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Intersection of medical science and psychology, research and clinical practice insights for daily life.

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Intersection of medical science and psychology, research and clinical practice insights for daily life.

    Research funding, start up funding: women needed!!

    Research funding, start up funding: women needed!!

    As a medical researcher, I’m used to apply for grants, nationally and internationally. Yet, when looking at the number of female principal investigators (PIs) and moreover the number of women receiving funding, it’s a tiny tiny number. 


    Many women don’t even dare to try and start applying. Lots of self-doubts, lack of role models, supportive colleagues, and supervisors to encourage them.

    I love the competition with myself to apply for funding, by writing my best possible application. If I fail, I just try again over and over. That’s the way to success, never give up trying. 





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    The Body Series Part I

    The Body Series Part I

    Today, I’m in conversation with Alexandra Haas founder of Special Moments. This is the first episode in a series were we discuss the role of the body and our skin, as a place of sensuality.


    Alex shared ways to get in touch with our body:

    ⁃Use your breath to be fully present

    ⁃Give or get a massage

    ⁃The power of a long hug

    ⁃Don’t hesitate to communicate your preferred way to be touched

    ⁃Treat your body like a temple





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    Get out and move

    Get out and move

    Exercising as part of the daily routine, has endless benefits for both body and mind. 

    To get started is challenging, what to do to get going?


    Put sports in your calendar

    Exercise with a friend

    Instead of drinks, meet for a cycling class

    Enroll in a group activity

    Stick to your exercise routine

    10min everyday is better than 2h once a week

    Reward yourself with a treat 




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    Brilliant children and their challenges

    Brilliant children and their challenges

    One of the most common issues these children face are the consequences of their asynchronous development “many ages at once”. 

    Some young, extremely gifted children have difficulty forming friendships, because their play is much more complex than that of most children. 

    Generally, gifted toddlers, preschoolers, and children of all ages need more intellectual stimulation than other children do. This is often underestimated and not provided in schools.


    Challenges of parents of extremely gifted children

    Families of profoundly gifted children may grieve for some of the things they are missing – being able to freely share and compare a child’s accomplishments with other moms or dads at the playground; being able to provide their child with a “normal” school experience free from the distractions of seemingly endless meetings on how to adapt curriculum.


    Options to meet a gifted child’s educational needs

    Early entrance to kindergarten or first grade

    Acceleration in one or more subject areas

    A mentor in an interest area

    Home enrichment or homeschooling; an individualized, self-paced educational program in one or more subjects

    Deep exploration of topics of individual interest

    Early admission to the gifted program (in most school systems, gifted programs don’t start until third grade)

    Cluster grouping with other gifted and highly gifted children in a regular classroom.
    Placement in a full-time, self-contained preschool or kindergarten for highly gifted children.

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    Female Entrepreneurs Series Dr. & Dr.

    Female Entrepreneurs Series Dr. & Dr.

    In conversation with Dr. Renu Ann Joseph on female entrepreneurship, self-confidence, mentoring, and feeling comfortable to stand out.

    Renu is an economist turned entrepreneur, who has focused her two decade long career on improving how organizations use data to enhance business value. Her insurtech venture, based out of the US and Switzerland


    Dr. Renu’s Ventures

    Luminant Analytics https://luminantanalytics.com/ 

    Virtido Data Science Center https://virtido.com/en/data-science/


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    An uplifting conversation with Mia Ljungberg Nevado. She started her movement LookUp in the New York Hamptons and moved to Stockholm a year ago. That’s where we met and connected. Mia’s creating spaces for people to experience how it’s to be off screens, to look up and be fully present. Through inspiration she’s moving people emotionally to LookUp.


    Mia’s reading list:


    Goodbye phone, hello world by Paul Greenberg

    Screen brain by Anders Hansen






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