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Slam's heavyweight weekly broadcast which will showcase their techno and club DJ mixes, and also mixes and music from their peers and contemporaries.

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Slam's heavyweight weekly broadcast which will showcase their techno and club DJ mixes, and also mixes and music from their peers and contemporaries.

    Slam Radio 382 | Refracted

    Slam Radio 382 | Refracted

    Slam Radio 382 with Refracted
    Refracted’s music feels as fundamentally human as it sounds otherworldly. It is techno more as an idea and conduit, than as an easily- labeled sound. It is dance music where layered rhythms act almost on a neural, sub epidermal level, while moving and evolving soundscapes acquire a tactile, understated physicality. Paramount examples of this can be found on releases on Refracted’s own Mind Express label, and on celebrated labels like PoleGroup, Semantica and Canadian ambient/deep-techno imprint Silent Season.
    1 Abdulla Rashim -  Ocean Drive
    2 Sleeparchive - 5x3
    3 Francois X - Elusive Morality
    4 Steve Bicknell - Fearing The Mind's Fears
    5 DJ Nobu - STO
    7 Planetary Assault Systems - Raid (Steve Bicknell Rework)
    8 Reeko - Massive Garage Meetings
    9 Abdulla Rashim - Vestal Witness
    10 Reeko - Damage #4
    11 Merino - Threnody
    12 Varg - Silver Lake
    13 Meta -  Ambiente 3
    14 Evigt Morker - Frihet
    15 Ruhig - Mitre Peak
    16 Planetary Assault Systems - Kamani
    17 DJ NOBU - Peppercorns
    18 Developer - Key Maker
    19 Anthony Linell - Evaporating Entities
    20 Refracted - M16:24mm
    22 Smear - Transect (Patrick Walker's Broadwave Execution Mix)
    23 James Ruskin - If
    24 Max Duley - Untitled
    25 Aubrey - Rodger Dodger
    26 Voices From The Lake - Reptilicus
    27 Surgeon - Box
    28 Ishq - Coronal Mass Injection

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    Slam Radio 381 | Mode_1

    Slam Radio 381 | Mode_1

    Slam Radio 381 with Mode_1
    Welcome to the new episode of the Slam Radio. This week with Mode_1. Enjoy it!
    1. Condensed Utopia - In Fine Aeternam
    2. Neel - Vanadio
    3. Unknown Artist - B1 Staub 001
    4. Shifted - She Dressed in Grey (Static Mix)
    5. Max_M - Scape Sequences
    6. Fixeer - Mito
    7. Gennaro Mastrantonio - Space (DVS1 Remix)
    8. PVS - Phontone
    9. Florian Meindl - Dimension Slip (Jeroen Search Remix)
    10. Rene Wise - Vexed
    11. RAdacs - Night Dunes
    12. Exos - No Criminals
    13. Damon Wild - Status
    14. Johannes Volk - Hide
    15. Mari Mattham - Light Experiment (d_func. Remix)
    16. DVS1 - Departure
    17. Pfirter - Faith Healer
    18. Maxtrixxman - Hong Kong
    19. Civil Duty - No Dexterity
    20. Planetary Assault System - Whip it Good
    21. Doug Cooney - Singular
    22. Jay Clarke - The Cage
    23. Dimi Angelis - Cynicism
    24. Deano - Thyroid
    25. Ã[Phase] - Flyby/Falling
    26. Mark Broom - L4LV
    27. Lennon - Heute Abend
    28. Sev Dah - Poljud
    29. Divide - Declinazione
    30. Kuf - Ahmet
    31. Mode_1 - Warped Mind
    32. Mode_1 - Mist
    33. Lee Kelly - That Acid Track I Forgot I Made
    34. Rien - Two
    35. Rien - Drain
    36. Mode_1 - Exit Left
    37. Rustal - Reeling In the Gears
    38. Rove Ranger - Metrik
    39. Mode_1 - Sonntag
    40. Robert Hood - Solid Thought
    41. Luke Slater - Love (Lucy remix)

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    Slam Radio 380 | Hadone

    Slam Radio 380 | Hadone

    Slam Radio 380 with Hadone
    Hadone is a triple threat from the east of France. Whether it is his live act, dj sets or his productions, Hadone always has his own style.90’s techno remains his main influence to Which he adds his own grid we all know. The mix gives as a result this simple and melancholic harmony that defines his musical identity.Over recent years he released on many labels that brought him credit in the scene. He released on label such as kaos, taapion and monnom black.
    Hadone - unreleased
    Héctor Oaks - grown from the ashes
    Stef Mendesidis - cyber document
    viper diva - born to be slytherin
    Lag - kontrola (Bas Mooy remix)
    A.P - outta control
    David Asko - dead is god (Jacidorex remix)
    Hadone - hope reminds me of her
    xxxxxx - xxxxxxx ( hadone remix )
    I Hate Models - intergalactic emotional breakdown
    Marcus L - 292513 ( Manni Dee remix )
    viper diva - unreleased
    myler - silver screen
    hadone - unreleased
    donor - us ( sleep archive remix )
    Peter Mannerfelt - sisseland bass ( onscreenactor remix)
    Funeral Future - blue euphoria
    Bas mooy – moeilijk
    Hadone - unreleased

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    Slam Radio 379 | The Lady Machine

    Slam Radio 379 | The Lady Machine

    Slam Radio 379 with The Lady Machine
    The Lady Machine is a major reference among Brazilian techno DJs.

    She has been at the forefront of the underground electronic scene in Brazil for many years, and her skills have taken her around the globe over the past two decades, including Asia, Latin America, and numerous tours of Europe with club and festival performances across the continent. She has recently started to release her own music and has already found herself on labels such as EPM Music and Potential Recordingz in the form of two remixes for the legendary artist Ben Long. Now residing in Berlin, she is continuously working on her own productions and is a regular fixture at the infamous parties Buttons and Pornceptual.

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    Slam Radio 378 | SPFDJ

    Slam Radio 378 | SPFDJ

    Slam Radio 378 with SPFDJ
    Not many DJs can claim to experience as meteoric, grassroots ascent as SPFDJ. Having established a remarkable energy, style and attitude on the underground techno circuits of both London and Berlin, she is known for inspiring debauchery and sweat-soaked hedonism on an international scale. Typically operating at a blisteringly high-tempo, an SPFDJ trip takes no prisoners in it’s exploration of strains of techno, acid, EBM, hardcore and trance. It’s a style that Ben UFO called “utterly ruthless”, and one that more and more clubbers are submitting to; a gleefully chaotic two-fingers to dance music’s self-serious establishment.

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    Slam Radio 377 | Peder Mannerfelt

    Slam Radio 377 | Peder Mannerfelt

    Slam Radio 377 with Peder Mannerfelt
    From obtuse angles to intense physicality, Peder Mannerfelt’s highly individual take on techno demands attention and consideration. While his many-sided body of work reaches back more than a decade, the Swedish producer’s current investigations in the field of experimental dance music are as prolific as they are unpredictable.

    To date he has recorded an accomplished series of albums as Roll The Dice alongside Malcolm Pardon, explored a more direct strain of techno as The Subliminal Kid and also lent his production skills to Fever Ray’s acclaimed debut album and 2017’s Plunge.

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