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Hi! I’m Elen Sentier, the heartful, badass coach and my passion is bringing out the “badass” in you.

I talk with lots of Power-Full (& badass!) Women on the podcast. They're amazing change-makers. and full of badass wisdom! And every one of them is Unique! They'll inspire you. You are Unique too! Let’s set the world on Fire!🔥❤️‍🔥🌋

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Hi! I’m Elen Sentier, the heartful, badass coach and my passion is bringing out the “badass” in you.

I talk with lots of Power-Full (& badass!) Women on the podcast. They're amazing change-makers. and full of badass wisdom! And every one of them is Unique! They'll inspire you. You are Unique too! Let’s set the world on Fire!🔥❤️‍🔥🌋

    My Power-Full Woman this week is Joan Lind

    My Power-Full Woman this week is Joan Lind

    I met Joan through Suzy Orr – see her episode – another powerful woman who runs the Unique Ladies networking groups.
    Joan is the CEO of trybooking, an international company based in the Lake District – how cool is that? What a fabulous place to run your company from!
    It’s a super simple-to-use event and ticket booking company – sort of similar to Eventbrite and such, but so much easier to use. And … it has one thing that’s huge for me, a Human Being at the end of the phone!
    I’m not the world’s best at using this type of program, and wading through generic how-to docs rarely answers my question. Imagine my delight when I began using trybooking, got in a muddle and discovered there was actually a phone number to call! And then, the phone was answered immediately, and the voice on the other end was a lovely Lancashire lady who asked how she could help me … listened to my problem … and spent the next hour helping me set up my account, the event, the home page, the ticketing, and everything.
    Of course, I was hooked.
    And that is Joan’s forte. She’s a power-full woman who believes in human beings, customer care, and really helping people. And not just her customers but her staff too. We had a really good chat about teamwork, being part of the team and – and I love this – Delegating Up!
    Joan talks about how delegation works best when the staff feel able to delegate up to the boss, where they can take their problem to the boss and know they’ll be heard, listened to and helped. Never put down or belittled. We talked too about how getting all the team involved in finding solutions to challenges really does work, and how listening to and encouraging staff to find new and creative ways to do things can really push the company forward. It inspires the staff too, makes them better and enlarges their skillset. And morale takes off! Not just for the staff but for the managers too.
    I love chatting with Joan, she’s had an amazing life which she shares with us here. And so many creative ways of doing business. One of the roles she loves best is being Entrepreneur in Residence at Lancaster University. It’s a great programme to help business students, and the teaching staff. Look it up, it’s very interesting.

    Contact Joan at …
    Trybooking and LinkedIn

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    My Powerful Woman this week is Rita Mendes.

    My Powerful Woman this week is Rita Mendes.

    My Power-Full Woman this time is Rita Mendes, an amazing marketing lady who lives in Lisbon, Portugal.Rita is a woman on a mission: to bring the human and authentic side to marketing – just precisely what I was looking for a few months back. I needed help with marketing but what I was finding didn’t fit my drivers at all.Then I saw this little video on LinkedIn – this young woman talking about marketing from the heart, from what drives you to do your business, not from money-profit motives.Rita founded Heartentic to do just that, to do marketing from the Heart. She believes that people buy WHY you do something, what you love, your values, not the thing that you do.So we talked. She told me, that's why you need to share your purpose with the world – so you can build your tribe of people that believe in the same things you believe. Because if not, you're just one more brand out there in the market. Generic doesn’t spin, but you do.That really struck me. I buy because I like the person doing the selling, because I feel a connection with them, because they inspire me. I’ll bet you do too.Rita talks about her WHY, what drives her, how she started Heartentic, what it’s about. And what she’s about because, as she says, we want to know Rita.So, if you are ready to humanise your marketing, give Rita a call. It's time to attract your ideal audience by being yourself, and saying goodbye to just being one more brand out there. Contact Rita through …LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/rita-m-mendesOr email rita.moraismendes@gmail.com And never miss an episode! Subscribe to the Badass Wisdom podcast and Power-Full Women

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    Tell Your Story

    Tell Your Story

    There’s something you probably don’t know about me:
    My passion is helping people tell their story.A
    nd I’m not just talking about the pretty and amazing moments. I’m including the bad bits. The challenges. The things that you somehow try to hide and forget.
    But you know, those are the ones that truly made you who you are today. And you’re thinking about that moment right now, aren’t you?
    So, my question to you today is:
    Why aren’t you sharing that with the world?· I
    s it because you think it makes you look weak?·
    Because people may see you’re not perfect?·
    Because it makes you look unprofessional?
    But, you know what? It makes you… HUMAN!
    And that’s how people connect with you.
    How cool is that?
    I know you’re ready for this. That’s why I know my upcoming 6-week group programme – Tell Your Story – is perfect for you.
    It begins 6 June
    Book Your Place at https://www.trybooking.co.uk/CJALTo know more go to https://www.elensentier.com/tell-your-story
    And there’s an Exclusive follow-up programme for all the participants.
    Let’s get Your Story on the road ✍️🦋😎

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    My Powerful Woman this week is Jules Chabeaux.

    My Powerful Woman this week is Jules Chabeaux.

    Jules is a wildlife artist whose picture I just love. And her whole connection with Nature is amazing too, that’s how she can paint such living pictures. Jules said to me before we started the show, “I had a very close encounter with a beautiful big Buzzard this morning who flew right down in front of me and almost hovered over me, looking at me…. just breath-taking.” That showed me so much about Jules, and about how we connect. Jules is all about being connected – and she’s a successful artist and business woman too. A power-full example of how to live-with the natural world and our modern one at the same time. She shares her “Weekly Wildlife Wisdom” Live on Instagram each week, telling us about – and showing us! – the energetic and unique wisdom each species brings to the World, and how we can learn from that how to better balance our lives. Jules is an animal communicator, tunes in deeply with animals individually and collectively. Her ancestors are predominantly Scottish with a hint of Irish and Welsh and that’s always called to her heart, so she feels a deep into the Celtic wisdom that knows nature and animals are our elders. Read her book “The Purpose of Species – Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond” for more, it’s on Amazon under her pen name of Julie Lines. Heads-Up – Jules and I are going to be doing a collaboration webinar, maybe a whole series, beginning in the early summer. Watch out for it here on my Badass Wisdom YouTube channel! Connect with Jules at …https://www.juleschabeaux.com/https://www.facebook.com/juleschabeauxhttps://www.instagram.com/juleschabeauxartist/ Never miss an episode! Subscribe to Badass Wisdom and Power-Full Women.And connect with me athttps://www.linkedin.com/in/elensentier/https://www.facebook.com/elensentierhttps://www.instagram.com/elensentier009/

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    Wild Inside 02 With Robyn Harris

    Wild Inside 02 With Robyn Harris

    Robyn Harris and I talking Wild Inside. This time, we're talking about jobs ...
    About if we need to do everything ourselves. Or perhaps it's best to do what makes our own hearts sing and offer jobs we're less good at to others who really enjoy doing them. It's about sharing. About doing what we each do well.
    We talk about how animals do this. Wolves are super good at it. In a pack each wolf has her or his own job and they have them because that's what they're good at, not because they're ordered to. Other animals work the same way. They have jobs and they enjoy doing them. We can learn so much from the way animals work.
    We also talk about how animals show us when we drop our energy, when we become calm. We've seen how horses will lie down and completely relax I took the retreat participants to visit with my colleagues' rescue horses. When we came, the retreaters were very excited, then we went to visit my friend's stone circle. The horses were stand around watching, all except one who lay down. The retreaters tuned into the circle and their energies slowed down, they became calm and, as they did, all the horses lay down around them.
    It's what James French teaches, to calm ourselves and so create a calm atmosphere around us. The horses showed us we'd done that. And we learned from them.
    We learned too that we can lower our energy, become calm, that stress and anxiety fall away then, we find we can see clearer, get our perspective back.
    We can learn so much by watching and noticing animals. It's part of allowing the wild inside us to speak to us, and learn from that.
    Join us next month for more Wild Insides.

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    You Are Unique

    You Are Unique

    As Oscar Wilde said: Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken …That’s so true! But being your real self can be really hard. So many things get in our way. And too often, nothing like enough support! Are you really You?Are you living your Heart and Core values?Does the idea of doing so come with a whole load of “Ye-ess … but …”I did for me for many years until I found a good Co-Pilot to hep me. And support me!I really couldn’t manage on my own. I know that goes for many others too.How about you?Are you still struggling away on your own? As I was co-piloted I now offer that to others – contact me https://calendly.com/elensentier/15min Let’s get Your show on the road 😊 Follow my Soul in Business podcast & Power-Full Women YouTube for regular solo and guest podcasts that can help you Be a Shit Creek Survivor.

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