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Entertaining, empowering and educational automotive news and car culture, featuring guest interviews from all over the world, with host Frank Leutz, shop owner and ASE Certified technician.

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Entertaining, empowering and educational automotive news and car culture, featuring guest interviews from all over the world, with host Frank Leutz, shop owner and ASE Certified technician.

    #192 Drew Alcazar CEO of Russo & Steele Collector Car Auctions

    #192 Drew Alcazar CEO of Russo & Steele Collector Car Auctions

    Drew Alcazar celebrating 20 Years of Collector Car Auction Success

    As one of the most talented & dynamic car auctioneers of the industry, CEO Drew Alcazar of the famed Russo & Steele car auctions joins us today. -Along with his wife & partner , Josephine, they have created a unique, highly personal and visceral car auction experience in an intimate environment .  

    Drew Alcazar developed an auction block that has never been created before or since, and the “Auction in the Round” concept was born.

    Giving both the buyer and seller a close up at the floor of the action while creating a gladiator dome like appeal makes this style of car auctions one of the more memorable experiences for collectors .

    We discuss the future of car auctions & why online auctions may not be in the best interest of the car collector community. Additionally Drew announces their new division, RS Automobile Services, with restoration, storage ,detailing , private sales & consulting exclusively all under one roof.

    • 50 min
    #192 Formula Drift Racing : Judge Ryan Lanteigne

    #192 Formula Drift Racing : Judge Ryan Lanteigne

    With an illustrious career on track behind the wheel and in recent years as a judge of Formula Drift , http://bit.ly/33817no , we sit down with Ryan Lanteigne at the 2020 Future Collector Car Show, http://bit.ly/2SWw5vQ , in Scottsdale, Arizona to discuss over 200 travel dates throughout the world judging some of the most intense drift racing of the Formula Drift series .

    • 14 min
    #192 Police & Automotive Pros Team Up for Youth Outreach!

    #192 Police & Automotive Pros Team Up for Youth Outreach!

    At-Risk Youth Issue


    Youth involvement in

    gangs is a serious problem across the country, whether you’re in a big city or

    the land of suburbia. Many of us see gang graffiti yet glance over it as we

    have become numb to the blight and crime. The National Gang Center reports that

    over the past decade, annual estimates of the number of gang members have

    averaged around 770,000 nationally.

    Shift Gang

    Graffiti to Automotive Repair and Car Customization

    Police departments are

    stretched thin for resources, yet officers all across our country create or

    volunteer to help their community. Dragg Racing Against Gangs & Graffiti

    (DRAGG) http://bit.ly/DRAGGTeam is an innovative afterschool

    program in the City of Oxnard California where police officers and people from

    the automotive industry mentor local high school students.

    A new spin on an old

    idea; keep the youth focused on the future with positive influences and they

    will stay out of trouble. This positive learning opportunity teaches youth

    responsibility and respect for others in the unique environment of the

    automotive industry, while gaining hands on exposure to knowledge of automotive

    careers. These programs are also active in Phoenix, AZ, and this month launched

    in Los Angeles!

    We are excited to talk

    with DRAGG Executive Director Sargeant Woodruff, with the Oxnard Police

    Department, and DRAGG Phoenix Director Officer Teerink, with the Phoenix Police

    Department, to talk about the successes and impact the DRAGG program is having

    on young people. Follow them on Instagram or Twitter.

    #191 Tool Box Economy of the Modern Day Mechanic

    #191 Tool Box Economy of the Modern Day Mechanic

    The Overwhelm of Tool

    Box Purchases

    How are automotive

    technicians preparing for their career? Are we overwhelmed with

    technology? What is the requirement of a modern day toolbox? Auto mechanics are

    consistently buying specialized tools that they don’t use often and not giving

    them a good return on investment. As a business owner, what is the immediate

    priority over the next few years for an investment in software\hardware that

    will enable repairing vehicles properly and bring a good return on investment?

    So many questions and a serious conversation about how we can arm our service

    operations for success.

    Industry Leaders Share


    Diagnostic Network is

    an online community of industry professionals and leading industry stakeholders

    coming together to create the resource to support technicians of today and

    tomorrow. Founder, Scott Brown, is an ASE Master Certified L1 Technician with

    over 35 years of professional service industry experience. As an independent

    shop owner in Southern California, he understands the challenges that exist in

    the automotive service segment and is here to help move our industry forward.

    Buckley's Auto Care is one of the oldest, family-owned and operated automotive repair service centers in the state of Delaware serving the communities of Wilmington, Hockessin, Newport, Elsmere, Newark, and New Castle, for over 50 years. Buckley's is AAA approved and owner, Greg Buckley, is a champion for the industry, a voice of reason, and has helped many garage owners navigate through the business challenges of today's modern day garage.

    We are honored to

    bring in Scott Brown of Diagnostic Network, http://bit.ly/DiagnosticNetwork

    and Greg Buckley of Buckley's Auto Care, http://bit.ly/BuckleysAutoCare as this weeks guests to

    help navigate through technology and give us clarity.

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    #190 Ford v Ferrari: Stunt Drivers Share Behind the Scenes

    #190 Ford v Ferrari: Stunt Drivers Share Behind the Scenes

    Ford v Ferrari

    Ranking as one of the most vicious rivalries, Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari battled it out with grit and brawn representing their perspective race teams on the track at the legendary 1966 LeMans. Carroll Shelby was a maverick and driver Ken Miles was a force to be reckoned with and the storied Ford GT40 Mark II raced to battle Ferrari straight for the win! A HUGE 1 - 2 - 3 finish upset!

    Stunt Drivers

    As some of the best movies stem from the thrills of all things automotive. The award winning movie Ford v Ferrari lives up to that tradition and lays out the heroic efforts and racing duels of history. The movie stars Academy Award winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale, and we are excited to interview the racing talents who play their stuntman behind the scenes and behind the race wheel.

    Tony Hunt is a third generation of a famous racing family. He began his USAC career in rear-engine formula cars and since then has amassed 75 USAC sanctioned career victories and 65 pole positions in USAC Sprints, Midgets and rear-engine open wheel cars. Hunt currently ranks as the driver with the most wins in the USAC Western Sprint Series. This 10-Time USAC Champion found his way into the Hollywood film business in the late 90's. His stunt driving career has afforded him several high-profile feature films including Talladega Nights, Herbie, Venom and the Fast and Furious Series. Highlighting his career is his most recent work doubling Christian Bale as Ken Miles in feature film Ford v Ferrari.

    Darren Law has been involved in the automotive industry for over 25 years. He established himself with his success as a racing driver having spent more than a decade driving for several top tier teams. Achieving many successes including two driver championships, three trips to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and clinching the overall win at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2009 driving the Brumos Porsche Daytona Prototype. In 2014 pursued an opportunity in team ownership of Flying Lizard Motorsports. Darren currently manages all racing programs as well as runs the business operations for the team including working with manufacturers, sponsors, and media.

    Ford v Ferrari now on DVD and Blu-ray http://bit.ly/FordvFerrariDVD and available on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes!

    • 52 min
    #189 Turbocharged Direct Injection Engines

    #189 Turbocharged Direct Injection Engines

    Modern Day Engine

    With millions of

    direct injection turbocharged engines on the road today, we examine some of the

    critical and costly failures that may arise due to service neglect. We also

    will investigate why this combination of power has been widely successful for

    both MPG and the environment by way of lower emissions, while providing case

    examples of repairs directly from the service bays that many automotive

    technicians are experiencing.

    Industry Ambassador

    Diagnostic Network http://bit.ly/DiagnosticNetwork is

    a modern network for technicians and professionals in the automotive,

    collision, and heavy-duty service markets. A community where auto service

    industry professionals can learn to use scan tools, scopes, and other

    diagnostic instruments to their full potential. A place to engage with your

    peers and industry partners, move your career to the next level, and stay on

    top of industry trends and technology advancements, by continuously improving

    your situational awareness and diagnostic proficiency.

    We are thrilled to

    have back to the show our special guest Scott Brown, the industry ambassador of

    Diagnostic Network as well as a master technician and owner of Connie and

    Dicks Auto Service Center in Claremont, CA. He joins Frank to investigate the

    dynamic duo of direct injection turbocharged engines. 

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