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    The EllieB Block Party Show Theme Song

    The EllieB Block Party Show Theme Song

    EBBP Productions presents: The EllieB Block Party Show
    70s old school style variety talk show; a Burnett, Carson, Griffin mashup
    EllieB - mentored by broadcast greats. She is your ULTIMATE HostAll genres of talent: emerging to iconic • hilarious monologues • engaging & charismatic interviews • recurring guest superstars • influencers & trend setters • artists & authors from every corner of the globe • comedy sketches • world class music • grandmother wisdom
    • 31-year awarded broadcast entertainment veteran • philanthropic mission statement
    A cultural game-changer full of belly chuckles: EllieB Block Party
    "We are the game-changers and the legacy-makers for our children's children. We are the hope for millions of talent worldwide. We are here to return to comedy that uplifts both audience and creative artist."

    EBBP Productions & Holy Boldness Ministries - the nonprofit division of EBBP Productions

    Twitter: 6packgrammie • Twitter: EllieBparty
    Instagram: 6packgrammie • IMDb: Ellie B Brown
    16212 Bothell-Everett Hwy #F185 Bothell, WA 98012 (206) 755-9122 contact@ellieb.faith - https://ellieb.faith

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    Theme Song - original

    Theme Song - original

    This is the theme song for The EllieB Block Party Show - now in pre-production -by Bob Phelan, Paul Oleynick, Ellie Brown

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