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Journey on the Way To Greatness podcast, as Ari Gunzburg and his guests explore the journey from failure and mediocrity to success and greatness. Ari Gunzburg interviews guests to discuss concepts focused on exploring the relationship between success and failure, and how life events and viewpoints fit into this crazy mess everyone calls life.

The collection of guests on this show is eclectic, to create a unique listening experience. From people making millions to people working at the corner coffee store, Ari will interview anyone! The theme is constant: how can we define success in a way that it will help us find lasting happiness? And, potentially, how can society as a whole re-focus on the things that are the most important, but are often ignored?

"Just heard your podcast intro episode. As someone who has really struggled with feeling successful and others' perception of me, it really touched me. I am looking forward to the series."
-Michael Szpilzinger

Way To Greatness Ari Gunzburg

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Journey on the Way To Greatness podcast, as Ari Gunzburg and his guests explore the journey from failure and mediocrity to success and greatness. Ari Gunzburg interviews guests to discuss concepts focused on exploring the relationship between success and failure, and how life events and viewpoints fit into this crazy mess everyone calls life.

The collection of guests on this show is eclectic, to create a unique listening experience. From people making millions to people working at the corner coffee store, Ari will interview anyone! The theme is constant: how can we define success in a way that it will help us find lasting happiness? And, potentially, how can society as a whole re-focus on the things that are the most important, but are often ignored?

"Just heard your podcast intro episode. As someone who has really struggled with feeling successful and others' perception of me, it really touched me. I am looking forward to the series."
-Michael Szpilzinger

    Creating Content That Sells with Simon Lamey (010)

    Creating Content That Sells with Simon Lamey (010)

    Content Marketing isn't just about "being present", but it is the ability to establish a genuine connection with your target audience, maintaining a good relationship with them and nurturing it in the right way. Simon Lamey has proven ways on how to do it with passion so your customers can eventually turn into your "Brand Evangelists."

    Show Highlights

    6: 49 - Ari: Can you tell us a little bit more about what you do, please?

    7:07 - Simon: At the moment I sell marketing advice, one-to-one consultancy typically through agencies to their bigger clients, but I also sell my time via online communities.

    8:12 - Ari: I saw when you were up and coming you were just getting into the business you started out by working for Saatchi & Saatchi a that I pronounce that right? Anyways, you're working for this big advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi and you started off doing Adverts for cement.

    8:32 - Simon: Yeah, that was my first account, I wasn't even the guy who could do the Creative. I was the guy who was the project managing it they call it account manager. It was even duller than that.

    9:40 - Ari: What are some of the bigger brands that you've worked with?

    9:46 - Simon: Coca Cola, Honda, Social media with Coca Cola . I've worked with so many. The reason I'm pausing is because that I think I've worked for 220 brands....

    10:31 - Simon: It's just incredibly Cutthroat. So it was a big reason why I went to well the big reason it was another factor that why I went to work for myself because I think I lost the sense of meaning if you like the feeling of meeting going to work for people and working for bigger companies who can do stuff to people's lives.

    12:58 - Ari: I wanted to know what lessons have your learned from working with these huge brands?

    13:04 - Simon: I guess one is how disloyal people are and you can't force people to be more loyal than they are. There's a phrase which is called polygamous loyalty.

    15:48: - Simon: Pretty much every other business I know wants to grow quickly. They're not happy with it. They haven't found their limit of what they can handle if you don't reach new customers , you just try and reward people who are existing customers only, you know, you can't always get them to buy more.

    16:26 - Ari: Before you would said that a lot of people are unable to get people to be loyal but I had this like thought when you said that I was like, but with the right, I don't even want to know if it was a brand here, but with the right outlook and the right attitude, I feel like you could technically Inspire loyalty.

    17:15 - Ari: There's an old story here on this side of the pond. I don't even know if it's true, but it doesn't have to be true with the feelings that it evokes. You know, there's an old story that there was a Nordstrom's that opened up in a like a mall and a lady walked in and she was like I want to return this tire and the guys like....

    18:27 - Ari: The healthiest breakfast on the planet. Can you tell us about this?

    18:36 - Simon: Of course, I highly recommend it. So every morning, I have this breakfast that was inspired by a fitness instructor.... He's got a guy called Mike Dolce..
    He's amazing guy and he lives in California and he trains MMA fighters. And this is the breakfast he gives them but it's I've adapted over the years but it is phenomenally healthy and I claim it's the healthiest.

    20:26 - Ari: The project that you're currently working on, you call it the Brainwheel. Can you describe what the Brainwheel means and can you just tell us a little bit more about this initiative that you're working on?

    20:35 - Simon: Yeah, of course, of course a the brain will is it all originates from and I was talking to a guy called Michael Shawn who he said he had a problem with about why it's about why but why is it that the customers go to the competition even though he's got

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    Self-Love Is Never Selfish with Chardeja Relaford (009)

    Self-Love Is Never Selfish with Chardeja Relaford (009)

    You may be in a situation that's very sad, traumatic and stressful right now. But you will get through it. And once you did, it will make you even better and stronger than before. Never let your current situation dictate what the future has for you. Keep on improving yourself and show the world that you deserve that "ONE GREAT LIFE".

    Show Highlights

    04:35 - Ari: I want to just touch back into your life a little bit. You did mention to me before the show that you've had life experiences where you've suffered from depression and you also mentioned the environment that you grew up with. Can you tell us a little bit about those?

    4:58 - Chardeja: I grew up in a poor neighborhood moving from house to house transferring for a whole bunch of schools, trying to make new friends...

    5:18 -Chardeja: I just had to tell myself what you want to be that person that everybody can go to do when they're feeling down.

    6:00 -Ari: What I love is that you literally just told us that you make a conscious decision on a daily basis on a minute-by-minute basis to be happy and that you've developed this ability to make that choice always based on your own personal self work. How did that journey work? How did you get from from depression? Like what was your moment of epiphany? What was the moment where you said this has got to change I got to do something about this?

    6:39- Chardeja: I didn't want to be on the type of business prescription just a not benefit me at all. I have siblings too and if I want to be a role model for my siblings I have to change myself for the better not just for myself

    7:58- Ari: The bad is not gonna last in the good's gonna come back. And so I should just be focused on being happy.

    8:25- Ari: So you have recognized at a very young age that you are a role model to younger siblings that you're a role model to the kids around your to your peer group even and and then you've gone a step further and you take an action based on that realization. Can you bring us into this journey that you took?

    9:36- Chardeja: I turn that negative into positive

    10:14- Chardeja: It all starts with you..

    10:33- Ari: The loudest voice in the room that's the one you're gonna listen to.

    11:55- Ari: You practice gratitude in the morning when you wake up..

    13:15- Chardeja: I can't give advice to people if I'm feeling down...

    15:38- Ari: You mentioned before that you've had some traumatic childhood experiences. Would you be comfortable sharing any of those or no?

    16:08- Chardeja: He is a drug-addict sadly and no matter how many times we try to help him....

    17:33- Chardeja: I cant't help somebody that doesn't want help.

    18:39- Ari: The problem is when somebody is so hooked into that situation, when somebody is so involved in that world, it becomes so normal for them, So mind-altering. It's so changes attitude.

    19:59- Chardeja: My dad, he did give good advice good motivational speeches, even my old dad, he looks up to me that really touched my heart.

    20:39- Chardeja: It is sad to see the whole different person. That's a whole different person when drugs take over. It's a whole different person not the same person. But I did, take the time to forgive them.

    21: 01- Ari: You also mentioned bullying. Do you mind if we touch upon that?

    21: 08- Chardeja: I've been bullied majority of my school experience. Middle School, Elementary Schoo, High School.

    21:33- Ari: How did that affect you and how did it make you feel? What did you do after?

    21:50- Chardeja: Well, I'm going to touch upon where I've been bullied majority of my middle school high school.Every time the teachers they will help a little bit, but they can't control.

    22: 40- Chardeja: But I still managed to make friends.

    23:55- Ari: Basically bullies don't need a reason, They'll find a reason so it's not like it's not like well if I just get the right

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    Asthma, Sailing & Surviving Hypothermia with Richard Hudson (008)

    Asthma, Sailing & Surviving Hypothermia with Richard Hudson (008)

    "Each person has their own weakness". But this shouldn't stop you from doing the things you really want to do in life. It shouldn't prevent you from reaching your goals in life & attaining your absolute happiness. No matter what the circumstance is, DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T STOP.

    Show Highlights

    7:20 (Ari) - What was it like growing up with asthma?

    7:24 (Richard) - I grew up before they had good medicines and it was difficult. I spent a lot of time in hospitals just not being able to breathe and as this is a kid, right? So you're sort of not really all that consciously aware that.

    9:29 (Ari) - You said before I just want to touch upon a few of the points you made, You said before you spent time in oxygen tents, can you describe what it was like living in an oxygen tent?

    9:39 (Richard) - It was I mean you could open it up and and you could talk to people but that's people who are visiting you like your parents, but you couldn't do it for all you really need to spend most of your time in there.

    10:10 (Ari) - Confined, almost like a prison, huh

    10:13 (Richard) - It is yeah, you're not able to go anywhere. So I had a lot of time to read books and I would find out about the world through books and that gave me a strong desire to see the world.

    10:41 (Ari) - You described to me previously that you spent much of your childhood as a sickly child quote-unquote. How did that shape your childhood experience and your view on life back then

    10: 51 - (Richard) -That time I spent a lot of time reading and dreaming of going out and doing things and seeing things

    11:18 - (Ari) - And then before you were saying that your entire life changed when you turn 12 or so and the better medicines became available. What was that like having your entire world changed based on just a medicine?

    11:29 (Richard) - That was fantastic. It allowed me to do things I couldn't do before it was truly fantastic.

    11:38 (Ari) - Was it entire like the entire aspect of your life changed or was it just some parts?

    11: 43 (Richard) - I was pretty young so I would probably say most parts. It's a long time ago. But yeah suddenly I was able to do of a whole bunch of outdoor stuff that I could never think of doing for as long as I had this inhaler with me.

    12:20 (Ari) - You mentioned just before that one of your friends from asthma Camp had died. What did that do to you?

    12:29 (Richard) - That was this big reminder of mortality that this could happen to me too. And there was no predicting it there is nothing that could be done about it.

    13:49 (Ari) - Honestly, I feel like everybody could benefit from a viewpoint like that. You know anytime you take the time to contemplate, hey, we're not here forever. Where have I been? And where am I going?

    14:30 (Richard) - If this is my last day is it have I done what I want to do? If not then should I be doing something different in case soon is my last day, right?

    14:55 (Richard) - Being focused on doing what you want to do and getting your goals achieved us. That's a great result of something like this.

    15:05 (Ari) - You describe before not being able to breathe and in our communications previously you had mentioned that not being able to breathe really twists a person twist their focus and just creates almost a culture of constant fear to some degree. So, can you describe a little bit more about how not being able to breathe necessarily twists a person in the way that they act?

    15:31- (Richard) - It's more important than anything else and you don't think of it that way because you always think you can breathe until you can't.

    16:41- (Ari) - I mean, we were mentioning that before, it happens to be a quote from Ethics of the Fathers as well. It says, "Live each day as if it's your last".

    16:54- (Ari) - How did you get into sailing?

    16:57- (Richard) -Shortly after I got the better asthma medic

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    Coffee, Culture and Leadership with Travis Rivera (007)

    Coffee, Culture and Leadership with Travis Rivera (007)

    Love coffee even more, appreciate failures, and embrace leadership through the inspiring story of Black and Brass Coffee. Know the secrets on how to establish connection and maintain a good relationship between business owners and customers in order to achieve success.

    Show Highlights

    2:18 (Ari)- I have some questions for you and one of them was about the decor, how that turned out to be something now that we've started talking about that lets you know, just have it out. You said you started off with very little budget and you chose that decor based on your budget which makes a lot of sense and I think it looks really nice. Actually. If you look on places like Craigslist and stuff like that you often see that people are selling furniture like that and for somewhat premium prices .....

    2:56 (Travis)- Well, a lot of it was not just budget also to upcycle. So I wanted to Black and Brass was kinda founded on being ecologically friendly as well as having pretty coffee that we roast onsite...

    3:38 (Ari) - Ahh you're Black and Brass coffee roaster is really awesome,
    I have to say

    3:43 (Ari) - Travis told me he showed me the machine while I was there. He told me that that she actually was custom-made to fall right in with the whole black and Brass name, correct?

    3:50 (Travis) - Actually, the machine is the namesake. When I said it out loud when we were talking about the machine, it will you know, can it be black and brass and as soon as I said it was the name..

    4:11 (Ari) - Yeah, and then also by your Countertop you also have a very interesting Decor over there as well where you have I think the Black and Bress name set up underneath that piece of glass. If I remember it correctly. You want to describe that a little bit ?

    4:23 (Travis) - It's all made out of copper, pieces of copper. Years ago I used to be a smoker and when I quit I needed something tangible to kind of help me in my nicotine withdrawal.

    5:24 (Ari) - When I quit smoking I actually I found these cinnamon flavored tea tree infused toothpicks. Now, I don't use them anymore. But like the first months, 3 months 6 months 12 months.

    5:50 (Ari) - I checked out some of your materials on your website. You say you have a family history of coffee. Can you tell me about that?

    5:54 (Travis) - Yeah, my great grandfather. Well, my grandfather came from Puerto Rico and his family were coffee growers in Puerto Rico and when my grandfather died his family members came out all but the worst my grandmother's signed over the right to family property...

    7:54 (Travis) - Coffee is such an inexpensive commodity that why wouldn't you have the best?

    8:06 (Travis) - Take a moment to appreciate all the things that are good and have a bit of gratitude.

    8:18 (Ari) - Yeah way back when I used to live with a group of Israelis and one of the people in the house his morning ritual and I don't I've done this before and it's amazing when I do it. I don't do it all the time and I should do it more often, but he would get his drink in the morning. I don't remember if it ended up being coffee or tea or whatever it was and you would just sit down in a dark room...

    9:30 (Ari) - When I was in Pennsylvania I ended up in your store and I was trying to figure out who's this guy working at the counter and it took me a little bit but I think we I don't remember if it was through conversation or through other stuff, but I realized that you were the owner of the store. Can you tell our listeners why you decided to work behind the counter that day?

    10:13 (Travis) - Well, when I opened up we were open for four days a week, I was the only person on the team. I work at I searched every latte at work every cup of coffee and the three days that we are closed, I was working as a carpenter. So in those early days, I was working seven days a week still working seven days a week...


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    How To Lose Money with Paul Moore (006)

    How To Lose Money with Paul Moore (006)

    Learn more about being a better person through the positive impact of giving, difference of being the receiver from being a giver & the real definition of success from a person who experienced an extreme financial struggle while things were falling apart. And be inspired on how he and his family managed to still give, even on their toughest time.

    Show Highlights

    00:02:04 - (Ari) You called your podcast How to Lose Money. And while we were setting up this interview, you mentioned that I should ask why. Yeah. So you definitely have a story about this. And I am incredibly curious. What is it?

    00:02:04 - (Paul) One of my great goals in life is to be a great husband and father..

    00:05:25 - (Paul) I decided years later when we started a podcast, I said, hey, everybody's got all these successes and I love hearing about them, but I would love to hear about people's struggles, failures, problems, setbacks

    00:06:01 - (Ari) The focal point of this podcast is, of course, success and greatness

    00:06:54 - (Ari) What you felt like while you were watching your empire crumble from having one and a half million in the bank to being two and a half million in debt, a $4 million swing?

    00:07:24 - (Paul) I actually started a nonprofit, but I didn't get the people involved

    00:07:55 - (Paul) Investing is when your principal is generally secure and you have a chance to make a profit. Speculating is when your principal is not at all secure and you have a chance to make a profit.

    00:08:47 - (Paul) One of my heroes in life is a guy named George Mueller. George Mueller was a hellion in Germany in the early eighteen hundreds. And he turned into a pastor. And he actually started orphanages

    00:09:20 - (Ari) Wow. You're saying just by being him. People just get donations?

    00:13:19 - (Ari) So I did a little math over here on the side and I'm seeing that giving around 10 percent based on making what you said a half a million dollars.

    00:13:52 - (Paul) There's some formula that would that it always would work out. I think it just worked then

    00:14:36 - (Ari) Can you remember when you were in the crux of it? Two and a half billion dollars in debt. Remember how you felt?

    00:14:47 - (Paul) I think since all of it was backed by real estate and since I didn't have any idea how bad real estate was going to be out again, a thousand eight, nine, I actually wasn't that worried about it

    00:15:49 - (Ari) Do you have a notable story about your time in financial struggle?

    00:17:08 - (Paul) We were pretty tight. I mean, we were making enormous interest payments.

    00:17:53 - (Ari) How did it feel to end up being the recipient when you needed it?

    00:18:00 - (Paul) I wasn't ashamed, but it was weird getting a hundred dollar gift card

    00:18:28 - (Ari) Are you still debt free?

    00:20:47 - (Ari) How do you define success?

    00:20:56 - (Paul) Inner quality, that inner satisfaction and joy from knowing you did something really, really excellent

    00:22:15 - (Ari) You told me that you work very hard to fight human trafficking. You're generating funding and you rescued victims. So how does this work? And what's the backstory?

    00:24:14 - (Paul) My goal is to give a significant portion of our company's profits toward fighting human trafficking and rescuing its victims

    00:24:35 - (Ari) How did this end up on your radar? How'd you get involved?

    00:26:44 - (Ari) Do you have any crazy stories about human trafficking that you like to share?

    00:28:08 - (Ari) Felony is a much, much, much griever crime that has a much further impact on somebody's life overall as opposed to a misdemeanor

    Originally recorded 12/14/2018
    Special Guest: Paul Moore.

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    Everyday Heros, Miracle Babies & Tourette's w/ Brian Schulman (005)

    Everyday Heros, Miracle Babies & Tourette's w/ Brian Schulman (005)

    Learn about becoming an everyday hero, being a better parent, living every day as a miracle baby AND with Tourette's syndrome, and more!! Brian Schulman of Voice Your Vibe comes on the show and gets real as he describes to us the crazy things he went through growing up as he went through wild experiences - and emerged as a person who is always spinning things positive. Brian works to inspire people and his children every day!

    Show Highlights

    02:20 - [Ari] How do you go about inspiring one person each day?

    03:08 - [Brian] I wanted to give out the opposite of the negative that I had received by those around me. Don’t get me wrong. I mean I certainly had a ton of positivity around me but sometimes, we all know how one negativity can overshadow a thousand positives.

    03:25 - [Brian] So I wanted to be a giver of good and positivity, and light, and strength, and encouragement. And I know life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.

    03:42 - [Brian] I know I've failed way more in life and in business than I've succeeded, that I've learned from every step, and I've gotten up every time. I've dusted myself off and I'd get going and that’s why I've succeeded no matter what the outcome is.

    04:18 - [Brian] My ”why” is to inspire one person a day and that can be in so many different ways. If I can inspire one person to chase after their dreams and no one feel and believe that they can accomplish anything (continue to say more here…)

    05:00 - [Brian] You know the reality is, life has and will, and continue to throw me mad curveballs and I will continue to get up to the plate and keep swinging.

    12:27 - [Brian reading his daughter's essay] This story about to be told is about an extraordinary man now 42 years young, who accepted all the obstacles life had to throw at him. I know you may be thinking that everyone has different obstacles they just overcome throughout their lifetime so how is he different from you and I?

    12:45 - [Brian reading his daughter's essay] What makes this particular man different from you and I is the tactic he used when faced with these obstacles. What makes him different from you and I is that he took these obstacles and used them to help make a difference and inspire others to never let life get in the way of their greatness and achievements. What makes us different from everyone else is not the obstacles life throws at us but what we do when faced with these obstacles.

    13:14 - [Brian reading his daughter's essay] Will you choose to accept defeat? Or will you choose to persevere?

    14:57 - [Brian reading his daughter's essay] No one knows what life has in store for them. All we can do is live until we are forced to face an obstacle and we must make a choice to either overcome or accept defeat.

    15:13 [Brian reading his daughter's essay] One person can make a difference in the lives of others. But the experiences this boy has to face came a life lesson. with determination, perseverance, and support from others, anything can happen.

    15:50 [Brian reading his daughter's essay] He helps lift peoples spirits and hopes in times of hopelessness and despair, He helps people turn their ideas and dreams into realities, he helps build people from the ground up and hopes that they too will one day share their stories with others, he makes the difference in this world each and every day which inspires others to make a difference as well.

    16:13 [Brian reading his daughter's essay] Who may you ask is this man? Well, he is my father. Out of all the lives he's made a difference, I believe he has made the biggest difference in mine. He inspires me to never give up on what I believe in, He always told me to do what makes me happy. But most importantly to always live every day as if it were the last because we are never guaranteed a tomorrow.

    16: 52 [Brian reading his daugh

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