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Armchair Expert Umbrella is a media/podcast network comprised of all shows produced by Armchair Expert.

    Flightless Bird: Healthcare

    Flightless Bird: Healthcare

    This week on Flightless Bird, David sets out to make sense of the very confusing American healthcare system. Joined by Monica, he tries to figure out why some Americans end up paying their own ambulance bill and why over half of the American population is riddled with medical debt. David talks to Luke O’Neil - the journalist and writer behind the popular newsletter "Welcome to Hellworld" - about why it falls on children to raise money for their parent's medical bills and discovers why in the US healthcare system teeth are considered “luxury bones”.

    • 52 min
    Flightless Bird: Diners

    Flightless Bird: Diners

    This week on Flightless Bird, David sets out to understand what makes the American diner experience so special, by traveling to Reno, Nevada. There he meets the staff of Peg's Glorified Ham N Eggs and meets the regulars who've made the diner their home away from home - including Rainbow Man, a man obsessed with painting human bodies at Burning Man. What makes a diner a diner? How have they changed over the years? David and Monica discuss their various diner experiences, from fights to excessive milkshake consumption.

    • 35 min
    Flightless Bird: Circumcision

    Flightless Bird: Circumcision

    This week on Flightless Bird, David sets out to discover why America loves circumcision so much, to the point where 115 million American men now find themselves without a foreskin. Joined by Monica, he tries to figure out why this medical procedure became so popular here, leading to some medical diagrams not bothering to include a foreskin anymore. David talks to a man in his 30s who’s furious he got circumcised when he was a baby, and another who’s annoyed he wasn’t circumcised, as he considers getting an adult circumcision. David talks to a doctor who’s carried out hundreds of circumcisions to find out what all the fuss is about, and spends time with Georganne Chapin, Executive Director of Intact America - who wants circumcision to be thrown out the window.

    • 51 min
    Flightless Bird: Football

    Flightless Bird: Football

    This week on Flightless Bird, David sets out to understand a game that simply doesn’t exist in New Zealand: American Football. He tries to figure out America’s most popular sport and asks why over 100 million Americans watched the Super Bowl. After watching the Super Bowl for the first time, David travels to Seattle to get schooled by NFL Hall-of-Famer Walter Jones, who was drafted by the Seahawks in 1997. He discovers what a locker room smells like and why some football players love to chew gum so much. Walter also opens up about his theories on the existence of extraterrestrial life.

    • 44 min
    Flightless Bird: Bottled Water

    Flightless Bird: Bottled Water

    This week on Flightless Bird, David sets out to understand America’s obsession with bottled water. Joined by Monica, he tries to figure out why tap water just won’t cut it in many US States, leading Americans to spend billions on bottled water every year. David talks to author and scientist Peter Gleick about tap water myths, and how some bottled water companies have accidentally added things like arsenic and cricket parts to their bottled creations. We discover why a new sports stadium purposefully didn’t install enough public water fountains and get to the bottom of whether carcinogenic chemicals leech from plastic bottles creating a deathtrap.

    • 47 min
    Flightless Bird: Disney II

    Flightless Bird: Disney II

    This week on Flightless Bird, David embarks on his first-ever trip to Disneyland with Dax, Monica, and Wobby Wob to see if the magic of the place rubs off on him. In amongst discovering the joys of Star Wars: Galaxies Edge and the Cars ride, David investigates Disney Social Clubs, also known as "Disney Gangs." He learns about the alleged beef between two groups, the Main Street Fire Station 55 Social Club and the White Rabbits, and talks to a member of the Sons of Anakin. David discovers the one Disney property that isn't copyrighted and lays eyes on an elusive Disney feral cat.

    • 36 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
1.6K Ratings

1.6K Ratings

sesiroglu ,

Puzzling 🤔

I absolutely love this podcast love dax’s vulnerability but also trying to be so positive about things. What I find puzzling is some of the reviews which are critical mention many episodes 🤔 why the f### are you still listening to something you don’t like. Keep up the good work I find dax’s openness on being abused very therapeutic 💜

Bp7292 ,


Don’t even second guess, get stuck in. They are just insane 🙌🏻

maryan76 ,

A feminist show sponsored by Noom???

Kirsten and Monica are great. The interview with Malala was inspirational. But in the middle of this fantastic, empowering show comes an endorsement of Noom, full of diet culture language and how Noom « removes the shame »‘from eating??? Noom is 100% diet culture with a thin, disingenuous varnish of « self care ». Kirsten, Monica, with love: please consider whether endorsing this aligns with the values you portray in the show.

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