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X3 Ambient is a monthly music podcast featuring experimental, dark ambient, electronic and downtempo music.

X3 Ambient Music Podcast Radio Mystic

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X3 Ambient is a monthly music podcast featuring experimental, dark ambient, electronic and downtempo music.

    X3-064: 20181110

    X3-064: 20181110

    The X3 Ambient Music Podcast, Episode 64:

    Back from the depths with another X3 ambient show this weekend! Enjoy the sounds…

    * MARTIN NONSTATIC – Kepler’s Laws (from Ligand)

    * AMBIENT SKTCHBOOK – Rocinante (from The Expanse)

    * MAX CORBACHO – Timelapse (from Nocturnes II)

    * SCOTT LAWLOR – Polar Isolation (from Polar Isolation)

    * DATADRIFT – Slowly Lifting (from Interior Motive)

    * DEEPERNET – Quadraphilia (from The Network)

    • 38 min
    X3-063: 20180510

    X3-063: 20180510

    The X3 Ambient Music Podcast, Episode 63:

    * GRAINS OF SOUND – The Dome (from The Dome)

    * PETER EDWARDS AMBIENT – Temporal.Distortion (working title) (from upcoming album)

    * VAST DAYS – Neon Lights (from Neon Nights)

    * MYSTIFIED – Freight (from Morning City)

    * 7AND5 – Wavecrest – (from The Lost Voice)

    * MAX CORBACHO – Starlight Grace (from Nocturnes II)

    * MIRROR OF DREAMS – Broken Memory; Desolation (single)


    • 38 min
    X3-062: 20171031

    X3-062: 20171031

    The X3 Ambient Music Podcast, Episode 62:

    * CIALYN – Neuromodulation (from Radio Libre Albemuth)

    * SEVENISM – Forever in his Chamber (from On Descent)

    * ENS – Field Trip (from Carbon)

    * MATTHEW VANDENBROOK – Movement (from Into the Woods)

    * BING SATELLITES – Dreamworld Part Three (from Dreamworld)

    * RADIUM88 – Slave to the Algorithm (from Perpetual Emotion Machine)

    • 43 min
    X3-061: 20170905

    X3-061: 20170905

    Surprise – we’re back! There’s been way too much great new music this past year to ignore, so we present Episode 61 of the X3 to guide you head-first out of the holiday weekend and back into the fray! Most of the artists in this show have recently released fresh new tracks, so let’s get to it:

    * COOLAMBIENT – system.Online (Resistance Mix), from “binary.Abstractions“

    * LYNDSIE ALGUIRE – [almost], from “Cities of the Interior“

    * BETWEEN INTERVAL – The Hour Appointed, from “Legacy” (Spotted Peccary Records)

    * VALANX – Dance of Death, from the Ultimae Compilation “Polarity“

    * CLAUDIO PRC – Hyacinth, from the Ultimae Compilation “Polarity“

    * MAX CORBACHO – Telluric, from “Arte Magnetica“

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    X3-060: Spotlight – Scarlett Taylor

    X3-060: Spotlight – Scarlett Taylor

    Scarlett Taylor is a 19 year old alternative pop singer from Minnesota whose music is haunting, melancholy and lush. In today’s episode we’re featuring tracks from her albums ‘Lucid” and ‘Church’. Be sure to help support her amazing work by purchasing her music! Special thanks to Scarlett and her team for allowing us to include her music in our podcast.

    Her album ‘Lucid’ is available on iTunes & most all digital stores; ‘Churches’ is currently available via Soundcloud.

    * Purple Bones (from Lucid)

    * Fucked Up (from Churches)

    * Blue Shade (from Lucid)

    * Velvet (from Churches)

    * Dilated (from Lucid)


    • 25 min
    X3-059: 20161021

    X3-059: 20161021

    We’re back with more incredible ambient tracks for you today, featuring a variety of works from some of our favorite musicians in the genre. Make sure to visit their sites and buy their music – help support these guys so they can continue bringing us their amazing music!

    Al Hardiman – Nightshade (from the RESIDUE Soundtrack)

    Martin Nonstatic – Distance B (from Nebulae Live at the Planetarium)

    Carl Weingarten – An Endless Premonition (from An Endless Premonition)

    Robert Rich – Mycosphere Part 3 (from Live Archive Vol. 7)

    Peter Edwards Ambient –  Black as Midnight (from Black as Midnight EP)

    Varunian & Duga-3 – Solar Core Theory (from Solaris)

    Tramo – Doors (from Eight)

    Photo courtesy Coolambient Studios.

    • 58 min

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