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    Behind the Bench Episode 12 - Christmas Cheer

    Behind the Bench Episode 12 - Christmas Cheer

    It's been a whole year of podcasts from Gaz, John and Franny, a year full of laughs and stories and memories. 
    so the guys got together to just have a chat about the past year, and some topics that they wouldn't ordinarily get to talk about. Some of the things to look forward to in this episode:
    - John Donovan Bingo is completed in record time
    - We discuss who was the best draftee, Hand or Kirk?
    - Franny's Face Time addiction.
    - Where did the idea come from for Wally night? 
    - and what is the structure of a hockey player at Christmas time?
    This and a whole lot more. Thank you so much for your support of the podcast over the past 12 months, here's to many more episodes to come. 

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Behind the Bench Episode 11 - Rowe-ling back the years

    Behind the Bench Episode 11 - Rowe-ling back the years

    With John Donovan unfortunately able to Join the episode this week, a search was on for a replacement, who better to step in than one of the Best Cyclists in the world and HUGE (Credit: Aled Lloyd) Cardiff Devils Fan Luke Rowe!
    Luke talks about how he has found the Devils and when his first game was, his fondest memories of the Big Blue Tent, some of his favorite players, and just some damn fine general hockey chat. 
    In this Episode! 
    - Luke Rowe owes the Devils money - Find out why! 
    - Luke Talks up why the Big Blue Tent is one of his most favorite ever sporting venue! 
    - We uncover Streatham Redskins and Fife Flyers legend Vincent Lukac!
    - And we take a tour around Luke Rowe's hockey man cave.
    - And listeners it's over to you, just who's stick does Luke have? We need to find the owner of this mystery piece of hockey memorabilia. 
    So what are you waiting for? Get listening to one of the best sportsman in the world, talk about one of the best sports in the world. 
    P.S the title of this episode was all Neil Francis idea! 

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Behind the Bench Episode 10 - Part 2 - The Superleague year

    Behind the Bench Episode 10 - Part 2 - The Superleague year

    In this episode we breakdown the run down of the inaugural Superleague title race that the Devils would eventually win (spoiler!)
    along the way of course, there are some diversions! mainly silly stories, so in this episode you can expect
    - WNIR Stock check
    - The Japanese hockey sensation 'Cannonball'
    - Paul Heavey vs a Bin
    -Bob Phillips serial blinder....
    and many many more. Give us a listen!

    • 45 min
    Behind the Bench Episode 10 - Part 1 - The Superleague year

    Behind the Bench Episode 10 - Part 1 - The Superleague year

    British Ice Hockey went through it's biggest ever change in the summer of 1996, 8 clubs broke away from the British Ice Hockey Association to form the Superleague, a new league that had an unlimited cap on Imports and Expenditure.
    It heralded the highest level of hockey Britain had ever seen, and the Cardiff Devils and the Sheffield Steelers went head to head to try and win it.
    In Part 1:
    - Franny talks about his adventure to Graz 
    - We give the background on the 8 clubs who broke away 
    - Scott Dobben takes us off his Christmas Card list
    - and we find out who scored the second ever Superleague goal.

    • 44 min
    Behind the Bench Episode 9 part 2 - Pre season special

    Behind the Bench Episode 9 part 2 - Pre season special

    We roll into part 2 of the pre season special and we are looking at things a bit closer to home..... Relive the madness that was Andrew Conboy's debut..... as Gaz, John and Franny take you back through some of the most memorable Pre season incidents. 
    In this Episode:
    - What happens when a game ends with a Devils player headbutting an opponent and that's not even the most weird thing to happen?
    - What film does John deem appropriate to show a bunch of hockey players from Denmark on a bus trip from Heathrow? 
    - Deeds, Danton and the birth of Twitter in the EIHL. 
    - Coventry pre season Memories
    - and what on earth are Sneaky Saturdays? 
    and a whole lot more! Download and Subscribe now! 

    • 49 min
    Behind The Bench Episode 9 part 1 - Devils on tour

    Behind The Bench Episode 9 part 1 - Devils on tour

    It's pre season in British Ice Hockey, a time for teams to forge new game plans, invite new players into the fold, and for those players to ease gently into life in their new surroundings, of course, it doesnt always work out like this.....
    In This Episode, Gaz, John and Franny look back at some of the Devils pre season tours away from British Soil, breaking down some of the funniest and memorable pre season moments and the real story behind what went on in Devils locker rooms in those early season periods, in this episode: 
    - The Return of One Punch! 
    - What really happened at meet the players evening in 2006
    - The debut of Disco Stu in Devils colours
    - And the corruption of Steve - O. 
    All this and so much more in Behind the Bench with Neil Francis! 

    • 44 min

Customer Reviews

Duke Aardvark ,

A great listen

The sort of podcast that you feel if you went for a pint with it, it would spring for the kebabs after too and wouldn’t grumble if you ordered a large.

Interesting tales told interestingly by entertaining folks. Recommended


Devil Worshipers United.

Great show full of stories from the past and present. Absolutely hilarious at times to listen too. Very educational for those new to the Cardiff Devils fan base. Keep up the good work. DEVILS...DEVILS...DEVILS

roogywoogy ,

Lovely stuff

Excellent podcast. The content changed my life. And that franny guy is one sexy beast,as is the other 2 👌

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