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The best chillout, downtempo, trip hop, ambient and electro music from around the world.

Ambient Falls Mark Smith

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The best chillout, downtempo, trip hop, ambient and electro music from around the world.

    Ambient Falls - 027

    Ambient Falls - 027

    Welcome to the twenty-seventh Ambient Falls podcast.

    A nice mix of tracks for you this month. I hope you enjoy the show.

    Daddy Scrabble - Cherry Blossom

    Mobster - Earthbreaker

    Pinklogic - Dreams Of Summer

    Nick Murray - Silhouette

    Simple Sky - Simple Sky

    • 18 min
    Ambient Falls - 026

    Ambient Falls - 026

    Welcome to the twenty-sixth Ambient Falls podcast.

    I'm mixing it up again after last month's very ambient podcast. This month I'm featuring some great vocal tracks from some of my favourite artists. I hope you enjoy the show.

    Nedry - Float

    The Glitch Mob - Between Two Points

    Nicky Cairney - Golden Gates

    Film Noir World - Lunatics Desire

    • 21 min
    Ambient Falls - 025

    Ambient Falls - 025

    Welcome to the twenty-fifth Ambient Falls podcast.

    When I first had the idea of producing a podcast the initial thought was for it to be mostly ambient music as well as some electro and chillout. As it turned out most of the shows I have put together have been mostly chillout and electro with the odd ambient track thrown in. This month I've gone for a more ambient feel to the podcast. Hopefully all you regular listeners will still like it and enjoy a bit of a change.

    Bob Charlesworth - Biothermal

    Ishq - Skylike

    absentmachine - Dehydrated

    Double 6 Project - Moon Embrace

    • 27 min
    Ambient Falls - 024

    Ambient Falls - 024

    Welcome to the twenty-fourth Ambient Falls podcast.

    Producing the podcast again seems to have been a really positive step. Listener numbers are higher than I was expecting and it's been great hearing from some of you. I'm still building my music library so please keep those submissions coming in. I want to play the very best music I can so if you'd like to feature on a future show get in touch.

    Disparition - Aurora Consurgens

    DigiTube - Beauty

    Moshang - Comfort Zone

    Wilson Davalos - Imagine

    • 23 min
    Ambient Falls - 023

    Ambient Falls - 023

    Welcome to the twenty-third Ambient Falls podcast.

    After a break of over two years the Ambient Falls podcast is back to help you start the new year.
    We are kicking things off with a pretty short show this month but it features some great tracks. Please get in touch via the new look website or visit is on Facebook.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Jennifer Lindsay - Charade

    Artemis - Auralei

    All India Radio - Fall

    The Atomica Project - Jetstreams

    • 17 min
    Ambient Falls - 022

    Ambient Falls - 022

    Welcome to the twenty second Ambient Falls podcast.

    It's a short podcast this month. I'm not really sure why but for some reason it seemed to feel right with just these four tracks. Adding another purely to make it longer didn't seem like the right thing to do so I left it short but sweet. I hope you enjoy it.

    Artemis - Beautiful Life

    Chris Harvey - Tensor

    Evolve - August Moon

    Mystic Village - Calmly It Gives

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    • 17 min

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