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Mindtech Podcast brings you regularly fresh mixes including the latest tunes and dubs from our artists

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Mindtech Podcast brings you regularly fresh mixes including the latest tunes and dubs from our artists

    018 - mixed by Axi

    018 - mixed by Axi

    Fortitude, Ketz-Crocodile Tears Master (Mindtech dub)

    Maztek-Renegade (Optiv remix) (Icarus Audio)

    Prolix-Saw Head (Commercial Suicide)

    Axi-Skyscraper (Dub)

    Rregula-Lode Runner (Mindtech dub)

    Perfect unknown-Countdown to darkness (Axi remix) (Mindtech dub)

    Place 2B, Paimon-Shout (Syndrome Audio)

    Rockwell-Constantcomplexrhythmicsound (Shogun Audio)

    Mr. Frenkie-Dart Faider (Mindtech dub)

    Nickbee, NPhonix-Ego Death (Mintech LTD02)

    Calyx, Teebee-Hurting (instrumental) (Ram)

    Directive4-Red Core (Mindtech dub)

    Rregula-Barnes (Mindtech Dub)

    Cause4Concern-Never Acid Again (Neonlight Remix) (C4c recordings)

    Maldini-Snapfish (Hospital)

    Paperclip-The Elder (Mindtech dub)

    Octane, DLR Feat. Break-Murmur (Dispatch)

    Noisia, The Upbeats-Dustup (Vision)

    Axi-Safe House (Mindtech LTD02)

    Chris.su-First Snow (Subtitles)

    N4UM, Mistique-Panic Attack (Nouwa remix)(Mindtech dub)

    Custom Soldierz-Show You (Axi remix) (Mindtech dub)

    • 58 min
    017 - mixed by Redject

    017 - mixed by Redject

    01.Redject-Retrochrone(Mindtech dub)
    02.Maztek-Dogu(Syndrome dub)
    03.Blah-Face To Face(Mindtech dub)
    04.L 33-Chopped Circle(Citrus Rec)
    05.NPhonix,NickBee-Ego Death(Mindtech LTD dub)
    06.L 33-Robot(Subculture dub)
    07.Hybris-The Blinds(Dispatch Rec)
    08.Maztek-Crawler(Sinuous dub)
    09.Paperclip,NU4M-Foretime(Mindtech dub)
    10.Rockwell-Constantcomplexrhythmicsound(Shogun Audio)
    11.Loadstar-Terror Drone(RAM)
    13.Cain Mos-Supernova(Mindtech Dub)
    14.Klute,Silent Witness-Friendless(Commercial Suicide)
    15.Wreckage Machinery-The Forbiden(Trust In Music dub)
    16.Andy Pain,Z Connection-Package(Interactive Rec)
    17.Noisia-Diplodocus(Kill The Noise Remix)(Mou5trap)
    18.Redject-System Check(Mindtech dub)
    19.Directive4-Red Core(Mindtech dub)
    20.Redject-Surface(Mindtech dub)
    21.Imprintz,Kloe-Shades of Knight(Redject remix)(Ammunition rmx comp)
    22.Redject-Soul Shaker(Mindtech dub)
    23.L 33-Chase(Subculture dub)
    24.Kantyze-Not my God(Trust In Music dub)

    • 54 min
    016 - mixed by Nphonix

    016 - mixed by Nphonix


    1.Place 2b,Paimon–Nasguls
    2.Bangta Rights–Sleeperz (Cause 4 Concern rmx)
    4.Directive4–Red Core (Mindtech dub)
    5.Optiv,Btk–Zero Hour
    6.Nphonix,Nickbee–Ego Death (Mindtech LTD dub)
    7.Chris Su–Datahub (Mindscape rmx)
    8.Place 2b,Paimon–Madfunk
    9.Dioptrics–Code of Honor (Mindtech dub)
    11.Gridlok,Jamal–Tuscan Raider
    12.Anile,Codebreaker–Start Again
    13.Future Signal–Fortress (Mindtech)
    15.Redject–Soul Shaker (Mindtech dub)
    16.Ford–First Contact (Mindtech dub)
    17.Sect–Fractured State
    18.Place 2b,Paimon–Haunted
    19.Curfew–Horror Scope
    21.Ulterior Motive,Codebreaker–It’s on
    22.Place 2b,Paimon–Shout
    23.Nymfo–Under Fire
    24.Optiv,Btk–Over the edge
    25.Black Sun Empire–Transmission (Mindscape rmx)
    26.Phace,Rockwell–Rat Race
    >> Dub Phizix,Skeptical,Strategy–Marka

    • 59 min
    015 - mixed by Safire

    015 - mixed by Safire


    1. Octane, DLR, Survival- The Others (Dispatch dub)

    2. Icicle - Nausea (Shogun)

    3. Bazil - Dark Impulses (Ingredients)

    4. Safire, Borderline - Rebellion (Dispatch dub)

    5. Cain Mos - Supernova (Mindtech dub)

    6. Disphonia - Collapsed (M-Atome dub)

    7. Cern, Dose, Menace, Teknik - Lurch (Project 51)

    8. Chris Su ft. Mira of Plastic Heaven - Higher (Subtitles dub)

    9. Safire - Consciousness (Mindtech dub)

    10. Ulterior Motive - Divergence (Critical)

    11. State Of Play - Poor man's deal (Konflict Rmx) (Aspect)

    12. Icicle - Full Moon (Shogun dub)

    13. Octane, DLR - Back in the grind (Cern, Dabs Rmx) (Dispatch)

    14. Safire - The Source (Mindtech)

    15. Chris SU - F.A.T.E (Subtitles dub)

    16. State Of Mind, Nymfo - Roxy (Commercial Suicide)

    17. Nvader - Blitzrieg (Mindtech)

    18. Corrupt Souls - Skyclad (Disturbed)

    19. Dabs, Safire - Time Carrier (Dispatch dub)

    20. Nerologik - Illusion (Mindtech dub)

    21. Audio - Abyss (Virus)

    22. Safire - Dark Moments (Mindtech)

    • 1h
    014 - mixed by Disphonia

    014 - mixed by Disphonia

    1.Prolix, Dose - No one else (Uprising dub)
    2.Maztek, Grotesque - Straight To Bad (Icarus Audio dub)
    3.Future Signal - Antimatter (Jade rmx) (Paperfunk dub)
    4.Disphonia - Collapsed (M-atome dub)
    5.Ed rush, Optical - Chubrub (Virus)
    6.Cain Mos - Supernova (Mindtech dub)
    7.Nerologik - Bushido(Mindtech dub)
    8.Zero Method - Rising Man (Fallout dub)
    9.L33 - Warped Time (Mindtech dub)
    10.Kantyze - Morph Ghost (M-atome dub)
    11.D-iolax - No Crime (Mindtech)
    12.Maztek - Breakdown VIP (Icarus Audio dub)
    13.Jade, Mindscape - Banshee (Dose rmx) (Eatbrain dub)
    14.Neonlight - The Frozen Tape (TRIM dub)
    15.Hybris, Presence Known - Absolute Power (Blackout)
    16.Noisia - The Distance (Subtitles)
    17.Rido - Breeze (free track)
    18.Wintermute - Cell Cycle (TRIM dub)
    19.Getz - Silent Galaxy (C4C)
    20.Rregula - Where Am I (Shadybrain)
    21.Rregula, NME Click - Mirror (Mindtech dub)
    22.Stakka, Skynet - Nightlore (Underfire)
    23.Alvin Risk (Telemetrik) feat Bulletproof - One (BSE)

    • 54 min
    013 - mixed by Rregula

    013 - mixed by Rregula

    01. Rregula - Gravitron (Mindtech LTD)
    >> Redject - System Check (Mindtech)
    02. Bionic1 - The Return (Mindtech)
    03. Rregula - Dugong Rollout (Climate)
    04. Optiv - Stereotype (Mindtech LTD)
    05. Rregula - Got Sharks? (Climate)
    06. Cruel Cutlture - Constant (Mindtech)
    07. Rregula - Depths (Dub)
    08. Phace - Vintage (Neosignal)
    09. Rregula - Bunyip (Climate)
    10. Rockwell - BTKRSH (Shogun Audio)
    11. Rregula - Divide By Squid (Climate)
    12. Misanthrop - Y (Neosignal)
    13. Rregula - Zonk! (Climate)
    14. Rregula and Dementia - Sludge Tunnel (Optiv Rmx) (Trust in Music)
    15. Rregula - Sea Creature (Climate)
    16. Qo - Choices (Mindtech)
    >> Rregula and Mastermynd - Torn (Climate)
    17. Rregula and Mastermynd - Torn 2 (Climate)
    18. Rregula and NME Click - Mirror (Mindtech)

    • 47 min


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6 notes

6 notes

Yahggo ,

bon son

c'est juste excelent, on attends du pure son 2013 hiiiiiight

Hyblid ,


Excellent merci pour ces sons on attend les prochain avec impatience continuer comme sa c'est du lourdddd !!!! Peace .

KoZyS ,

Em fight

Boooooooom !!!

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