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New Orleans Pelicans Guard JJ Redick and his co-host Tommy Alter discuss the NBA, current events and interview some of the biggest names in the NBA, entertainment and political worlds. Launching from inside the NBA bubble, the show offers unprecedented access to the league while telling the stories of an eclectic rotating group of guests.

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alte‪r‬ ThreeFourTwo Productions & Cadence13

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New Orleans Pelicans Guard JJ Redick and his co-host Tommy Alter discuss the NBA, current events and interview some of the biggest names in the NBA, entertainment and political worlds. Launching from inside the NBA bubble, the show offers unprecedented access to the league while telling the stories of an eclectic rotating group of guests.

    Episode 52: Ethan Brown

    Episode 52: Ethan Brown

    In this 6th installment of the Leadership Series, JJ and Tommy welcome in the CEO and founder of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown. Ethan chronicles his incredible journey thus far and details how his company came to be. He also dives into several other topics such as his love for the game of basketball, what drove him to create his company and his unique product, the importance of having athletes embrace his product, his partnerships in the food industry and much more. 


    Details the backstory on how and why he came to found Beyond Meat

    What was his personal diet like growing up and when did he take notice of what he was putting in his body

    How did he take an idea for a plant based meat and have it come to fruition

    Was breaking down meat and plants into 5 categories something his team came up with or was there already literature on it

    Does he remember the very first beyond burger he ever ate

    Explains the passion to continually improve his product and the process of making it

    When does he feel the outside world began to catch up and recognize what he was doing

    On the importance of getting mainstream athletes to buy in on this product

    Why is having a daily routine and an emphasis on self care so important

    On how preparation translates into confidence

    Discusses the unique partnerships his company has forged in the food industry

    Has his strategy shifted during the pandemic

    Besides confronting risk and failure, what other leadership qualities stand out to him

    Has his view of leadership evolved over the years

    Has he been surprised at how anything has turned out

    Breaks down the nutritional value of plant based meats and debunks the arguments against it

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    Episode 51: Adam Scott (Introducing "FAIRGAME")

    Episode 51: Adam Scott (Introducing "FAIRGAME")

    ThreeFourTwo Productions has added another family member as JJ and Tommy welcome in 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott to introduce the new podcast special “FAIRGAME”. Hosted by Scott himself and broken into 5 intimate episodes, this podcast series will take you behind the curtain of golf like never before, as season 1 centers around golf’s greatest stage, The Masters. In this interview, the Adam breaks down what the show is going to be about, and also dives in on several other topics such as the challenges that come along with playing in the game’s most famous and prestigious tournament, dealing with the booming trend in golf of chasing speed, tailoring his game to his specific swing, his favorite tournaments, and so much more. Fair Game premiers on Tuesday, just as Scott readies himself to take on Augusta, and takes us right on through the weekend as the Masters rolls to its final rounds. Don’t miss this exciting podcast special FAIRGAME - or this spectacular interview. 
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    Episode 50: Collin Sexton and Tyrese Haliburton

    Episode 50: Collin Sexton and Tyrese Haliburton

    This is a special episode of the Old Man & The Three for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s episode #50! A big shout out to the OM3 listeners for taking this journey with us - many more to come! As for the show itself, JJ starts things off by answering the bell and addressing the big news of his trade to the Dallas Mavericks. Much more to this story than meets the eye obviously, and JJ covers it all. To follow that up, we have two spectacular guests on the show this week in Collin Sexton and Tyrese Haliburton. Sexton, as you’ll come to find out, brings his ‘A’ game because… well that’s what he’s always done - even going back to when he was young a boy asking his mom for an alarm clock so he can practice basketball early. Oh, did we mention he was probably around 7 when that happened? You see where this is going. And Tyrese as you all know, is the OM3 NBA correspondent and brings his usual honesty, humor, humility, as well as some great stories from the floor. Always a must listen. It’s a can’t miss episode from top to bottom. 

    Collin Sexton

    Collin begins by breaking down what happened during his “3 on 5” game in college

    Did that game give him the confidence he needed going into his freshman year

    The guys talk about Avery Bradley and his “distinctive” voice

    Breaking down Collin’s many viral moments

    Where do his intensity and competitiveness come from

    Talks about his maniacal approach to prep and training and whether it helped him when he got to the league

    How the amount of prep naturally has to wane a bit during the season to avoid burnout

    On his awkward pre-draft workouts with the Cavs after they lost the finals

    Takes a reflective look back at his draft class

    On the skill level of incoming players as compared to years past

    Discussion about him deserving to be an all star

    Was it difficult coming into the league and playing on a losing team after always winning

    On the Cavs playing up to their competition and taking down some of the league's elite teams

    Does he feel he has learned how to lead at this level and has he taken to the leadership role

    On the importance of playing with - and learning from - the vets of the league

    Tyrese Haliburton

    Talks about the current hot streak the Kings are on and his role

    Breaks down his tandem attack with De’Aaron Fox

    On his high level of play during this streak

    How De'Aaron Fox has taken his game to new heights

    Breaks down his “Aquafina" incident with Harrison Barnes

    On the incredible rush of a buzzer beater

    Discuss the many great qualities of Alvin Gentry

    Has he hit any sort of rookie wall

    JJ and Tyrese talk about feeling validated by getting a Dame retweet 

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    Episode 49: Tobias Harris (Featuring Mina Kimes)

    Episode 49: Tobias Harris (Featuring Mina Kimes)

    It's a two for one special this week on the OM3 pod, as JJ and Tommy are joined by two guests who are not only great professionals, but great people as well - Tobias Harris and Mina Kimes. Harris, enjoying arguably his finest season of his career, sits down to talk hoops (of course), but also touches on so much more. For the hoop discussion, he opens up about the disappointment of not making the ASG despite the incredible season he's having, how and why playing for Doc Rivers has maximized his talents, the difference between the US professional model vs. the rest of the world, and how his NCAA tournament experience turned from a dream into a nightmare. Then he digs deeper and expands out of the realm of basketball when the guys discuss just about everything in the EAT PRAY DUNK segment. At this point, you would think things couldn't get much better... but you'd be wrong. Because to cap the show off, the guys welcome in the spectacular Mina Kimes for a draft that will have you packing your fictional bags. It's the Top 5 fictional TV/Movie towns you would like to live in for one week. Who knew JJ likes to hang out with pups? Never mind, you'll see.

    Tobias Harris

    Discuss the ongoing issue of inequality between men's and women's sports after the NCAA weight room fiasco

    On the issues that run rampant within the NCAA

    What would the 18 year old Tobias do if he were graduating high school right now

    How the professional basketball 'model' differs in the US as compared to the rest of the world.

    Tobias recants his NCAA tournament nightmare experience

    How playing with Doc Rivers helps him maximize his talents and translate them to the court

    On the positive impact of knowing your role within a team and what's expected of you

    Is he surprised at how fast it's all come together for the Sixers this year.

    Is Joel Embiid the MVP?

    On the improvement of their defense this year and how it runs against the grain of the league

    How it's foolish to try and compare different eras of the NBA

    On his disappointment of not making the ASG and how JJ feels the rosters should be expanded for this exact reason

    How getting the all star nod effects contracts

    Discusses the similarities between him and Mike Conley in terms of fitting into the system you play in

    Is there a harder place in the NBA to be a max player than Philly?

    EAT PRAY DUNK (w/ Tobias)

    TOP 5/Draft with Mina Kimes

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    Episode 48: Adam Mosseri

    Episode 48: Adam Mosseri

    Adam Mosseri certainly doesn’t shy away from challenges. It’s one of the aspects of his personality that led him to the top as head of Instagram. But along with that position also comes the added responsibility of facing the tough issues and difficult questions that accompany the social media giant. And he doesn't shrink. In this wide ranging interview, Mosseri tackles all the tough questions and more as he digs deep into subjects such as his desire to work at FaceBook so early in the social media game, managing the threat of mis-information and fake news on his platform, keeping a handle on the absolute power and influence that Instagram possesses, and much more.


    JJ and and Adam recall the last time they hung out and the incredible meal they had

    Adam breaks down his career path and what led him to this point

    Discusses his early years at FaceBook

    What as it about FaceBook that made him want to work there so badly

    At what point did he realize FB was becoming the monster company it would eventually be

    What lessons did he learn from the Trump years to get a better handle on mis-information and fake news

    In this opinion, where has Silicon Valley gone astray in terms of culture or a disconnect with normal American life

    How does he train his employees not to abuse the power that Instagram wields 

    How much time and focus is spent on the ‘bad actors’ of Instagram

    On the challenges of walking into a new situation at IG with the two founders leaving upon his arrival 

    Adam asks JJ how leadership qualities translate onto an NBA team and who are the ones exercising those techniques

    How wary does he have to be in making changes to the platform and avoid rocking the boat

    What’s his approach to handling the delicate balance of “likes” and features of that nature that can negatively effect today’s youth

    How hard is it for him to detach from social media

    If someone was to pick up his IG feed, what would they find out about him

    On the IG or FaceBook “life" that is portrayed through the platforms

    On the popularity of IG in the NBA because of it versatility 

    Leadership advice from the man himself

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    Episode 47: Nikola Vučević (feat. PFT Commenter and Arian Foster)

    Episode 47: Nikola Vučević (feat. PFT Commenter and Arian Foster)

    Well, to use a quote from JJ himself, this is one action packed episode of the Old Man and the Three. To begin, JJ and Tommy sit down with Nikola Vučević, the Orlando magic's all star center and mainstay on and off the court. After coming into the league in 2011, Vučević has steadily improved his game to become a highly respected player around the league, as well as an all star. But inexplicably, his game has also been highly underrated by the casual NBA fan. He talks about using that underrated tag as a motivational tool, as well as his experience in Orlando over the years, his college days at USC, and more. Then, the atmosphere changes juuuust a bit as the OM3 crew is joined by PFT Commenter and Arian Foster for a TOP 5/Draft you have to hear to believe: The top presidents you would want to play on your football team. Before they get started on that though, the guys talk about PFT and Arian's new podcast called "Macrodosing", where they explore conspiracies, conundrums, and the dark corners of the deep web. Definitely a pod you want to check out.


    How different was this year’s all star experience

    On the concern about the long layoff and quality of play

    Did he worry about being the last pick on the all-star squad

    Reflecting on the bombs that Dame and Steph were launching from 30+ feet

    On being an “under the radar” type of player despite all his talent

    Is there still a chip on his shoulder to drive him to be better

    Does he feel he snuck up on people in the beginning of his career

    Did he ever expect to go this long without being on a contender

    On how the makeup of an NBA squad have changed over the years 

    On his experience in Philly

    Talks about playing at USC with the star talent they had at the time

    TOP 5/Draft with PFT Commenter and Arian Foster
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