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Brexit as seen from the Continent, hosted by European journalist Stefan de Vries. Informal, but never superficial.

Fog in the Channel Stefan de Vries

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Brexit as seen from the Continent, hosted by European journalist Stefan de Vries. Informal, but never superficial.

    S01E06 - Hundred Days until Brexit

    S01E06 - Hundred Days until Brexit

    With only 100 days left till Brexit, I decided to hop on the Eurostar, and check the mood in London.

    In this episode I’ll meet Simon Smits, he is the Dutch ambassador to the UK. The Netherlands is one of Britain’s oldest and closest partners, and I’ll ask him how Brexit is going to affect the Dutch.

    There is some music in Brexit: The Breunion Boys is a new European band begging Britain to come back. Their creator, Julia Veldman in Amsterdam, tells why she came up with this love song.

    Marc Roche is a Belgian Born journalist who was a remainer before the referendum. He changed his mind and is now a Brexiteer. I will visit him in his cosy house in Notting Hill.

    • 42 min
    S01E05 - Finally, a Brexit Deal! Is this the beginning of the End?

    S01E05 - Finally, a Brexit Deal! Is this the beginning of the End?

    There is a deal! But what's in it? In the UK, only Theresa May seems to believe that the 585 pages of the withdrawal deal are final. Paul Taylor (Politico) tells us what's in the Deal. And what do the Poles think of Brexit? Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska (Center For European Reform) gives some insight. And I sat down for a coffee with Agnes Poirier, a French writer and journalist who has been living in Paris for the last twenty years of her life. She gives her view on Brexit.

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    S01E04 - Is it possible to reverse Brexit?

    S01E04 - Is it possible to reverse Brexit?

    Many Americans have no idea what’s going on with Brexit. But fortunately, Amanda Sloat of the Brookings Institution in Washington DC is not one of them. She is an expert on US-EU relations and just published the paper Divided Kingdom: How Brexit is remaking the UK's constitutional order.

    Is it still possible that the UK will stay in the European Union after all? Can Article 50 be cancelled at will? Or is Brexit a done deal? Parisian lawyer and expert in European law Elini Moraïtou will give us the answer, but a note to Remainers: don’t get your hopes too high.

    And we’re going to speak in tongues. Alex Rawlings is fluent in fifteen languages and wrote the entertaining book How to Speak Any Language Fluently. He was born and raised in the UK but is now becoming a Brefugee.
    On Twitter: @channelfog

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    S01E03 - A Philosopher, an EU Supergirl and a French MP

    S01E03 - A Philosopher, an EU Supergirl and a French MP

    With just twenty-three weeks to go, a hard Brexit seems more and more likely. In this week's episode, three very diverse guests talk about le divorce. I’ll discuss that with Alexandre Holroyd, a Franco-British Londoner who is also a Member of the French National Assembly, and close to President Macron.

    Madeleina Kay is the Young European of the Year. She is also the EU Supergirl, fighting to keep the UK in the EU. Does she think that we, Europeans, still want the Brits aboard?

    My special guest is one of Europe’s leading intellectuals, and also known as the ‘Brain of Remain’, the philosopher A.C. Grayling. He'll explain why he thinks Brexit is a 'coup'. Among the more than thirty books he published are Democracy and its Crisis, and The God Argument, Liberty in the Age of Terror.

    Recorded in Paris, 21 October 2018, host: Stefan de Vries

    • 40 min
    S01E02 – B*ll*cks to Brexit!

    S01E02 – B*ll*cks to Brexit!

    This week I talk to Charlie Mullins OBE. He is the founder of Pimlico Plumbers, a former Tory donor and he says “Bollocks to Brexit!”.
    Can the Norwegian relation with the EU be a model for the future relationship between the UK and the Continent? Norwegian Top-diplomat Niels Engelschion tells us more.
    Dutch hit author Joris Luyendijk tells us about how he sees the UK and Brexit, since he moved back from London to his native Amsterdam.
    Brefugee Anna Thomlinson moved from London to Brussel, a decision she doesn't seem to regret.
    Recorded in Paris, 11 October 2018

    • 33 min
    S01E01 – From Strawberries to Smoothies

    S01E01 – From Strawberries to Smoothies

    In this first episode, we’ll learn…

    * How Brexit will transform Strawberries into smoothies,
    * what it takes for a Brit in Berlin to become a German citizen
    * and how a Dutch Academic in Wales is sandwiched between Remainers and Brexiteers.

    Recorded in Paris, October 1, 2018

    • 35 min


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6 notes

Channel Seagull ,

one of the best Podcasts of the moment

If you are insterested in better understanding Brexit and its implications I recommend you that Podcast. The second part has just been posted this week and I just cannot wait for the next sequel... I must say the way that Podcast is put together makes it very addictive to listen to.

Agamelie ,

Brilliant !

As a French person, I wasn’t really interested by Brexit, but after listening to this podcast I changed my mind. It's clever, thriller, never boring and that voice… Waouh. I can’t wait for the next one.

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