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The Ed Mylett Show showcases the greatest peak-performers across all industries in one place, sharing their journey, knowledge and thought leadership. With Ed Mylett and featured guests in almost every industry including business, health, collegiate and professional sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment, you'll find motivation, inspiration and practical steps to help you become the best version of you!


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The Ed Mylett Show showcases the greatest peak-performers across all industries in one place, sharing their journey, knowledge and thought leadership. With Ed Mylett and featured guests in almost every industry including business, health, collegiate and professional sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment, you'll find motivation, inspiration and practical steps to help you become the best version of you!

    The Making Of Real Journalism w/ Megyn Kelly

    The Making Of Real Journalism w/ Megyn Kelly

    Few people are more qualified to talk about POLITICS and NEWS MEDIA in America than this week’s guest, MEGYN KELLY.

    For the past several years, most of us have watched the stunning transformation of these parts of our society from the comfort of our living rooms. But this week, Megyn gives us a NEWS INSIDER’S VIEW on some of the most high-profile political events and personalities in recent history.

    It’s part of a larger look inside who Megyn Kelly is and how she has dealt with being a CHARISMATIC media figure over the past two decades, including dozen years spent at Fox News and later, on NBC’s The Today Show. She remains in the public eye through her current daily podcast on SiriusXM.

    During her broadcasting tenure, politics and the news game became FULL CONTACT SPORTS, and Megyn often climbed in the ring to take on heavyweights in bouts that gained her the reputation of asking tough questions and demanding HONEST answers. Perhaps the best known of these was her ongoing back and forth tussles with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    Megyn’s CANDID take on the CURRENT STATE OF JOURNALISM will confirm what many of you already suspect. You’ll want to hear what she says about BIAS and how it rapidly accelerated during the Trump era.

    You’ll also appreciate her insights about President Trump, the nature of identity politics, and how the public reacts to manipulative news media in and out of their own echo chambers.

    On a personal level, Megyn talks about her SUPERPOWER and what she attributes to much of her success. She also offers advice about HOW TO RAISE WELL-ADJUSTED KIDS and what’s worked best for her as a mother of three children.

    We spend a fair amount of time on a couple of essential but often overlooked questions in our lives.

    Is Megyn happy?

    She is.

    And what does it take to make her happy?

    It’s a simple answer, but much like the rest of who she is, Megyn’s answer is SMART and STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART.

    As it should be for all of us.

    I hope you’ll enjoy listening and learning from Megyn as much as I did.

    She remains an INTELLIGENT voice in a lot of important discussions going on right now.

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    Small Habits, Big Results w/ James Clear

    Small Habits, Big Results w/ James Clear

    Whether you realize it or not, most of the THOUGHTS and ACTIONS you take daily are based on HABITS you’ve developed over time.

    Your brain is wired to CONSERVE ENERGY whenever possible, and one of the ways it does this is by falling back to what it already knows.


    For the past 10 years, JAMES CLEAR has sought the answer to a single question we’ve all asked at one time or another…HOW CAN WE LIVE BETTER? As you’ll discover, much of the answer lies in our HABITS.

    In fact, through his ongoing research, James has become a groundbreaking EXPERT this subject.

    His book, ATOMIC HABITS, has sold more than 5 MILLION COPIES worldwide and been translated into more than 50 LANGUAGES.

    Developing the right habits is an ESSENTIAL BUILDING BLOCK of my success and something I still work on daily, so I was pumped up for this week’s episode.

    You will be, too.

    Like any other way to improve your life, there’s a right way to develop good habits, and James lays out a detailed 4-STEP STRATEGY for doing so.

    From my experience, I’ve learned you don’t need to make massive changes in your habits. Often you just need to change ONE MORE HABIT to propel you to new and much higher levels of success. When you stack up small improvements by executing the right habits, you create a COMPOUNDING EFFECT that produces tremendous results.

    We also get into how your habits are affected by your physical and social environments, James’ 4 Laws of Behavior Change, and why “NO” is the ultimate productivity hack. Let’s face it, saying NO is a problem we often struggle with (including me!), so this is a part of our exchange you’ll really want to FOCUS on.

    If you have problems breaking bad habits, lack the motivation to change your habits, or struggle with life in general, it’s time to hear what James has to say so you can change your habits and start CHANGING YOUR LIFE.

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    Ferocity Of A Female Shark w/ Barbara Corcoran

    Ferocity Of A Female Shark w/ Barbara Corcoran

    I hope you’re ready to swim with one of the most famous SHARKS in America.

    You probably know BARBARA CORCORAN best from hanging out on SHARK TANK with the likes of Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and others for the past 11 seasons. This week, you’re going to learn about what it takes to run with those powerhouses as an EQUAL on television and in the real world.

    Barbara’s journey is packed full of lessons you need to hear and that you can use in your own life.

    She came from very modest beginnings and was a poor student who battled dyslexia and failed at 20 jobs before she was 23. But after borrowing $1,000 from a boyfriend, Barbara eventually formed the Corcoran Group, and in time, turned it into a $5 BILLION REAL ESTATE BUSINESS.

    You’ll love the story of how Barbara tapped into her ENTREPRENEURIAL SUPERPOWERS to become one of the WEALTHIEST and most INFLUENTIAL businesswomen in the world today.

    Her rags-to-riches story is beyond INSPIRING. More than that, it’s a BLUEPRINT you can learn from when you tap into a FREEDOM MINDSET, GRIT, AND DETERMINATION to create your best life, even in the most difficult circumstances.

    As you’ll hear, it’s no surprise that many women look to Barbara as a ROLE MODEL to overcome challenges they face in the business world. She offers specific advice to women, but there are also UNIVERSAL LESSONS anyone can take from her experiences and wisdom.

    Barbara shares the MUST-HAVE TRAITS any entrepreneur should have (starting with COMPETITIVENESS and RESILIENCE), how she EVALUATES Shark Tank opportunities, and why SELF-AWARENESS is critical when you work for yourself.

    Barbara wraps up our interview with an interesting and SURPRISING insight into how WEALTH DOES AND DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

    She is an endless bundle of ENERGY and mixes that with HUMILITY and a NO-NONSENSE approach in her work, making Barbara Corcoran one of the most uniquely ENDEARING people I’ve had on my show.

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    Building The Starbucks Empire w/ Howard Behar

    Building The Starbucks Empire w/ Howard Behar

    Despite Starbucks employees seeking to unionize, the company prides itself on being a place that deeply cares about the workers. In today's episode, you will meet the man that helped make that happen.

    How often do you get the chance to tap into the mind of one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL CONSUMER-ORIENTED BUSINESS LEADERS for more than 50 years?

    Do you want to learn first-hand what it was like to grow STARBUCKS COFFEE from only 28 STORES TO MORE THAN 15,000 stores spanning five continents?

    This week’s guest, HOWARD BEHAR, has done that and a lot more.

    He is best known for guiding the Starbucks brand for 21 years as President of North America and as the founding President of Starbucks International. His philosophy of SERVANT LEADERSHIP is memorable for introducing lessons such as “The Person Who Sweeps the Floor Should Choose the Broom” and “Only the Truth Sounds Like the Truth.”

    If you want to LEAD OTHERS MORE EFFECTIVELY and EXPERT ADVICE on what it takes to grow your current business exponentially, you must listen to how Howard did it using servant leadership and how you can too.

    Howard and I also discuss why and how the right business CULTURE is a primary driving force of any company’s growth. He reveals some of the policies he implemented to EMPOWER employees to make decisions that put customers first. Part of this culture also involved recognizing employees, making sure they’re paid well, and that their voices were heard daily.

    Let me leave you with two final (and INCREDIBLE) facts.

    The systems and practices Howard and others put in place continue to breed success to this day. Although he retired when Starbucks had 15,000 stores, today, there are almost 33,000 STORES IN 83 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE.

    Finally, and perhaps the most amazing thing of all, HOWARD SHARED HIS PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL and encourages YOU to reach out and contact him because it brings him joy and purpose.

    That’s only happened one other time in all the shows I’ve taped, and quite simply one of the most impressive displays of servant leadership I’ve ever seen.

    If you want to know what success is all about, grab a hot cup of coffee and get ready to enjoy a great hour filled with valuable lessons you can use in your own business and personal life.

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    Strahan Success Secrets w/ Michael Strahan

    Strahan Success Secrets w/ Michael Strahan

    So how do you overcome self doubt?

    How is it that one man has dominated in multiple areas of his life over such a long and sustained period of time ?

    Are you curious to know the type of MINDSET it takes to succeed in all different areas of life all at one time?

    How to literally become one of the most successful people on planet earth today?

    Do you want to know how to better manage your TIME AND ENERGY so that you can bring tremendous FOCUS to your work?

    When you find out about some of his accomplishments, you’ll understand why I’m so excited to hear what Michael Strahan has to say.

    He starred as a defensive end for the New York Giants for 15 years, setting the single season sack record of 22.5 sacks in 2001, helping the Giants win a SUPER BOWL in 2007 leading to his induction into the Football Hall of Fame in 2014. With his natural CHARISMA, he made the jump into television, first co-hosting a pair of shows with Kelly Ripa before joining Good Morning, America full-time in 2016.

    And that only scratches the surface of all that Michael has done.

    You’re going to learn about the value of a GREAT WORK ETHIC and why that is what makes all other things possible. Michael made up his mind early this would be one of the cornerstones to becoming the BEST POSSIBLE VERSION of himself.

    Like many of you, believe it or not Michael has also struggled with self-doubt. He offers simple but EFFECTIVE ways he continues to push through it, and how you can, too. You’ll also learn about ways to combat imposter syndrome that many of us fight through as well.

    We also touch on how to be NATURAL, grow your CONFIDENCE, generate POSITIVE ENERGY, and LEAVE JEALOUSY BEHIND to achieve success. Not easy skills to master, but so essential if you want to follow the same path as Michael.

    One of Michael’s greatest pieces of WISDOM is simple, but so powerful.


    Let that sink in because it’s great advice every one of us can use and put into practice.

    Michael Strahan is one of the most HUMBLE people I’ve ever interviewed.

    You will enjoy this week’s show as much as I enjoyed taping it.

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    The Neuroscience Behind Mindfulness w/ Dr. Amishi Jha

    The Neuroscience Behind Mindfulness w/ Dr. Amishi Jha

    If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know the INNER WORKINGS OF THE MIND are a particularly fascinating subject for me. I hope you’re ready for a BRAINY conversation this week because that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about with my guest DR. AMISHI JHA. There are so many questions when it comes to optimizing how your brain functions. Are you curious about how you can do a better job of paying ATTENTION? Are you curious why you get DISTRACTED so easily? Dr. Jha has got some revealing insights you’re going to want to hear. Dr. Jha is the Director of Contemplative Neuroscience and Professor of Psychology at the University of Miami where she is one of the leading experts in the world on the study of COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE. Dr. Jha is also the author of the newly published book, PEAK MIND Even though they’re critical success skills, many of us fall short when it comes to mindfulness and maintaining focus. As part of our discussion, Dr. Jha also weighs in with THREE SYSTEMS you can put into practice to help you improve these essential skills. We also talk about how you can DO AWAY WITH BIASES that are influencing your actions and what you focus on. As Dr. Jha explains, learning how to step back from your preconceived narratives gives you CLARITY going forward. Dr. JHA ties a lot of these ideas together when we talk about MENTAL TOUGHNESS through GREATER SELF-AWARENESS of your mind. We even get into how powerful your brain is through its ability to TIME TRAVEL and MIND TRAVEL. There’s so much we’ve learned about the brain, but so much that we don’t understand. Here’s one last thing to think about. What we do know, and as Dr. Jha proves, is that you can achieve BETTER LIVING through a BETTER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BRAIN.   👉 SUBSCRIBE TO ED'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👈  → → → CONNECT WITH ED MYLETT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ← ← ← ▶︎ INSTAGRAM ▶︎ FACEBOOK  ▶︎ LINKEDIN ▶︎ TWITTER ▶︎ WEBSITE

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Thank you Edmylett !

Big thank you !! One of my favourite podcast of your was the interview with @loriharder because of the good vibe that just flows with authenticity all long. Thank you for interviewing women, your podcasts are really inspiring and getting better throughout time ✨💯👌🏻 #maxout

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