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A podcast about ELT, SLA and other stuff by members of the Barcelona cooperative SLB.

The SLB Podcast slbcoop

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A podcast about ELT, SLA and other stuff by members of the Barcelona cooperative SLB.

    Talking Tasks with Peter Skehan

    Talking Tasks with Peter Skehan

    The full interview with Peter Skehan will be available to participants on our TBLT course. The next course begins on October 22nd 2021 - please visit the course page for more information!
    Peter Skehan has written extensively on tasks and the relationship between task conditions, task types and learner output. Some of his key publications include:
    Ellis, R., Skehan, P., Li, S., Shintani, N., and Lambert, C. (2019). Task-based language teaching: Theory and practice. Cambridge University Press
    Skehan, P. (1998). A Cognitive Approach to Language Learning. Oxford University Press.
    Skehan, P. (2003). Task-based instruction. Language Teaching, 36, 1–14. (Links to downloadable PDF)
    Skehan, P., & Foster, P. (2001). Cognition and tasks. In P. Robinson (Ed.), Cognition and Second Language Instruction (1st ed., pp. 183–205). Cambridge University Press.
    We also recommend the following volume in honour of Skehan:
    Wen, Z. and Ahmadian, M., Eds. (2019). Researching L2 Task Performance and Pedagogy: In honour of Peter Skehan. John Benjamins.

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    In Memoriam Mike Long

    In Memoriam Mike Long

    Many thanks to Roger Gilabert, Marta González-Lloret, Carme Muñoz and Geoff Jordan for their contributions to this podcast.
    The tribute website to Mike, with many memories and photos, can be found here. 
    Mike's publications are too many to mention but there is perhaps no better starting point than his 2015 Second Language Acquisition and Task-Based Language Teaching. There is also a detailed CV on his University of Maryland homepage here.
    You should also look out for the forthcoming Cambridge Handbook of TBLT, co-edited by Mike and Mohammad Ahmadian, not least because it features contributions from our guests, including a chapter from Neil and Geoff about the TBLT course which Mike, Marta and Roger have all tutored on.
    All our guests have published extensively. Roger and Carme are both members of the GRAL Language Acquisition Research Group based at the University of Barcelona; follow the links for publication lists there. 
    Marta is, with Lourdes Ortega, a pioneer in the field of technology-mediated TBLT. You can delve into her work here.
    And finally, for more information on our cooperative, please see www.slb.coop or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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    SLB Origin Stories

    SLB Origin Stories

    This episode deals with the origins of SLB and some of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of forming a cooperative of language services. In order of appearance:
    Neil McMillan (president who believes he's president)
    Richard D Wolff (listen here to his entire interview on Zero Squared)
    George Chilton (father and husband he supposes, ex-secretary of SLB)
    Alan Ritchie (vice president who believes he's vice president)
    James Venner (current SLB secretary)
    Matthew Evans (current SLB socio)
    Simon Courtney (current SLB socio)
    Main Source - Live at the Barbeque
    Irene Almazán García (ex-SLB auditor and admin jedi)
    The New Day Co-op
    The Treacherous Three - Yes We Can Can

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    Racism and whiteness in ELT

    Racism and whiteness in ELT

    For full show notes, please visit https://www.slb.coop/the-slb-podcast-ep-10-racism-whiteness-in-elt/

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    The coursebook "debate" pt. 2

    The coursebook "debate" pt. 2

    For full show notes, please see https://www.slb.coop/the-slb-podcast-ep-9-the-coursebook-debate-pt-2/

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    "We need to talk about coursebooks", with Geoff Jordan, Nick White and Matthew Ellman

    "We need to talk about coursebooks", with Geoff Jordan, Nick White and Matthew Ellman

    Please see the full show notes here: https://www.slb.coop/the-slb-podcast-ep-8-we-need-to-talk-about-coursebooks-show-notes/

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