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Laura Kuenssberg and Katya Adler join Adam Fleming and Chris Mason for some geeky gossip about Brexit from Westminster and Brussels (warning: there may be some biscuit chat).

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Laura Kuenssberg and Katya Adler join Adam Fleming and Chris Mason for some geeky gossip about Brexit from Westminster and Brussels (warning: there may be some biscuit chat).

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4.6 out of 5
2.7K Ratings

2.7K Ratings

Two Ton Ted from Teddington ,

The Lisbon Treaty

From what I understand, the UK has signed up to the Lisbon Treaty, whereby:-

All member states will lose their rights of veto in 2020.

The EU has propsed that the UK will lose it's rebate in 2020. So all the hoo-ha about a number Boris put on a bus (£350M per week) would become irrelevant if the UK remains in the EU.

Eurovision_fan ,

Brexitcast - Back and Fourth

-September 2019 Update-

The deadlines up, extensions have been made and remade, and potentially about to be made again - if this was a child handing in their homework, they would have been brought up in front of the Headteacher by now.

Brexitcast still going as strong as ever, and now on TV...yippeee!
I’ll be awaiting the first TV broadcast when any of the team could be on location wether that be Laura in a car park in a taxi; climbing every mountain with Katya, or Buried in Binders with Adam - all whilst Chris is either swapping nappies for napkins or vice-versa... bonus points to any presenter can start a TV broadcast with ... “This is London, calling Brussels/Strasbourg/(whichever town/city/village/complex Katya is in this week) can we have your votes please”.

A concise (compared to the number or hours spent on regular news media and social media) round-up of the week’s movement for the Brexit Negotiations and its Hashing and Rehashing of documents.
It really does help me keep a breast of the ever changing tides of Brexit, which I can then use when people ask me what’s going on whilst at work or elsewhere.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, I can’t see this podcast ending soon... 3 years and counting... now where’s our cake?

~March 2019 Update: Brexitcast the Third~

After following this podcast since the heady days of the 2017 election - I have listened to this podcast; not because I'm nerd in need of a political fix like some starved junkie; but because despite working in a sector that has ties with the EU System; being so low down the chain - i only get fed titbits at meetings (once they’ve been matured and half-decided) unless i overhear stuff from my senior managers from my seat.
But by listening to this podcast; i can sort of gather what they might be discussing.

Not long after the referendum (6 months - seems like a drop in the ocean since) I was asked to do a presentation to try and put Brexit in language those who are non-political could understand; and I admit i was using information and opinions I garnered by listening to Brexitcast - as there are so many sources across the continent; i would probably still be writing it now.

But Brexitcast can (unlike myself) somewhat condense all that information into an podcast of less than an hour in length.

It helps me get a brief overview on my way to the office. And when people ask me how do i keep up to date with all the Brexit news - I point them directly to Brexitcast.

Thank you all: Chris, Adam, Katya and Laura

(Electioncast is dead, long live Brexitcast - 2nd Review)
So we've now moved to 'Brexitcast' -

For those who are interested in the ever changing speeds of movement within the Brexit Negotiations, claims and counterclaims - this is the podcast for you.

Politics can be considered a dry, dull subject - but the BBC Politics and 5 Live team have found a way of making it interesting and relatable in slightly fun and quirky ways without being too frivolous, facetious, or flippant.

And with a guaranteed service of (at least) 2 years... it's best to settle down in a comfy Italian leather backed armchair; or snuggling in bed under your French duck down duvet - because we're in it for the long haul... assuming their are no blockades at the Channel Tunnel.


The Birth of Electioncast (1st Update)

During the June 2017 Election (you never know if we'll have one in Nov/Dec) - I found the amount of twists and turns nigh on impossible to keep track of on Social Media and Traditional Media.

So I downloaded this app (partially from an advert on the Comedy Election Podcast) just to try it out - and I enjoyed the brevity the team were able to sum up 24hrs of electioneering into a convenient package.

With the turmoil that has been the car-crash election for Mrs May - the Post-Election Cast has also been gratefully received.

(I do hope the BBC Politics and 5 Live team decided to make this a regular podcast - if not Daily perhaps weekly)

fussgangerzone ,

Illuminating, funny and compassionate

What I love most about Brexitcast is its lightness of tone. Somehow the Fab Four manage to take events seriously without taking themselves too seriously. Every episode makes me feel better informed but not overwhelmed or depressed. I also love the way the whole thing is underpinned by a sense of compassion and understanding for all the actors. I don’t know how you pull this off, but it’s exactly what we need right now - thank you!

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