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    The Importance of Professionalism Within Healthcare

    The Importance of Professionalism Within Healthcare

    In this episode, we explore the importance of professionalism within healthcare. I’m delighted to be joined by Fiona Campbell from the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to talk all about what us students should be doing to ensure we stay professional, as well as covering who the HCPC are and what they do. We will talk about appropriate social media use, how to conduct ourselves in and out of university and how to prepare for life as a qualified Health Professional.

    Fiona is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist and worked extensively in NHS Scotland, before moving into Higher Education as a Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. She now works at the HCPC as a Professional Liaison Consultant for Scotland. Fiona has a career interest in supporting conversations about developing and embedding professionalism and reflective skills in everyday practice. She strongly believes that conversations about professional practice need to happen across career journeys in order to grow as safe, effective and supported practitioners.

    Show Notes:

    Fiona’s Socials:
    Twitter: @FionaC_HCPC

    HCPC competition: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/students/enter-our-student-competition/

    HCPC student HUB: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/students/

    HCPC report “Preventing Small Problems Becoming Big Problems in Health and Care” https://www.hcpc-uk.org/resources/reports/2015/preventing-small-problems-from-becoming-big-problems-in-health-and-care/

    HCPC research report on professionalism https://www.hcpc-uk.org/resources/reports/2011/professionalism-in-healthcare-professionals/

    HCPC current social media guidance: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/globalassets/resources/guidance/guidance-on-social-media.pdf

    HCPC Social media guidance (from 01 September 2024): https://www.hcpc-uk.org.uk/globalassets/standards/standard-of-conduct-performance-and-ethics/revised-standards-2023/revised-guidance-on-social-media.pdf

    Standards of Proficiency: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/standards/standards-of-proficiency/
    Standards of conduct, performance and ethics: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/standards/standards-of-conduct-performance-and-ethics/#:~:text=The%20standards%201%201.%20Promote%20and%20protect%20the,Be%20open%20when%20things%20go%20wrong%20More%20items

    Revised standards of conduct, performance and ethics (from 01 September 2024) : https://www.hcpc-uk.org/standards/standards-of-conduct-performance-and-ethics/revised-standards/

    Standards of Continuing Professional Development: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/standards/standards-of-continuing-professional-development/

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    Building Resilience: Tips For Student Health Professionals With Nicki Bass

    Building Resilience: Tips For Student Health Professionals With Nicki Bass

    In today's episode, Tracey is joined by registered Occupational Psychologist Nicki Bass who has specific expertise in resilience and leadership development. Having spent 18 years as an officer in the British Army, she combines theoretical knowledge with lived experience as a leader in the most high-pressured environments. She is a TEDx speaker and host of The Everyday Adventure Podcast and is passionate about inspiring others to live more adventurously in their everyday lives.

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    Dietetics in Paediatrics With Natalie Yerlett

    Dietetics in Paediatrics With Natalie Yerlett

    In this episode, I’m delighted to be joined by Great Ormond Street Hospital Paediatric Dietitian Natalie Yerlett, to talk all about dietetics in paediatrics. Paediatrics can often seem scary to many, especially to those with no experience with children or young people but today we will be putting the spotlight on this area with the aim of removing some of the mystery from it. We’ll be discussing how advice within paediatrics can differ from adults as well as asking Natalie about the experience required for a paediatric role.

    Natalie Yerlett obtained an honors degree in Biology at Imperial College, London, before gaining her post-graduate diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2006. Natalie worked in various posts around Yorkshire before joining the gastroenterology department at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2009 and has worked there as a highly specialist paediatric dietitian since.

    Natalie also holds various other roles including a Band 8a supplementary prescriber and the dietetic lead for the rare genetic skin condition epidermolysis bullosa and dermatology. Natalie also runs a private practice for patients with coeliac disease and allergies, is the diet sheet coordinator for the BDA and a member of the ACBS committee for the Department of Health. She has published over 15 peer reviewed journal articles and chapters in her areas of expertise and is currently an intern to write up her PhD application.

    Show Notes:

    Natalie’s Socials:
    Instagram - @kids.coeliac.dietitian
    Facebook – Kids.coeliac.dietitian
    LinkedIn – Natalie Yerlett

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    Working in Industry – Are You More Prepared as a Dietitian or a Nutritionist?

    Working in Industry – Are You More Prepared as a Dietitian or a Nutritionist?

    Today we're delighted to be joined by Dietitian, Emily Stuart and Nutritionist Fleur Key, both of whom work in the food industry, to talk all about the differences between these two careers as well as how nutritionists prepare for an industry role and what transferable skills allow dietitians to work in this field.

    Fleur Key studied Human Nutrition at the University of Greenwich, before obtaining a post graduate diploma in Public Health, from Christ Church University Canterbury, and starting her nutrition career working for the school meals caterer of Greenwich Council.
    5 years as a nutritionist in the education sector and Fleur was ready for change, so joined the wholesaler, Brakes, as their Nutritionist supporting customers from businesses such as Care Homes, Schools, Pubs and Restaurants, to name a few.
    Fleur has now been with Costa Coffee as their Nutrition Manager since May 2023, where she is responsible for setting nutrition targets, and supporting the food and beverage teams to meet them.
    Fleur is passionate about supporting others in the industry, so volunteers as a mentor through Flourish in Food, and is always open to offering work experience to budding nutritionists.

    Emily Stuart is a Registered Dietitian for leading food manufacturer apetito and Wiltshire Farm Foods, who are producers of nutritious and delicious meals into the Health and Social Care Sector, including Specialist Nutrition Meals for people with specific nutritional needs. Emily has more than 10 years dietetic experience, both within the food industry and clinical settings including acute and community dietetics. Emily is a member of the BDA and committee member of the Food Services Specialist Group of the BDA.

    Emily’s Socials:
    LinkedIn: Emily Stuart

    Fleur’s Socials:
    LinkedIn: Fleur Key ANutr
    Instagram: fleurlouisekey

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    BDA Specialist Groups: Exploring what is available for students

    BDA Specialist Groups: Exploring what is available for students

    In this episode, we will explore the benefits of joining the British Dietetic Association, how it can support students and prospects once qualified, and in particular all about the specialist groups that are available to join. So today, we're delighted to be joined by 3 guests: Kyle Kennedy BDA student representative, Gillian Farren Vice-Chairperson of the board of directors of the BDA and Emma Brighton BDA Membership Manager to give us more information on how the BDA can support your learning journey.

    Kyle Kennedy is a third-year Human Nutrition and Dietetics student studying at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). He is the BDA Student representative for 2023/2024, Secretary for the BDA Public Health Specialist Group, Communications Representative for the Nutrition Society (Student Section), President of the GCU Dietetics Society, and on the School Board for the School of Health and Life Sciences at GCU as Department Representative for Occupational Therapy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Kyle is a passionate advocate for students and is currently working on his 3 aims as BDA Student Representative: identifying financial, geographical, and educational barriers for students who want to go into dietetics; ensuring that all BDA student members have equal access to BDA related extracurricular events; and increasing awareness of the profession. He has also written two Public Health Nutrition articles for the BDA.

    Gillian is a registered dietitian, based in East Ayrshire, Scotland, who is passionate about all things food-related. Gillian is registered with the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC). Qualifying with a BSc (Hum. Nut. & Diet.) from the University of Dublin, Trinity College, in 1998, Gillian has chalked up a comprehensive range of experience in over two decades as a practising dietitian. Her experience and research interests extend across the specialisms of neurology, acquired brain injury, mental health and wellbeing, inherited metabolic disorders, endocrinology, weight management and sports performance, having also held specialist posts in maternal and early years nutrition earlier in her career. Throughout her career, Gillian has enjoyed opportunities to share her work and achievements at events hosted within and outside the field of Dietetics, both nationally and internationally. Gillian’s current role within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is Professional Lead for Dietetics, and alongside this, Gillian is Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the British Dietetic Association.

    Emma Brighton is the Membership Manager at the British Dietetic Association and has been in her role now for around a year and a half. Her main responsibilities include leading on engagement activities to continue the BDA's high levels of member satisfaction and to drive growth of membership across all levels from students to experienced professionals in the field of dietetics and nutrition. Her role is also responsible for overseeing the recruitment and retention of BDA members, ensuring that their offering meets their respective needs and remains inclusive to all within the wider dietetic community throughout every step of their career.

    Show Notes:
    Kyle’s Socials:
    Twitter: KyleKennedyRD2B
    Instagram: KyleKennedyRD2B
    LinkedIn: Kyle Kennedy

    Gillian’s Socials:
    Instagram: theartfuldietitian
    Twitter: FarrenGillian
    TikTok: theartfuldietitian

    Emma’s Socials:
    LinkedIn: Emma Brighton

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    Marking Veganuary: Vegan Diets in Practice

    Marking Veganuary: Vegan Diets in Practice

    In this episode, we will explore the trend of Veganuary and the rise in Vegan diets. We’ll also discuss how to support patients following a vegan diet and if the vegan diet can help improve health of certain patient groups. So today, we're delighted to be joined by Registered Dietitian, Andrea Rymer, from The Vegan Society to talk all about the vegan diet and the benefits to such alternative diets.

    Andrea is a Registered Dietitian who forms part of the nutrition team at The Vegan Society. Andrea chose to study dietetics to combine her love of food and cooking with nutritional knowledge. Some of her work involves developing nutritional resources, answering public nutrition related queries, providing education sessions to public sector industries, creating healthy balanced recipes and responding to media hot topics. Andrea has experience working in food and catering industries and since becoming a Dietitian, has specialised in hospital food services, learning disabilities and weight management. Andrea adopted a vegan lifestyle in 2014 and is now using her professional and personal skills and experiences to support the work of The Vegan Society.

    Show Notes:
    Andrea’s Socials:
    Instagram: @vegan_drea87
    Twitter: @rymer_vegandrea


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