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A podcast that talks about everything Christmas... that's pretty much it.

Total Christmas Podcast Jack

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A podcast that talks about everything Christmas... that's pretty much it.

    Episode 44 - Ebanana Scrooge

    Episode 44 - Ebanana Scrooge

    Welcome to The Total Christmas Podcast, it's December and it really is Christmas and it's another packed show.

    First up Ed Daley reads another part from his book.  This time he explains how a clerical error led to It's A Wonderful Life becoming one of the most popular Christmas films of all time.
    If you want to read more, check out his book:

    Next up we have the story of the worst Christmas present that Kevin Church ever received, turns out, if he'd received it a year earlier it may have been one of the best.

    Then we chat to Aurelio O'Brien author of Family Trees.  It's a great book that I thoroughly enjoyed.  If you'd like to pick up a copy, here's a link:

    Then it's the 2nd part of our chat with Scott & Jay from the Jingle Jank Podcast.  We listen to 3 more songs, if you want a listen, here's some links:

    One More Sleep by Leona Lewis

    The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

    Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea

    And to have a listen to Jingle Jank, here's a link:

    Then the girls are back again for Robin Sings and they have another stab at Last Christmas.

    It's been a few episodes but once again we look at another version of A Christmas Carol.  This one is the fantastic new Aldi Christmas advert.  It's only 1 minute 20 seconds but they pack a lot in.

    Then we have a new segment, each week we'll be playing a song from Adam Kennedy and his Creative Commonaires,  Their songs are very funny and the album is called Literally Shrunk Down and Living in my Christmas Village.  Have a listen to the whole album here:

    Our Top Ten Christmas Movie Lists come from Ed Daley and Adam Parker from the Merry Britsmas Podcast.  Where will they feature on our leader board?

    Then we have another Yule Log.  Why not spend an hour watching Joe Pesci get his scalp burned off with a flamethrower while crackling sounds and Christmas music play in the background.

    This episode's recommendation is for you to share the podcast.  It's actually Christmas now, so you won't seem like a weirdo when you tell your friends to listen to the show and it would mean a lot to me and the team (there is no team).

    See, I told you it was a packed show.

    Merry Christmas

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    Episode 43 - More Classic British Christmas Songs

    Episode 43 - More Classic British Christmas Songs

    This show is packed to the gills.  We have it all, bad editing, poor sound quality, boring content, you name it, we've got it.

    First up is Santa Claus is NOT Coming to Town, and Katie Gibson shares the story of how she kept the magic alive for her younger sister.

    Rich Chambers shares another Christmas memory and we listen to his take on The Snow Miser and The Heat Miser from The Year Without a Santa Claus.  Check out Rich's album here:

    Then we're joined by Scott and Jay from Jingle Jank podcast.  We listen to 4 classic British Christmas songs and find out if the boys have ever heard of them.  This is the first half and we listen to another 3 in the next episode.
    Here's the songs:
    A Spaceman Came Travelling by Chris de Burgh

    I Believe in Father Christmas by Greg Lake

    December Will Be Magic Again by Kate Bush

    Fairytale of New York by The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl

    Check out the Jingle Jank here:

    This episode's book review is Seth's Christmas Ghost Stories from Biblioasis.  Very atmospheric short stories to revive the tradition of ghost stories at Christmas.  Check them out here:

    If you'd like to win a couple of these books just email me and your name will go in the hat, with the winner to be announced in the next episde.

    Then we have an interview with Geoff Malcolmson the creator of Santa and Ruudy an online comic strip.  If you follow it on Facebook you'll get a daily strip each day of December.  It's just like a little advent calendar.

    This episode we have two Top Ten Christmas Movie Lists, they're from Frank and Shelli Arnold and Mary Polte.  Where will they stand on our chart, only one person can decide, Judge Jack.

    Robin and Juno are BACK!  They explain to us exactly why we put out a stocking at Christmas and then attempt to sing the wonderful classic Last Christmas by Wham.

    Then we have a clip from Ed Daly explaining what inspired one of the all time greatest Christmas songs, Silent Night.  This story is taken from his book The Christmas Book: The Ultimate Guide To Your Favourite Holiday.

    If you want to get in touch, what's stopping you?
    Do it now.

    Merry Christmas

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    Episode 42 - More Aussie Christmas Songs

    Episode 42 - More Aussie Christmas Songs

    You're here! 
    And it's great to see you.

    In this episode we start with another story and song from Rich Chambers.  The song this week is called Hold On Santa and you can hear the whole thing here:

    Then we have an interview with Ed Daly about his fantastic new book, The Christmas Book: The Ultimate Guide to Your Favorite Holiday.
    Here's a link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09HS14DFM
    He's also on the Baller Lifestyle Podcast, check it out here:  https://theballerlifestyle.com/

    Next up it's our Top Ten Christmas Movie's lists and this week they're from Stacey McKinsey, Jennifer Kay (and the TCP Mascot Elmer) and Eddie Honan.  Where will they feature on our chart?  Have a listen and you'll find out, cause I'm not telling.

    Then we have a fantastic Santa Claus Is NOT Coming To Town from Dan Carlson of Burly Boards, who is now our self-appointed Workshop Elf.  
    Dan makes incredible cutting boards, trays and coasters.  Check out his facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/burlyboards/about/?ref=page_internal

    Then it's more Aussie Christmas Songs.  We look at a selection of 7 different festive tunes from the land downunder.

    This episode's Yule Log isn't the worst ever.  It's Shrek's Yule Log and it features 24 of the characters from the films.
    Here's a link:

    Merry Christmas you beautiful people.

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    Episode 41 - Fezziwig's Christmas Party

    Episode 41 - Fezziwig's Christmas Party

    Hooray for another episode of The Total Christmas Podcast.

    First up we look at The Eye of Sauron Yule Log from The Lord of the Rings.  A 2 second loop of a flaming eye playing for 5 hours.  It's riveting stuff.
    You can watch it here:

    This episode we have 4, count'em 4, Top Ten Christmas Movies Lists.  Where will they land on our chart?
    You'll have to listen to find out.

    Then we look at the Gavle Goat.  It's a Swedish tradition where the people of Gavle build a massive straw goat only for some cheeky sod to try and burn it down.

    We have a great story of how Stacey McKinsey's youngest child found out the truth about santa.

    Then we have an interview with friend of the show Eddie Honan who has had the honor of playing Fezziwig for the last 5 years at the Music Mountain Theatre, Lambertville, New Jersey.  If you live nearby you should get yourself along and tell them Jack sent you.
    Here's a link:

    This episode Rich Chambers shares the story of how he learned to love A Christmas Carol whilst being terrified of Jacob Marley.  Then we play his song Peace and Harmony.
    You can hear the whole song here:

    You know we love ya.

    Merry Christmas.

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    Episode 40 - Bonfires on the Levee

    Episode 40 - Bonfires on the Levee

    DO IT NOW!

    It's another episode of the TCP and we have loads of crap for your lovely ears.

    First off it's our Top Ten Christmas Movies Lists.  We've had a team of scientists develop a formula to calculate the best list in Jack's opinion.  This episode we have lists from Anthony Caruso and Mike Westfall.  Where will their lists chart?

    Then it's time for the Yule Log.  If you love Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation then you might not mind this version.  It's Nick sitting by a fire drinking whisky for 45 minutes straight.

    We have the return of Santa Claus is NOT Coming to Town and this one was sent in by Paul Hudebine.  He can pinpoint to the exact day he found out the truth about Santa.  Not only that, it's also the day his mum told him wrestling is fake.

    Frank the Tank has sent us another Curious Christmas Custom, this time it's Bonfires on the Levee.  Hundreds of bonfires are lit along the Mississippi on Christmas Eve to guide the way for Papa Noel.

    We have another great song from Rich Chambers;  It's Christmastime (All Over The World).  He also shares a great story of the time he actually saw Rudolph and the other reindeer flying over his house.  
    Have a listen:

    Then it's another Muppet Christmas Special.  This time we look at The Bells of Fraggle Rock and it's absolutely delightful.  Have a watch here:

    This episode's recommendation is The Cabinet of Dr Calighoulie from friend of the show Tony Dixon.  If you're a fan of Halloween, you'll love it.
    Have a listen here:

    You know we love ya.

    Merry Christmas

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    Episode 39 - Santa's Rockin Band

    Episode 39 - Santa's Rockin Band

    Hooray, it's another "great" episode of the TCP.

    This show is loaded up to the eyeballs with the usual drivel.
    Fist up  we have a brand new segment where Rich Chambers, singer and songwriter, shares one of his Christmas memories and then we play a clip from one of the songs from his Christmas album, Santa's Rockin Band.
    To check out the full album, here's a link:

    Then we have the return of Robin Sings.  This episode she sings another request from Eddie Honan's mum Nancy.  She asked to hear Dominic The Donkey.

    Then it's our Top Ten Christmas Movies lists and this week the lists are provided by the show's No. 1 Fan Lee Maher and Crick Jimney.

    Next up it's 3 crappy yule logs.  This episode they're from Lego.  If you really want to watch them, here's some links:

    This episode's version of A Christmas Carol is crap.  It's by Sugar Tales and I really wouldn't waste your time if I were you:

    Then we have the return of my favourite segment, Christmas Stories of Shame.  We share the sad affair of the year Adam Parker received a bunch of gifts he'd received the year before.
    Adam hosts the Merry Bristmas Podcast and it's great, check it out:

    This episodes recommendation is Santa & Ruudy, a great online comic strip featuring the big man himself and his ruby nosed reindeer.  It's written and drawn by Geoff Malcomson and is definitely worth following.

    Merry Christmas you beautiful people.

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1 Rating

H skov ,

Christmas is coming

This is just what I need to get in the spirit of Christmas , very educational and funny.
It’s highly recommendable ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Keep up the good work Jack 😉

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