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Melodic, Organic, Deep & Progressive House - House - Soul / Funk / Disco - Electronic Dance Music with Dj M.A.M

If you like, say it on my Facebook page - Contact: pascal@djmam.fr - www.djmam.fr

Dj M.A.M Music M.A.M (Pascal Carqueville)

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Melodic, Organic, Deep & Progressive House - House - Soul / Funk / Disco - Electronic Dance Music with Dj M.A.M

If you like, say it on my Facebook page - Contact: pascal@djmam.fr - www.djmam.fr

    Too Early or Too Late

    Too Early or Too Late

    01 Dandelion (Extended Mix) Nathan Katz
    02 Strangely Enough (Urmet K Remix) Matthias Meyer
    03 Connivence (Black Circle Remix) Oxia & Nicolas Masseyeff
    04 Lecture (Parsapi Extended Remix) Momo Khani & Meindel ft. StanLei
    05 High Drive (Richard Elcox & Matija Remix) Filmus ft.Nikos Ikonomeas
    06 Hypnotized (Extended Mix) Kamilo Sanclemente & Zalvador
    07 Savage (Original Mix) Makebo & Amonita
    08 Letter For Poly (Original Mix) Cornucopia
    09 Disconnect (Original Mix) Emanuel Satie, Tim Engelhardt, Maga & Sean Doron ft. Hannah Noelle
    10 Feeling Good (Extended Mix) The Angels & Shrii
    11 Extassy (Original Mix) Sebastien Leger
    12 First Story (Night Mix) Enigmatic & Rafa'EL
    13 Robin (Original Mix) Able to Resist
    14 Dream Culture (Original Mix) Enigmatic & Rafa'EL
    15 You Left Me Hurting (Original Mix) Rich Vom Dorf
    16 Moth To A Flame (Moojo Remix) Swedish House Mafia & The Weeknd
    17 Paradise (Original Mix) Third Culture, Sian & Sacha Robotti
    18 Lovely Day (Extended Mix) Floorplay, Dilby & Freddy B
    19 Fading (Joris Voorn Remix) Nicky Elisabeth
    20 Make You Go Higher (David Morales Red Zone Mix) Pig&Dan
    21 Too Little Too Late (Little Late Mix) Joris Voorn & Underworld

    • 2 h 1m
    Thank U Merry House

    Thank U Merry House

    01 Lecture (Yescene Extended Remix) Momo Khani & Meindel ft. StanLei
    02 Make Love Not War (Claptone Rework) Claptone ft. Nathan Nicholson
    03 Cure My Desire (Extended Mix) Hannah Wants ft. Clementine Douglas
    04 Kiss of Life (Lexa Hill Club Mix) Lexa Hill & The Young Punx
    05 Push The Feeling (Extended Mix) David Penn ft. Leon Stanford
    06 Yeah Yeah (Original Mix) Serge Funk
    07 Thick Of It (Extended Mix) Clover Ray, Sam Dexter & Mallin
    08 Promises (Extended Mix) Dutchican Soul
    09 A Waiting Game (Martin Waslewski Remix) Clapton ft. Nathan Nicholson
    10 Blue Hearts (Brooklyn Baby Remix) Rawdio
    11 Welcome To The People (Extended) Jaded
    12 Fallin' (Original Mix) Mirko & Meex
    13 Someday (Earth n Days Extended Remix) Nolan ft. Rachel Adedeji
    14 House Music Is My Saviour (Extended Mix) Alaia & Gallo ft. Joe Killington
    15 Babarabatiri (David Penn Remix) Todd Terry & Gypsymen
    16 Make Love Not War (Dombresky Remix) Claptone ft. Nathan Nicholson
    17 Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life (Smeddles More Ass Mix) Indeep
    18 Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Walker & Royce and Chris Lorenzo Extended Mix) Idris Muhammad
    19 Just A Moment (Original Mix) Audiojack
    20 Don't Be Afraid (DJ Tennis & Carlita Remix (Extended)) Diplo, Damian Lazarus & Jungle
    21 Show Me Some Love (Extended Mix) Honey Dijon & Channel Tres ft. Sadie Walker
    22 A Part Of (Extended Mix) Larse
    23 Organ Belta (Original Mix) Jamie Roy
    24 My Paradise (Vintage Culture Extended Remix) Jamie Jones
    25 The Beat Goes On (Extended Mix) Chapter & Verse

    • 1h 59 min
    Tell Me Why

    Tell Me Why

    01 Up to Heaven (Original Mix) Simone Vitullo & Tanit
    02 On My Knees (Adriatique Remix) Rufus Du Sol
    03 Moth To A Flame (Adriatique Remix) Swedish House Mafia ft. The Weeknd
    04 See You Again (Carlita Remix) Rufus Du Sol
    05 Priroda (Greg Ochman Remix)Simone Vitullo & Tanit
    06 The Indian Gate (Original Mix) Sebastien Leger
    07 Your Voice (Adam Port Remix) Awen & Caiiro
    08 Siento Libre (Junior Jack Extended Mix) Virak & TCKS
    09 Je T'aime (Extended Mix) Eran Hersh & SANDHAUS
    10 Asokere (Extended Mix) Literatura, Ucha, Da Le (Havana) & Nii Tei
    11 Switch (Original Mix) Martin Waslewski
    12 Dance With Me (Original Mix) Kevin de Vries
    13 Wildfire (Colyn Remix) Rufus Du Sol
    14 You Left Me Hurting (Original Mix) Rich Vom Dorf
    15 This Feeling (Yotto Remix) Vintage Culture & Goodboys
    16 Devotion (Luke Alessi Remix) Rufus Du Sol
    17 Trippin (Extended Mix) Sylvain Armand & Maxim Lany ft. Davina Malek
    18 Surrender (Magdalena Remix) Rufus Du Sol ft. Curtis Harding
    19 Always (Monkey Safari Remix) Rufus Du Sol
    20 Tell Me Why (Meduza Extended Remix) Supermode
    21 Burnt Letters (Extended Mix) Sasha & lau.ra
    22 Make It Happen (Dom Dolla Extended Remix) Rufus Du Sol

    • 1h 59 min


    01 Kiss of Life (Original Mix) Lexa Hill & The Young Punx
    02 La Cumbia Del Cafe Martinez (Original Mix) El Búho
    03 Sunshine Dub (Original Mix) Hifi Sean ft. Jean Honeymoon
    04 Stop Bajon (Michael Gray Remix) Tullio De Piscopo
    05 Jamaica Funk (Original Mix) Ken@Work
    06 Fellow Play (Original Mix) Lup Ino
    07 It's True (Original Mix) Scruscru ft. S.Timoshenko
    08 Tell Me It's Not Over (Extended Mix) The Shapeshifters ft. Adi Oasis
    09 Freedom (Club Mix) Mind Against & Dyzen
    10 Sunshine Boogie (Original Rollerskater's Anthem) Kenny Summit & James Jordan
    11 Funky Situation (Original Mix) Ken@Work
    12 Belly Dancer (Extended Mix) Imanbek & BYOR
    13 Dance to Keep From Crying (Original Mix) Cor.ece ft. JKriv
    14 Gangsta's Paradise (Extended Mix) Ancalima & Loco Miguel
    15 Nothing but U on My Mind (Art of Tones Remix) Chew Fu & Bootsy Collins
    16 White Treble, Black Bass (Hotmood Extended Remix) Sgt Slick
    17 You're the One for Me (Extended Mix) Dr Packer & Sonic Soul Orchestra ft. Colonel Abrams
    18 Family Affair (Dance For Me) David Guetta
    19 Soul Dance (Original Mix) Chemars
    20 I Walk Alone (For Your Love) (Art Of Tones NYC Extended Remix) Seamus Haji X Those Guys
    21 Better (Rich Vom Dorf Extended Remix) Mika Olson
    22 Kalura (Gorge Extended Remix) Rosario Galati & Yves Murasca
    23 It's a War (Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode Remix) Kano
    24 Love's Been Waiting (Extended Mix) The Shapeshifters ft. Kimberly Davis
    25 Street Dancer (Sgt Slick's Discotizer 2022 Extended Remix) Avicii
    26 Hot Stuff (Original mix) Ghostbusterz

    • 1h 59 min
    Enchanted Parenthesis

    Enchanted Parenthesis

    01 Golconda (Original Mix) Kora (CA)
    02 Ramdeesun (Original Mix) Deek That
    03 Aluna (Enigmatic Remix) Ranta
    04 Do You Write (Roy Rosenfeld Remix) Sante & Re.you ft. Biishop
    05 True (Original Mix) Double Touch & Flowers on Monday
    06 Strangely Enough (Guy Mantzur & Tamir Regev Remix) Matthias Meyer
    07 Aaiko (Extended Mix) Gorge & Markus Homm
    08 Faithful (Musumeci Sanctus Remix) Sante & Re.you ft. Oluhle
    09 Fizzy Pop (Extended Mix) Layla Benitez ft. Max Milner
    10 Parsa (Original Mix) Wassu & djimboh
    11 Rainforest Walk (Original Mix) Obbie
    12 Xceed Imaginations (Death On The Balcony Extended Remix) Greg Ochman
    13 The Garden of Earthly Delight (Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Revisit) D Note
    14 A Little Story About Big Whale (Extended Mix) M.O.S.
    15 Aluna (Dulus & Alberto Hernandez Remix) Ranta
    16 The Loved Are Never Lost (Extended Mix) Trilucid
    17 Road To Nowhere (Ae:ther Remix) Sante & Re.you ft. Biishop
    18 Don't Hold Back (Yotto Remix) Monolink
    19 I Feel Love (Monkey Safari Remix) DJ Pierre ft. Chic Loren
    20 Screwdriver (Jono Grant’s Summer Of ’95 Extended Mix) Above & Beyond

    • 2 h
    South West Coast (FR)

    South West Coast (FR)

    01 Waiting (Original Mix) CamelPhat x Eli & Fur
    02 Smalltown Boy (Extended Sunset Mix) Gus F ft. Jimmy Somerville
    03 Negev (Original Mix) GMJ & Golan Zocher
    04 The Loved Are Never Lost (Michael A Remix) Trilucid
    05 It Was Misunderstood (Original Mix) Tal Fussman
    06 She Don't Love Me (Black Circle Remix) Nico de Andrea ft. Lola Melita & Cherry Lena
    07 A Long Time (Original Mix) Pazkal
    08 Bessame (Original Mix) Malone & Calussa
    09 Family Affair (Dance For Me) David Guetta
    10 Calabria (Claptone Extended Remix) Rune
    11 OoooH (Original Mix) CID & Will K
    12 Trompeta (Extended Mix) San Pacho
    13 Killer (Original Mix) Lout
    14 Trust (Th;en's Space Mix) Th;en & Aves Volare
    15 Critical (Extended Mix) Ellis Moss
    16 Ritmo (Extended Mix) Raffa FL
    17 Uh La La (Extended Mix) Volac & Trace ft. Mila Falls
    18 Aguila (Extended Mix) Hugel & Westend ft. Cumbiafrica
    19 Pon De Replay (Extended Mix) Jen Payne
    20 El Beso (Extended Mix) Dombresky & Crusy ft. Mathieu Ruz
    21 What A Life (Extended Mix) John Summit & Guz ft. Stevie Appleton
    22 Under The Sun (Vintage Culture Extended Remix) Franky Wah & ARCO
    23 Don't Call Me Baby (Joshwa Extended Remix) Madison Avenue
    24 Believe (Extended Mix) CamelPhat & Mathame

    • 2 h


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10 notes

10 notes

maten ,

Mix 80 au top

Très très bon merci continue



Ouaaa qu’elle travail de recherche musicale .. tu pur bonheur .. voyage assure

jean louis garnier ,


NO COMENT ! C'est tout ce que j 'ai envie d'entendre… Bravo Pascal

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