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    Lessons in story-telling from Steve Earle

    Lessons in story-telling from Steve Earle

    Brand story telling has its origins in a post advertising world but much of what it is can be traced back to story telling and songwriting. Success leaves clues and Steve Earle leaves plenty across a body of work that spans half a century.
    How can your brand story be influenced by the work of one of country-musics most iconic, controversial and durable songwriters?

    Referenced in the podcast:
    - Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey
    - Park Howell www.businessofstory.com
    - Dave Linton www.madlug.com
    - Randy Olsen, Houston We have a narrative
    - Donald Millar, Building A Story Brand
    - Steve Earle and The Del McCory Band, The Mountain,

    • 21 min
    The Blind Fiddler and the sport of kings

    The Blind Fiddler and the sport of kings

    The Irish playwright, Marie Jones has a strong body of work - most notably for me, Stones in His Pockets and the Blind Fiddler.

    My introduction to hurling followed the path of the Blind Fiddler - an introduction to one of the worlds sporting masterpieces, The All-Ireland hurling final.

    The weekend past, Tyrone and Ireland lost a sporting legend - Damian Casey, reminiscent of the death of Cormac McAnallen who died in 2004.

    A sad day for his family, friends, for those that played for and against him and for those that looked one rom the sidelines.

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    Shift Control Podcast, Episode 4 Noel Slane: creating a high performance sales culture

    Shift Control Podcast, Episode 4 Noel Slane: creating a high performance sales culture

    Over the course of this and the last series of podcasts, I had tried to uncover some of what it takes to build high performing teams in sales - more often than not, talking about improving performance in a way that is both relevant and meaningful to business owners and sales management in the SME sector.

    In this episode I talk with Noel Slane from Irish start up, Food Guard. Noel has experience and an excellent track record when it comes to high performance sales and building high performance sales teams.

    From his recent experience with US based Cyber Security Company, #OPSWAT and in his latest start up FoodGuard, Noel talks about building teams from the bottom up - recruiting for values over academia, achieving stellar sales performance and building an SDR team in Carrickmore, Co Tyrone who sell into some of the toughest markets in the world - Defence, Public Sector, Bio-pharma, Finance....

    Noel shares some valuable insights that would benefit business owners, sales directors, C-suite leaders as well as those sales people who are keen to improve their own performance.

    The common thread in many of these podcasts is culture and the importance of values that resonate amongst the sales team - not just for the sales team but also the business owners and directors. Noel shares his experience of a number of companies - some that get it right and some that don't.

    Check out Noel's new business www.foodguard.ie

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    The Law Of The Instrument and Emotional Intelligence

    The Law Of The Instrument and Emotional Intelligence

    The Law of The Instrument is a cognitive bias based on - "if you only have a hammer, then everything is a nail."

    For years in sales all I had was features, benefits and questions - and not always the right kind of questions either.

    Today organisations and customers expect more from their sales contacts - much more. Features and benefits, whilst having some importance are irrelevant if the seller is unable to build rapport with the buyer.

    Asking questions brings 'interrogation' to mind. And by all accounts that type of thing is unpleasant.

    In this podcast I talk about the importance of 'curiosity' and understanding "the picture in the other persons head."

    And an entry discussion to emotional intelligence...

    Thanks for reading and for listening.

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    Superficial appeasement, technology and sales' basics

    Superficial appeasement, technology and sales' basics

    Excuse the rant about Johnny Depp, Heard, The Jubilee and the rising cost of living as the lead into a discussion on the effective use of technology in a sales environment and the basics requirements for effective sales.

    Many businesses that we work with use technology sparingly across their business development efforts - others try anything once, retaining what's effective.

    We try and get sales teams to think about getting the customer offline as soon as possible and into a 1-2-1 engagement.

    For business to business sales the human interaction is as important now as it ever was. Foolish to predict the future but if technology has a place in your sales operation it needs to be imbedded into a foundation that includes the very basic sales principles and processes.

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    Shift Control Podcast. Episode 3; Kevin Young, Compassionate Inquiry

    Shift Control Podcast. Episode 3; Kevin Young, Compassionate Inquiry

    Kevin Young is a practitioner and counsellor in Compassionate Inquiry. Based in Northern Ireland, Kevin works closely with Dr Gabor Maté and works with teams and individuals throughout the world.

    He has a lifetime experience working in sales and sales management, working for corporates as well as being self-employed - he now coaches, offers counselling and mentoring as well as undertaking the important roles of husband and father as well as being a musician.

    We talk about the major challenge facing business of any size - recruitment and retention, which predictably takes us into the world of cultural transformation and perhaps unpredictably the world of emotional wellbeing.

    Days off work due to emotional stress and mental health causes the Uk economy £70 Billion a year - it's an unavoidable discussion.

    Kevin can be found art www.in-mynd.com.

    He's also hosting a retreat at the end of June in Strangford - amazing location, incredible venue and just the kind of content your mind and body needs, even if you don't know it.

    • 1 hr 20 min

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4.8 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

trueblondegod ,

Everyone needs to listen to this.

Not into football but the values are incredibly transferable!
Blowing my mind every 30 seconds theres incredible point raising thoughts and solid concepts. Everything from leadership to man management.
Amazing to see personally the worst managers / businesses do the exact opposite of these behaviours!
Saved this to revisit on multiple more occasions!


Gregory Bradley ,

"No means, not yet"

One of the most important thing you ever taught me was "no, means not yet" keep er lit

Conor Devine ,


Great effort Paul - enjoyed all of your PC to date in particular my own :) - Keep up the great and mighty work. #Fortunefavoursthebold

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