched the rowing competitions at the summer Olympics? When those teams are all pulling together, for a single purpose, their combined efforts achieve goals that a sole person could never even conceive of.
    So it is in my mind, when viewing this planet, the same must apply.  When we all pull together we can accomplish So Much More, than we could ever do all by our selves. And faster than we could imagine.
    I have a different friend that has a huge project looming over him.  I knew of it long before he even came to me.  He didn't even have to ask me, I told him I would be there.
    I believe that is the way is should be with true guys - whether we are Bikers, Bakers, Geeks, or Bankers.  Broads or Bro's, we are all in this world together, and together we can accomplish miracles.
    Onward.  The Z-car project keeps moving forward.  I'm trying to pull together a parts list for the engine;  Heads, cam, low-rise intake manifold, carb, etc. . .
    Oh, as an aside, I do have to mention the place where I picked up my engine stand.  Harbor Freight.  I picked up a 1,000 pound stand, which I found comparable stands on other sites for around $100, on sale at Harbor freight for 59.99, added on a 20% coupon, and with the $25 gift card (Thanks Big Swifty), I ended up paying 26.41 for the stand.  15 years ago, I would have just gone straight to Sears, to the Craftsman Tools Section - Alas, Sears is no more, and Craftsman quality isn't what it used to be.  Looking for good tools, at a great price?  Check out Harbor Freight.
    Oh, before I forget, music intro and outro was provided by Jon from the band 'Sea of Vapors', check him out on Soundcloud.  Thanks for the solid, Jon.
    Twitter:  Tescaterone Joe
    Facebook:  say hi to Scottie
    Talk to you all next week,
    Tescasterone Joe
    and Scott

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    Tescasterone_010 - Projects

    Tescasterone_010 - Projects

    Welcome to your weekend!  Joe and Scott (who is feeling a little sick, but made it happen anyway) are here to help you through your day. 
    This is Episode #10.  90% of new podcasts don't make it this far.  So, yay us!
    The Twins are doing awesome.  We are going to go to a Wednesday day game, we'll let you know on Twitter and our Facebook page.
    Martin Truex Jr. wins his second race of the season. Congrats, man.
    Scottie came up with a logo for our podcast/community, we are going to tweak it a bit and post it on teepublic.com, submit it to the Lids store at Mall of America.  Should be ready in less than two weeks.  Again, Twitter and Facebook will be the place to find information on this.  It is really nice, you guys are going to love it.
    A guy should have a project, something to focus on mind, body, soul.  For me, it is this community/podcast, my z-car project, and the boat.  Log on to our facebook page and let us know what your project is.  We are truly interested.
    Sorry for the very short episode, with Scottie feeling sick, we just needed to cut it short.
    So, from Scottie and Joe, Have a great weekend and talk to you all next week.

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