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Your host Connor McDonald is a Health & Fitness professional and founder of Active Vegans. He created the active vegans to help spread awareness and inspiration about health, fitness, lifestyle and all things vegan.

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Your host Connor McDonald is a Health & Fitness professional and founder of Active Vegans. He created the active vegans to help spread awareness and inspiration about health, fitness, lifestyle and all things vegan.

    AVP #20 - Veganuary: What & Why.

    AVP #20 - Veganuary: What & Why.

    Veganuary is a movement which has picked up pace in the last few years and this year is no different. Over 300,000 people have already signed up to the pledge of not consuming or using any products containing animal products for the whole month of January.

    In todays podcast I talk you through the Veganuary setup and how you can take part, then I cover the latest statistics on animal agriculture, Our environment, health and how going vegan could drastically improve each of these areas.


    Veganuary - https://uk.veganuary.com/
    Statistics - https://www.vegansociety.com/news/media/statistics
    Ocean Plastics - https://www.ecowatch.com/ghost-gear-oceans-2544526011.html


    British Farming - https://youtu.be/dvtVkNofcq8
    Animal Exploitation - https://youtu.be/w8B547L5VkQ
    Home (our planet) - https://youtu.be/ZjE9T-KQZOU
    Farmed Fish - https://youtu.be/RYYf8cLUV5E

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    AVP #19 Blood Testing & Nutrition Coaching FT Liam Holmes

    AVP #19 Blood Testing & Nutrition Coaching FT Liam Holmes

    Topics we discuss in the podcast

    Connors blood work. Blood testing is becoming more accessible and Liam talks through how best to interpret your results, the dangers of doing one-off testing, why you need to use subjective markers as well and his experience with testing elite athletes.

    We covered macronutrients and calorie splits and spoke about the issues of eating a higher calorie plant based diet.

    Liam then walked us through the 6 week program and explained why the program is split into 3 phases -
    Weeks 1-2 - building your baseline
    Weeks 3-4 - Adjust and personalise
    Weeks 5-6 - Assess and progress
    Connor and Liam will be posting updates via instagram (@ph_nutrition) and @plantbasedgames and if there are any questions please reach out to us both!

    We are off to lift, eat and get strong.

    Listen, share and enjoy!

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    AVP #18 Competition Nutrition FT Liam Holmes

    AVP #18 Competition Nutrition FT Liam Holmes

    In preparation for the Plant Based Based Games Performance nutritionist Liam Holmes joined me on the podcast to breakdown everything athletes need to know about how to fuel themselves for competition. We covered pre comp and the weeks leading up to the event, comp day - the morning of competing, during and in between workouts/days and also post comp. It was really interesting to hear about how planned nutrition can be and the fact that practicing eating certain snacks during training in the lead up to the event will enable to workout which foods suit you best for the performance you want. Another important point which we covered was that it all comes down to each individual athlete, there is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition. Going off you own experiences will be the most important information you will receive.

    A fascinating topic we talked about was a programmed designed by Liam called "How to be a fitter women". -The tried, tested, and proven system that rejuvenates female health, eliminates the crippling issues that affect you around your menstrual cycle, handle hormonal chaos with ease, and enhance your functional fitness performance to the levels that you dream of.
    Without crazy cleanses, detoxes, extreme diets, and complete lifestyle overhaul.

    more information can be found here:

    As mentioned in the intro we will be working with:

    Vibrant Vegan: https://vibrantvegan.co.uk/ - Our globally inspired dishes are packed with locally sourced, whole plant-based ingredients, as they taste delicious and are fabulous for nourishing your mind, body and spirit. We deliver them straight to your door frozen, so busy peeps like you don’t have to think about cooking or eating ridiculously well all week. We make every day infinitely easier and healthier, so you’ve got more free time and heaps of energy to surf life’s rainbow.

    Rawsports Nutrition: https://www.rawsport.com/ The owners, all keen sports enthusiasts, found sourcing quality sports nutrition supplements difficult. Many were of poor quality and full of artificial additives. It was this major pain point that drove the desire to create a range of products that they would be happy to personally consume themselves.

    The owners have been able to use their extensive knowledge of nutritional science, herbs, and superfoods to deliver a range of supplements that deliver all the key components of athletic performance and recovery. No stone has been left unturned in the quest to design products that taste great, use the finest ingredients available, contain zero additives and are affordable.

    It is our promise to deliver sports nutrition products that have a positive effect on health, athletic performance and recovery. Our passion and ethos for quality can be reflected in our product range and we hope to inspire people to take health and performance to the next level.

    For more information on the Plant Based Games head to https://theplantbasedgames.com/

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    AVP #17 Ft Brendan Bale (The Green Gazelles)

    AVP #17 Ft Brendan Bale (The Green Gazelles)

    On this episode i caught up with Brendan Bale who is the founder and creator of The Green Gazelles Rugby Club. The Green Gazelles is the Uk's Only Vegan rugby club where all of the Players follow a plant based diet.

    We talked about the inspiration behind GG and whats in the pipeline going into 2020. If you're interested joining the Green Gazelles, wether thats as a player on as a park of the background, management team or even as a sponsor the we'd love to hear form you.

    For more information you can head to www.greengazellesrugbyclub.com
    or email greengazellesrugby@gmail.com

    For more info on the Plant Based Games then head over to www.theplantbasedgames.com

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    AVP #16 Nutrition for Training & Competition ft Liam Holmes & Lee Steggles

    AVP #16 Nutrition for Training & Competition ft Liam Holmes & Lee Steggles

    This was a recording of a Nutrition talk presented by Liam Holmes as a part of the Active Vegans Training day. Liam is a performance nutritionist owner of PH Nutrition, Liam Specialises in sports nutrition, Crossfit Nutrition and optimising health. Liam was also joined by Lee Steggles who is a crossfit athlete & co-owner of Crossfit Shapesmith London which is where this event was held.

    **Apologies for the background noise**

    Alongside running pH Nutrition Liam's current roles include

    Consultant nutritionist for FC Copenhagen

    Previous experience includes

    3 years at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

    3 years at Republic of Ireland national team

    8 years at Fulham Football Club

    My philosophy is one of an individualised approach to nutrition. Using pioneering assessment techniques alongside a personal approach to nutrition we can work together to achieve your goals.

    Combining the knowledge and skills gained from working in the elite sporting environment with attending numerous courses and seminars, I have acquired a unique skill set to help you achieve your goals.

    The majority of my work includes consulting for CrossFit athletes, footballers, cyclists and triathletes. I have achieved fantastic results in improving their health using a individualised approach to nutrition. No matter where you are on your journey in health and fitness I can help you achieve your goals.

    WEBSITE - http://www.phnutrition.co.uk/

    If you want to know more about our upcoming fitness event in November - The Plant Based Games, then head over to http://www.theplantbasedgames.com or contact us at info@theplantbasedgames.com

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    AVP #15 Plant Based Nutrition - Aaron Cattell & Adam stansbury

    AVP #15 Plant Based Nutrition - Aaron Cattell & Adam stansbury

    On todays podcast we were joined by Aaron Cattell who is a Nutritionist & Personal trainer (BSc) specialising in body transformations for busy professionals on a Plant- Based Diets. We were also joined by Adam Stansbury how is a Personal trainer, Nutrition and Animal Flow coach.

    We covered a lot of areas within health, fitness & Nutrition by answering some of the most common questions asked as well as delving into the land of the Keto diet and how it may cause more damage than good.

    A plant-based diet is the only diet which has been scientifically proven to reverse, treat and cure some of the worlds leading diseases such as hearts disease, diabetes, stroke & bowl & prostate cancer. A reason why we created this podcast was to share this information with you the public so that you can make better decision when it comes to food choices.

    If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us and we'll be sure to get back to you.

    Aaron Cattell - @the_plantpowered_coach
    Adam stansbury - @theplantpoweredpt
    Connor McDonald (Host) @connormcdonald_uk

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