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A podcast for the inner science nerd in everyone. A little bit of laughs and a whole lot of exciting topics we can't wait to get into!

But... Why‪?‬ Quincy & elsa

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A podcast for the inner science nerd in everyone. A little bit of laughs and a whole lot of exciting topics we can't wait to get into!

    Eyes... Are Flawed?

    Eyes... Are Flawed?

    Welcome back to another episode that is SO FAR OVERDUE. So sorry about that but hopefully you enjoy another one of Elsa's segments on Evolution and the different evidence we see to support it. Strap in for a wild ride because there is a LOT of information but it will fulfill your nerdy fantasy. ENJOY!

    If you're interested in talking with us or recommending a topic, email us at thebutwhynerds@gmail.com !

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Fish... Are the Future?

    Fish... Are the Future?

    Hey Everyone! After a long hiatus (yes, we realize we only had 2 episodes up, but we do what we can),  WE ARE BACK! This episode was filmed right before the Holidays but with some technical difficulties, here we are now in 2021.

    We hope you enjoy this episode on Aquaculture and hopefully you like fish more than elsa!

    Some links to the research below:










    Picture Sources:





    • 58 min
    Evolution... Begins!

    Evolution... Begins!

    Evolution is a HUGE topic but we really wanted to TRY and give a background of how the study of biology started and the acceptance of the theory of evolution through time. We will have SO many more episodes on this topic but for now, we hope you enjoy!

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Science... RULES

    Science... RULES

    Welcome to our FIRST EVER podcast! We hope you enjoy your stay here. We wanted to let you guys know a bit about who we are and explain why we thought this podcast could add value to the world. As junior scientists ourselves (BSc in Biochemistry/Biology), we've come to realize that the media often misrepresents scientific topics. Often, either not enough information is found or it is very misleading. We want to explain a lot of the topics you might hear about but never fully understood! Join us for this opening podcast as we go over some very important terms that are essential tools in a scientist's tool belt and examples of how the media get it wrong. We hope you enjoy and let us know what topics you'd like to hear!

    • 1 hr 4 min