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    GCC6: Betcha didn't think I'd make one. : D

    GCC6: Betcha didn't think I'd make one. : D

    Suprise! I still have a pulse! :'D
    Back in action for episode six.
    I hope it rocks your rainbow socks.
    That is, if you have rainbow socks.
    And if you dont, you should. >_>

    Songs Played
    Magic Star- Deerhoof
    Come- Namie Amuro
    PandaPandaPanda- Deerhoof
    Baby Baias- Polysics
    Darkwave Surfer- Aural Vampire

    Bg Songs
    Four Seasons- Namie Amuro
    I My Me Mine- Polysics
    Katamari on the Rocks- Katamari, mo'fo!
    Hot Blood Workout- Aural Vampire

    Culture News- Toilets, scene kids, androids, oh my!
    Game Review- Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Anime Review- n/a. Next episode, Paranoia Agent!

    My DA! http://kanayuki.deviantart.com

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    GCC5: If these were years, I'd have half a decade O:

    GCC5: If these were years, I'd have half a decade O:

    Yuss! Five episodes! x3 Before I start listing things, I'd like to thank Javi for giving me alot of my music, thank Bill for being so supportive of my podcast, thank Ray for motivating and suddgesting the malice miezer, and certianly thank lee for the Jrock selections I've thrown in. : D

    Songs Played:
    Sha la la - King of Bandits Jing
    Ningyou Hime - Chobits
    Garden of Everything - RaXephon
    (I dunno the title, it was in katakana D=) - Bump of Chicken
    Dying Cast - Vidoll
    Redemption - Gakt
    Illuminati - Malice Meizer
    Momo no Hanabira - Otsuka Ai

    And the song played durring the story of 'the love of asago' is a backwards midi of 'hikari' from kingdom hearts O: Enjoy!

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    Yes! Episode 4 LIVES! XD

    Yes! Episode 4 LIVES! XD

    I AM alive.
    No, I won't leave you with three episodes.
    I actually do make these things O:

    Unfortunately, this episode was really out there
    and had near nothing to do with japan or anime
    because I had my friend Lizzy over.
    It's also a bit messier.
    But sure as hell entertaining!
    So enjoy. =)

    .Show Notes.
    ~Ending song: Wo Non Coin- Cowboy Bebop
    ~Opening song: O-TO-GA-ME- Bump of Chicken
    ~Site I mentioned: www.gaiaonline.com
    ~My DeviantArt: kanayuki.deviantart.com

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    Episode 3!!!

    Episode 3!!!

    Sorry about the crap excuse for japanese in the beginning, sorry for the lateness. Sorry for the dorkyness, kiddos, and sorry for the greatness. XD; well, not really, but it rhymed.
    I would put who I played in the shownotes here, but I can't remember.

    I already explained the delays.
    And this was finished before the second ep was even published,
    so appoligoies again, cause any dates or reference to dates mentioned in here are no longer accurate. Not to mention there's lots more I wanted to say, especially out to those of you who are listening, but I guess I'll save it for later.
    Oh, and appologies, as I made a few verbal typos per se because I was talking so fast. >_> Please excuse them.
    Well, until later... Ja na~!

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    Episode 2: Let me try this one more time.

    Episode 2: Let me try this one more time.

    Hey guys! Sorry about the delay. The third episode is actually done as well, but podomatic doesnt like me. ^ ^;; Hope you enjoy, keep on listening!

    My email:ValentinefromEden@yahoo.com

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    Gaijin CultureCast: Episode 0.5

    Gaijin CultureCast: Episode 0.5

    Hey, Valentine here, and welcome to what's technically the first episode of Gaijin CultureCast! Yeah, sure, the title isn't all that great, but don't judge a book by it's cover, they say. Whatever got you here, kudos upon kudos to it, and I hope you keep listening! D=
    As for why it's called Episode o.5, that's because I recorded it before I came up with a name for this damn thing. But really it's the first episode. It's just slightly unformal >_> But hey, I still put lots of time and effort into this, my first podcast, so I hope you enjoy! 3

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