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An honest and raw British Podcast, focused on helping you practically improve and optimise your health, body and mind - inside and out. Hosted by Steve Katasi.

AdapNation: all things Self-Optimisation! AdapNation

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An honest and raw British Podcast, focused on helping you practically improve and optimise your health, body and mind - inside and out. Hosted by Steve Katasi.

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5.0 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

FrailLives ,

Great training & mindset info

A fun and usually very interesting and indepth look at all things training/mindset. The Thibarmy neurotyping episodes were far and away the best thing I've heard on any training podcast this year. Some of the very recent episodes on carnivore diet are far too pseudo-science based for my liking, or the guests use extremely definitive language without a more reasoned and balanced evidence based discussion, which was a little disappointing. It frame a single view point and poses it as "the facts", rather than simply providing what evidence the interviewee has and also presenting rational counter arguments. Diet in-particular can be a topic riddled with hyperbole, quick fixes and misleading information and often leads to very black and white arguments, when in-fact it is a highly complex topic which is incredibly difficult to run significant and highly rigorous studies on.

I would much prefer diet discussions to show the many varied opinions, perhaps with two guests showcasing different studies/sides of the fence and then allowing people to make their own minds up.

All the training, progressive overload, neurotyping, mind set stuff is absolutely great though, and I love Steve's presenting style. More of this stuff, and especially more of 'not Vin Diesel' would be very welcome. Keep up the good work!

TheDooderAbides ,

#76 is spot on!

As someone who's personally gone through various ups and downs on my journey to get/stay fit I found #76 an extremely worthwhile listen - it's almost as if it was created with me in mind! It really opened my mind to assumptions I'd made about how and why I train. How did I know what weights I should be doing? Because I'd always done that. A real eye opener. The delivery style is super empathetic and understanding. Well worth a listen.

Mr K Bee ,

Great advice for “normal” people

I stumbled across the AdapNation podcasts accidentally, but gave it a shot and ended up listening to all of them over the next week on my commute to work.
The guidance/advice/examples are what I would consider “normal”. There are a lot of TV shows and online content out there which are motivational when you’re sitting on your couch eating crisps and planning to get healthy from tomorrow morning. But if you don’t live in LA and have a celebrity PT standing by, the reality is that staying in bed while the rain pours is the easier option.
However, the AdapNation team are relatable because they have come from a place where a busy life, jobs, kids and excuses didn’t hold them back. I could relate to their story and have even got my trainers out again for the past few weeks as a result. Each to their own, but this really struck a chord for me. I even bought avocados this week!!!

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