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A podcast. Because we need to talk about the cost of health care

An Arm and a Leg An Arm and a Leg

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A podcast. Because we need to talk about the cost of health care

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4.8 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

An East Coast Warrior ,

Fascinating insight

Very interesting podcast. I’m healthcare worker in Europe and find the contrast with our own system fascinating.

Swpq ,

I was a Home Health RN for most of my career

This comment is in response to your podcast about CPAP machines and how companies are “spying” on their patients. I realize there are many everyday, human reasons why people don’t “comply” (I’ve come to hate that word) with their medical regimen. No argument there...however those same people are complaining about the ridiculously high costs of medical care. No argument there either! The truth is, people who don’t follow their prescribed medical treatment plan are not holding up their side of an unspoken contract and are (perhaps unawares) costing everyone (X millions of cases) increasing health care expenses! You can’t have it both ways.

You come to the MD, or medical team with a problem. The medical people listen (not always perfectly, it’s true), but in good faith, prescribe a treatment to help the problem. Send the patient home possibly with expensive equipment and usually set up a follow-up appointment to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. Here’s where it often breaks down. If the patient isn’t reporting HONESTLY about the frequency of use of the equipment, or consistency of medication taking (I can promise you I’ve personally witnessed this thousands of times), the meds, equipment, etc. costs continue to go up and nobody is benefitting from this game. Is it any wonder why the medical world would hold the patient responsible for their own follow-through? Now, it is quite wrong to not disclose to the patient that their medical data is being monitored. But, shouldn’t the patient bear some of the accountability for their own behavior? Perhaps they might be charged with the cost of the replacement piece they need and given a printout showing their stats.
Patients expect a caring, understanding, and compassionate response to their problems, and health care workers are usually happy to give that, along with treatment plans they believe the patient is agreeing to. When the patient doesn’t, and doesn’t follow through for a myriad of reasons (many perfectly understandable) the equipment, medication, durable medical equipment costs have to be absorbed somewhere, right? And, more importantly, the long term effects of not following through may and often do rack up crazy hospital costs, whose responsibility is that? Shouldn’t there be a shared responsibility between patients and medical ?
Maybe I’ve missed something here, but it seems to me that the “blame”, cost or explanation doesn’t lie fully on one side or the other.
I enjoy your podcast immensely and you make many excellent points. It just seems a bit disingenuous to make the health care system the only “bad guy” here and the average person the victim.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Ny Ny Happy ,

Huge fan, I knew us healthcare was a mess but...

The podcast opened my eyes to how truly awful the situation was. Like worse than I already thought. As a Brit I'm sheltered from these concerns just now, however with the possibility of Brexit opening up our NHS to American healthcare services and possibly destroying the NHS as we know it - I listen and learn intently and hope that the situation sees radical improvement asap.
Thank you for educating and keeping a hard thing fun

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