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Could YOU improve your small business by 1% each week?

Get more customers, make more money - WITHOUT working harder - with the ambitious, lifestyle business podcast.

Ambitious Lifestyle Business podcast John Lamerton and Jason Brockman

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Could YOU improve your small business by 1% each week?

Get more customers, make more money - WITHOUT working harder - with the ambitious, lifestyle business podcast.

    "I grew my business by 75% last year... and it nearly broke me!"

    "I grew my business by 75% last year... and it nearly broke me!"

    Nicky Thomas is the founder of The Growth Community, a networking group that promises “Real Community Business Networking”, with relaxed, purposeful networking, and no membership sales pitches.
    Nicky joined the One Percent Club 18 months ago, and as a result, grew her business by 75% in her first 12 months of membership. That huge level of growth doesn't come without a cost, however, and it's this cost that we talk about in today's episode - the price small business owners pay for growth.
    This episode of the Ambitious Lifestyle Business podcast (together with another 106 episodes from the back catalogue) is available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

    • 50 min
    "I want EVERYTHING I do to have an impact..."

    "I want EVERYTHING I do to have an impact..."

    Graeme Tennick is Chief Impact Officer at Tennick Accountants, where he isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves, and is on a mission to empower trades and professional services business owners who know the grind of long hours, minimal returns, and the frustration of hefty taxes.
    The word "impact" runs through today's episode - Graeme talks about the impact of his father's forklift business on him as a young man, the impact of making a few wrong decisions (and more than a few right ones!).
    As I implore readers of The False EXIT to "truly live and breathe" their vision and values, Graeme is doing just that - demonstrating how small business owners can impact their own lives, as well as those of their immediate family, team of co-workers, clients - and ultimately leave the world a better place.
    How will YOU have an impact today?

    • 48 min
    TWO pieces of TIME-SENSITIVE information...

    TWO pieces of TIME-SENSITIVE information...

    I've got two pieces of time-sensitive information to share with you today - one involving an 82% discount, and on that could (literally) change your life.
    But BOTH require some action in the next 8 days...

    • 3 min
    "I REFUSE to take no for an answer..."

    "I REFUSE to take no for an answer..."

    Never give up in business.

    If there's one piece of advice that today's guest Alastair Imray embodies, it is this.
    Alastair's business career began with no qualifications and no money but a determination to start his own business. Alastair has proven that hard work, determination, constant learning and never giving up has been the key to running a successful business.
    Wearing a Nike "Just Do It" T-short, Alastair tells us:
    How he sold anything and everything - from ice cream on Bondi Beach, to items he found in dumpsters.
    Why you should never give up in business.
    How Michael Lieberman became a hero to Alastair.
    A few dozen of the business books that helped shape his success.
    How Alastair won a contract with his dream supplier - by refusing to take no for an answer!
    Exactly how Alastair removed himself from the day-to-day "on the tools" running of his business.

    • 45 min
    "Exit Strategy for Small Business"

    "Exit Strategy for Small Business"

    What's the best Exit Strategy for a Small Business? It depends...
    In this summer-special podcast, John and Jason discuss their (many!) failed attempts to exit their small business over the years, including:
    Thinking they sold their company for £2m - only to get a Dear John email.
    John giving away 49% of his small business for free
    What happens when you abdicate rather than delegate.
    How to choose the right exit strategy for small business owners.
    Why "doing nothing" isn't really an option.
    How John and Jase discovered the "False EXIT" - and why they're glad they did!

    • 1 hr 5 min
    How to Exit Your Business (and STILL own it!)

    How to Exit Your Business (and STILL own it!)

    Do NOT sell your business...
    At least not until you've read John's new book - The False EXIT.
    The False EXIT isn't a book about selling your business. It's a book about NOT selling your business - it's about keeping, rather than killing the golden goose.
    The book is available NOW on Amazon (in Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover formats), with the Audiobook version coming in January 2024.
    For the next 48 hours, there's some VERY special launch pricing, making the book as cheap as it will ever be. In John's words, "fill your boots! Buy 1 copy, 10 copies or even 100. Get one for clients, colleagues and people you vaguely like - anyone who needs to read this book."
    In this episode, John practices his narration for the audiobook (only stumbling over the phrase "lugging buckets") by reading the introduction for us - enjoy!

    • 18 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

PalavaP ,

Great tips!

I read the book then discovered the podcast. I am started from episode one and now in the 20’s so John is still in the process of writing the book I have already read. This podcast has so many little valuable tips and hints that I keep having to pause it to jot them down so as not to forget then. Highly recommended and a valuable tool for anyone thinking starting or already has a small business. Think I might send a copy of the book to my boss.

Polly put the kettle on ,

Would be an AMAZING podcast if…

If they ‘built the well before they were thirsty’ and practiced what they preached!

Sslamerton ,


Excellent podcast really useful

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