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Little jo mix

Funky disco deep House Little jo

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Little jo mix



    The Ballad Of Little jo V


    • 1h 43 min
    Future Funk VII

    Future Funk VII

    Become VIP FAN and receive Future Funk 8;) as well as all other creations before others;) Paypal donation: musicmaker@hotmail.fr

    Future Funk is an evolution of Vaporwave that tends to be more energetic, incorporating French House, Synth Funk and modern Nu-Disco but with the techniques of vaporwave (and in a minor way Chillwave). The music is sample-based and reverb effects are prevalent, resulting in more of a groove feeling than its predecessor. Japanese vocals from other songs, especially City Pop music and anime soundtracks, are often used.

    Little Jo - Compilation Best Of Future Funk - 2019

    Playlist :
    J.Wilson - Beware Of a Broken Heart
    Dokutā Slump - Someone New (Little jo Touch)
    Groove FM - Together
    Robi - All Yours
    Uni Deluxe - Bae
    UniBe@t - Boombox
    Wayfarer - tell me baby
    Annelie! - Party Night (ft. Digital Waifu)
    Skule Toyama - Love Away
    Tsundere Alley - Got me feeling like (Little jo touch)
    Pad Chennington - Cryda Nigths (feat. Barbwalters)
    Love of All Time - Debbie Allen (DMCP Flip)
    RoBKTA - I talked with RoBKTA once and all I had in exchange was this stupid song
    Saint Duck - Bamboo
    Yung Bae - What You Need (feat. Desired)
    Yung Bae - Fell In Love (feat. Party Pupils)
    Miguel Alba - One Last Dance
    Lucky Talisman - Special Lady
    Uni Deluxe - It's All Yours
    Λdrianwave - Hello! (Little jo Touch)
    Skule Toyama - Infinite Love
    Uni Deluxe - Give Me Your Love
    Mari - Automatic Girlfriend
    Mr Wax & Flash! - Submerged
    Matsura - Lucky
    GH - Satisfied (Little jo Touch)
    Yung Bae - Satisfy
    Groove Fm - It's Time
    Skule Toyama - Summer Queen
    Future Otaku- Promesas Rotas
    Future otaku - oDB
    Pad Chennington - Your Apartment Can't Really Be That Small (Little jo Touch)
    Comic & Sans - Magic
    ConsciousThoughts - I'm Yours

    • 1h 39 min
    Future Funk VI

    Future Funk VI

    Little jo - Compilation Best Of Future Funk 2018

    • 1h 38 min
    Forever Love

    Forever Love

    Rawtone Recordings Adri Block select


    Time set : 0H57
    Little jo mix

    • 56 min
    Find a way

    Find a way

    Rawtone Recordings Adri Block select


    Time set : 1H04
    Little jo mix

    • 1h 4 min
    Fresh House 2

    Fresh House 2

    Fresh House 2 ( Short version )
    Compilation Best Of 2017

    Long version here : www.mixcloud.com/littlejo3/fresh-house-2/

    My NamE - Sunrise Talk (Hunter Remix)
    Skibblez - One Last Summer
    Lola Disco ☀ - Instantly
    Hunter - On My Side (little jo touch)
    ConsciousThoughts - Forget About Me
    Skule Toyama - Nobody Else
    Louis La Roche - You & Me
    Louis La Roche - The Time
    Childhood - Got Me Girl
    Jeebanoff - Belief (Night Tempo Funk Remix)
    Lancaster - I Just Wanna
    Lancaster - Saturday
    Lancaster & Trey Songz - Na Na
    Monamie - Feels So Good
    YUNG韵律 - L-like - You Are Good(f.죠지) Remix
    Meli! Meli! Meli! - Vaporwave 2016
    Young cutilie - MERCURIC MOON
    New Edition - Mr. Telephone Man (Arcade Fighters Edit)
    Night Tempo - Love Is True
    Desired - Magical Cruise
    Desired - I Want You
    Shena - Homewrecka (Casio Social Club 'Back to 85' Remix)
    French horn rebellion remix
    KAASI - Heartbeats (Original Mix)
    College & Minitel Rose - The Energy Story (DVAS Mix)

    • 1h 32 min


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13 notes

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Très plaisent

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dingue du morceau qui démarre à environ à la 23:30 mn
plaisant? planant!

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