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Join Adam for talk about classic movies and old-time radio shows, featuring a specially selected episode each week.

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Join Adam for talk about classic movies and old-time radio shows, featuring a specially selected episode each week.

    Top That!

    Top That!

    Happy 2020! The show returns with Jessie Matthews, Audrey Hepburn, Gary Cooper and this week’s special guest star, Roland Young!

    There’s a Brighton Strangler competition for you to enter!

    There’s a delightful radio comedy featuring everyone’s favourite haunted banker, Topper!

    There’s a visit to the Question Pot!

    Plus reviews of 1957’s ‘Love In The Afternoon’ and 1933’s ‘Pleasure Cruise’

    All aboard, folks…

    • 50 min
    Chase Away Them Blues

    Chase Away Them Blues

    It’s been a battle against the flu, but the show finally returns, along with…

    …the most DEPRESSING ad for tyres ever!

    …the Mistletoe Kiss Polka!

    …the wonderful Brook Darnell and her festive movie recommendations!

    …a visit to the Lux Radio Theatre!

    …PLUS three movies, 1940’s Christmas In July, 1935’s Rendezvous, and 1942’s Kid-Glove Killer!

    • 1h 33 min
    The Wizard Himself

    The Wizard Himself

    This week’s show is dedicated to the Wizard himself, one of the Golden Age’s greatest character actors, Mr Frank Morgan!

    We’ll be conjuring up reviews of two of his lesser-seen yet equally as charming film appearances, 1935’s The Perfect Gentleman and 1934’s The Affairs Of Cellini.

    There’s a dive into the Question Pot, a chance to get a Christmas Card, and the latest in audio torture devices, courtesy of a famous breakfast cereal…

    Radio entertainment comes this week from our special guest!

    • 56 min
    Pools Of Darkness

    Pools Of Darkness

    In this week’s noir-themed edition of Attaboy Clarence, I’ll be telling you about a trio of shadow-soaked dramas to spice up your Noirvember viewing…

    Victor Mature goes head-to-head with Laird Cregar in 1941’s ‘I Wake Up Screaming’

    Robert Cummings is on the run from the law and from vicious gangsters in 1946’s ‘The Chase’

    Kirk Douglas sinks lower than most men in 1951’s ‘Ace In The Hole’

    Radio entertainment comes from the mighty quills of both Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, as we join Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe for two mysterious outings.

    • 1h 20 min
    Oh Johnny, Heavens Above!

    Oh Johnny, Heavens Above!

    In this week’s show…

    Who would be the best Golden Age SUPERHEROES?

    How did Adam become a classic movie LOVER?

    How did Sookie become a REALITY TV star?

    There’s MUSIC from Eddie Cantor and The Andrews Sisters, PLUS…

    Reviews of THREE movies featuring Ronald Colman, Ginger Rogers, William Powell, Jack Carson and The Great Profile himself, John Barrymore!

    Radio entertainment comes this week from The Sealtest Show, and it’s a real treat…

    • 1h
    Agony Uncle

    Agony Uncle

    This week…

    …winter’s closing in, and if only there was some way of achieving a certain dream…

    …the Question Pot features a singing dog, a trip to Ocono… Oconwo… to somewhere… plus a discussion on fish out of water…

    …there’s music from Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters…

    ‘‘‘reviews of three movies, including a Vincent Price SHOCKer, a Bluebeard tale with a Hitchcock twist, and a love triangle with a pitch black centre…

    Jump on in to your new weekly Attaboy Clarence podcast!

    Radio entertainment comes this week from NBC Best Shows

    • 1h 32 min

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Give it a go, you’ll love it

Give it a go, you’ll love it. Lots classic movies as radio shows with many of the original actors. With great commentary from Adam. He also does another great podcast - Secret History of Hollywood

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