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Art Destinations is a podcast exploring art, place and belonging. Our first season meets artists and curators in Venice.

Art Destinations Sarah Rhodes and Sicily Art Residency Program (SARP)

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Art Destinations is a podcast exploring art, place and belonging. Our first season meets artists and curators in Venice.

    Ep 6: Psychotherapy between Venice and Nuvola Ravera

    Ep 6: Psychotherapy between Venice and Nuvola Ravera

    Nuvola Ravera examines how human emotions can influence the environment through her project, If I Cry A Lot, Will the Lagoon Become a Sea?' (2016). In this project, Nuvola collaborates with gestalt psychotherapist Laura Castellani to view Venice as a patient in a psychotherapy session. Nuvola uses 3D sculptures, frottages, and sound recordings to capture the essence of Venice, alongside the verbatim transcript between Laura, Nuvola and the city.
    In this episode of Art Destinations, Sarah and Nuvola discuss the themes of collaboration, fluid boundaries, and site-specific work, emphasising the importance of listening as we move through the world. Nuvola shares her experiences working with various professionals and how these collaborations shape her artistic practice.

    • 45 min
    Ep 5: Washer women in the Venice rivulets with Carolina Mazzolari

    Ep 5: Washer women in the Venice rivulets with Carolina Mazzolari

    Carolina Mazzolari, an acclaimed Italian textile and video artist, honours the legacy of women who ran public laundries in the project Alone Together. Collaborating with Royal Ballet dancer and choreographer Kristen McNally and Royal Opera House senior costume manager Ilaria Martello, Carolina connects viewers to the invisible world of domestic labour through stunning video projections and tapestries on Venice's streets and in the Domus Civica Gallery, San Polo.
    Growing up as the youngest daughter of a Milanese perfumer, Carolina's art is deeply influenced by the magic of illusion and connection, to make her artwork a sensory experience.
    I met Carolina through Alfio Puglisi, co-producer of Art Destinations and director of the Sicily Art Residency Program, who helped bring this extraordinary exhibition, Alone Together, to Venice, in July last year.
    In this episode we cover:

    how Alone Together uses dance, video and tapestry to share the story of the women who worked in public laundries in Venice’s rivulets, and in canals across Italy,

    the video was projected onto sheets hanging in the streets of Venice, outside, as well as inside the Domus Civica Gallery, San Polo, Venice,

    themes of collaboration and womanhood emphasise the collective power and energy generated when women work together,

    the historical significance of washerwomen in Italy and their communal labour,

    Carolina’s artistic journey from working in factories as a fashion designer to becoming an artist working with tapestry, embroidery, video, dance, and site-specific installations, and

    Carolina’s personal influences growing up surrounded by women and being inspired by their stories and strength, and the influence of her father's work as a perfumer on her appreciation for illusion and sensory experiences in art.

    Carolina Mazzolari (b. 1981 Milan/London) uses psychoanalysis and intuition to reveal emotional experience. Her artistic practice spans textiles, printing, painting, photography, video, and performance. Carolina’s hand-embroidery and painted maps are characterised by distinctive silver-grey stitchwork that interacts with light, creating shifting depths and luminous illusions. 
    Each map exudes an intimate quality, as the artist has spent countless hours physically interacting with the fabrics. The resulting maps resemble mandalas, conveying love, hesitation, awe, and struggle through a personal language, alluding to deeper human motifs.
    Carolina collaborates with 'Fine Cell Work,' a UK-based registered charity that employs and rehabilitates long-sentenced inmates through embroidery, to create the largest hand-sewn works.
    Carolina's video and textile work are part of the permanent collection at MONA Museum in Tasmania, Australia, and have been featured in significant exhibitions. Carolina was born in Milan, Italy and currently lives with her family in London.

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    Ep 4: Publishing in Venice with Enrico Bettinello

    Ep 4: Publishing in Venice with Enrico Bettinello

    Join us as we dive into a fascinating conversation with Enrico, the mastermind behind Wetlands Books, a publishing house in Venice that is redefining storytelling. From commissioning African writers to exploring the intersection of theatre and books, Enrico shares his unique perspective on the cultural landscape of Venice.In this episode, we explore Enrico's vision for Wetlands Books, and the importance of addressing contemporary issues such as over-tourism and climate change through storytelling. We also delve into the Afterwords project, which invites African writers to reflect on Venice, and discuss the impact of theatre on audience engagement.

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    Ep 3: Re-imagining islands at Biennale Architettura 2023

    Ep 3: Re-imagining islands at Biennale Architettura 2023

    Mary Laheen was one of five creative directors of the Ireland pavilion exhibition, at the 18th Venice Architettura Biennale 2023, titled In Search of Hy-Brasil.
    In this episode, we discuss the significance of islands as we re-imagine the future. This idea is of particular interest to me as I continue my research, after completing my PhD on how the atmosphere of islandness can be conveyed through the photographic image.
    Mary and I met in Venice during the finissage period when Australia and Ireland co-hosted an event with Scotland, titled Wanderlands. It was during this period, we found synergies between each of our pavilions, with some shared experiences as island nations navigating our history of colonisation by the British Empire.
    In this third episode we cover:

    the theme of islands that underlies the exhibition concept In Search of Hy-Brasil

    how the exhibition draws inspiration from the mythological island of Hy-Brasil and the islands off the coast of Ireland.

    what we can learn from islands, particularly in terms of the nature-culture dynamic and the resilience and creativity fostered by living in island communities.

    designing an exhibition that is an atmospheric or sensory experience rather than a more traditional explanation-driven style

    the role of mythology in understanding islands and the connections between isolation, belonging and creativity.

    the importance of decolonisation and decarbonisation in architectural practice and Mary’s interest in exploring new ways of building with sustainable materials and technologies

    parallels between island life in Ireland and Tasmania, highlighting shared experiences of living on the periphery and the creative freedom that comes with it, and

    reflections on future collaborations and the ongoing journey of exploring innovative approaches to architecture and design.

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    Ep 2: Cosimo Ferrigolo on fluid boundaries

    Ep 2: Cosimo Ferrigolo on fluid boundaries

    Cosimo Ferrigolo dissolves boundaries to challenge us to live in a more inclusive and inter-connected way. He speaks to us from his home-studio in Venice about how fluidity permeates his work.
    We met when I visited the Venice Biennale Architecturra last year. I was in Venice as one of five creative directors of the Australia Pavilion 2023 exhibition unsettling Queenstown.
    In this episode we cover:

    how living in Venice takes on a political meaning

    how Cosimo’s passion for architectural spaces shifted his career from theatre set design to performance art as he was more interested in listening to abandoned spaces than creating a set in a blank canvas

    Cosimo’s involvement in Metaforte, the former Austrian naval fort turned artists live-in studio, in the Venezia lagoon

    blurring the boundaries on fact and fiction,

    the periphery’s relationship with the centre, and

    Cosimo’s shared feeling between his work and childhood

    Cosimo Ferrigolo is a theatre stage manager and performance artist who studied architecture and urban design.
    His interest in how artists work in urban spaces and the stories they reveal is influenced by his background in theatre set design and performance studies. He always works collaboratively and uses an interdisciplinary approach to dissolve the boundaries of how we experience the world, raising more questions than providing answers.
    Since 2021 he has been the stage manager for the OHT theatre company. In 2020 he co-founded BARdaDino, a shared studio and cultural space in Venice. Since 2017 he has collaborated with MetaForte Association, a cultural urban regeneration project through art and housing in Cavallino-Treporti VE, Italy.

    • 34 min
    Ep 1: Collaboration in the Venetian Lagoon

    Ep 1: Collaboration in the Venetian Lagoon

    Independent curator Alice Ongaro Sartori collaborates with artists across the archipelago in the Venetian lagoon to develop site specific projects that focus on how art, ecology and the public sphere intersect. 
    In this first episode we cover:
    TBA21s Ocean Space, an arts foundation advocating for ocean literacy through art. With an international focus, it has found its home in Venice, and tries to find a balance between the global and local by working with Veneto artists, alongside those further afield,
    examples of site-specific arts projects in the lagoon; such as The Garden of the Unaccompanied Children and the Floating Cinema (people came together in 300+ gondolas in the lagoon to watch films),
    the importance of collaboration in Alice’s practice and how she values female power,
    how fascist imagery from the 1960s and 70s can be seen in popular culture today,
    and new African fiction being published by Venice-based publisher wetlands.
    Whether you are interested in how artists and curators respond to the social, political and environmental tensions within a place, or you are fascinated by the beauty and mythology of Venice, this episode promises to reveal another layer of Venice that can only be experienced by immersing yourself in the lagoon.
    Tune in to hear how the islands in the Venezia lagoon influence the psyche and the artistic imagination.

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