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Changing Faces is all about different mixes every week. Rather than sticking with one genre, we’re all about mixing it up and changing the styles in every episode.

We’re all about having something different every week to showcase great music from artists across the globe. This is a radio show that will feel like a radio station.

We don't stick to one formula. Dance music is changing, and we are changing with it.

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Changing Faces is all about different mixes every week. Rather than sticking with one genre, we’re all about mixing it up and changing the styles in every episode.

We’re all about having something different every week to showcase great music from artists across the globe. This is a radio show that will feel like a radio station.

We don't stick to one formula. Dance music is changing, and we are changing with it.

    139 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Pavzo

    139 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Pavzo

    Before we start, how are you doing? We hope you’re well and keeping your spirits up…

    Anyway let’s crack on with the show! Warren Vino is back in the house and he’s the provider of the 1st mix which gives us some of that dosage of his soulful sounds and groovy nature. He also mentioned that he enjoys reading these little posts per episode so he’s probably reading this right now. Hi Warren!

    Lately we’ve really been blown away by our Spotlight Special submissions, how diverse and creative some of the sounds are, and we continue that fashion with a fabulous track from Jones Meadow!

    Finishing off proceedings with a guest mixer who Warren knows well, as he’s been playing a few of his tracks already! We welcome Pavzo to CFRS ladies and gents!

    Deep House Mix:

    Kisk – Phunkadelic, Nikitich & Kuna Maze – ZBRA (Pablo Valentino Remix), Cassette For Kids – Run Hide, Local Options – Drive & Swing, Zito Mowa – Dilo S’tfong, Lay-Far – Embrace The Contradictions, Will Buck – I Think It’s Too Late, T.Markarkis – That Jazz Feeling, Pavzo – The Jazz Bar, Rawdio – Friends, Sweely – Around, Demuir – Big Mon Ting (Dub)

    Spotlight Special: Jones Meadow – Confuse


    Ky William – Make It Better, Pavzo – Azure, Gabriel Evoke – Justice, Jess Bays – Get High, BADEO – Atomic, Pavzo – Velocity, Den Haas – Whatever It Is (James Dexter & ANOTR Remix), Dubclap – High, George Mensah – Thief In The Night (Max Chapman Remix), Pavzo – Hypnosis, Luis Caballero – No, No, No (Acid Kids Remix), Ensall – Disllusioned

    Don’t click them all at once:


    @jonesmeadow_official (IG)

    @pavzomusic (IG)


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    138 With A.M.B – Special Guest: Matt Elms

    138 With A.M.B – Special Guest: Matt Elms

    Winter preparations are ongoing right now and in the midst of all this…we have A.M.B back with us!

    Amber has also been busy of late, applying the finishing touches to her new artist website which is due to be called ambselects.com (Go check it out RIGHT after you’ve checked our this latest episode. Thats an order!). Whilst all of that is going on, Amber has been back on the decks and has SELECTED some SELECTIONS for her SELECTS mix and errrr SELECT…

    Anyway after we hear the mixing pleasures of A.M.B, she tells us about our latest Spotlight Special submission, coming in the form of a retro video game sound style courtesy of Sentient State…it’s a real wild one!

    After the mind bending break, we hear our latest guest mixer who is DEFINING what a guest mix truly is. It’s Defined Music boss Matt Elms y’alllllll…

    House Mix:

    Hobbs & Roukin – Game Plan, Jarred Gallo – Eyes On The Prize, Claborg – Destruction, David Penn & Kevin McKay – Hallelujah, Peter Heller – Big Love (Dr Packer Rework), Disco Incorporated – Barry (Black Soul Music Mix), Krystal Klear – Dedication, Lupe Fuentes – Boogie Wonderland, Format:B – Chunky, Tensnake – Coma Cat, Charles Feelgood & DJ Dan – Funky Mood, Joey Negro – Groovin You (Masons Revenge Mix), Block And Crown – Makes Me Love You, Mark Funk, Danny Cruz & Mirko And Meex – Keep On Groovin

    Spotlight Special: Sentient State – Fear Is The Mind Killer

    Matt Elms:

    Kisch – Bright Lights, Guest Who & James Godfrey – Never Lie, Morgin Madison – All In My Head, Keepin It Heale Feat. Natalie Major – Another Lover, Ethan James – All I Need, Robin S Vs CASSIMM – Show Me Love 2020 (CASSIMM 2020 Extended Mix), Bjørn Beck – Every Single Time, Jay Will – Time To Go, Nu Projekt – It’s Only You, Haydon Eccles & Bianca Kinane – Missing, Ian Storm & Ron Van Den Beuken – Clocks, Charlie Lane – What I Need, Aaron North – Separate Ways, MUUS – What We Do, BACATME – Shake It Girl (Club Edit), PS1 – Fake Friends (Damon Hess Remix), Pansil – Sun On The Ocean, Rare Candy – Holding Me Down, Josh Dorey – With You

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    137 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Darin Epsilon

    137 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Darin Epsilon

    Yeah you read that title right, we got DJ Dan Singh back and he’s got another top guest with him!

    Following a superb house mix from the Dan man, he’s come back to us with some fresh music simulate what he would play if he was in a club…and if the club was open, and a night was on…and people were there having fun, and well you get the idea…we miss clubbing.

    After we hear our preliminary first mix courtesy of our DJ Dan Singh, we get to hear WHO is in our Spotlight this week, for our mid show Spotlight Special, which comes from a collaboration between Starkillers and Andrea Godin.

    Follow up? Oh yeah babehhhhh we got danger man Darin Epsilon in the house and he’s got some pumping delight music for the final part of our show, and it’s an absolute cracker!

    Progressive mix

    Deadmau5 Feat. Kaskade – I Remember (Paul Sawyer Rerub), Fur Coat – Rebirth (Album Version), Mind Of One & Nick Hayes – Frontrunner (Extended Mix), Dhylen – Emerald, Dmitry Molosh – Elision, Last95 – Zvezdara, Basil O’Glue, Paul Angelo & Don Argento – Eris, Magic Place – Miracle, Stan Kolev – Earthlings, Tash & Paul Anthonee – Glorious, King Joshua – Idolized, D-Nox & Stan Kolev – Passion, Jose Maria Ramon & William Medagli – Canto Ancestrale (Rafa’EL Remix), Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved (Paul Sawyer Unofficial Remix), Raphael Mader Feat. Fini – Grace Of Colours (Lost In Darkness Mix), Starkato – Zoology

    Spotlight Special: Starkillers & Andrea Godin – I Think I Like You

    Darin Epsilon:

    Alexander Alar & Sonita – Tokyo (Cherry (UA) Remix), Betical – Icon (Shall Ocin Remix), Mode Apart – Voyage (Space Motion Remix), I.R.A.L.I – Jorneyss, Drumstone – Antares, Armin Van Buuren & AVIRA – Illusion, Einmusik – Dragonfly, Stefan Addo – Everything (D-Nox & Flow & Zeo Remix), Douglas Greed Feat. Odd Beholder – Numbers (Kolsch Remix), Kevin De Vries – Dragon Of Eden, Da Fresh & Randy Seidman – On It, Damon Jee & Ravintsara – Medea, Darin Epsilon – Lusatia, Moby – My Only Love (Lunar Plane Remix)

    Peek a boo:







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    136 With James Chang – Special Guest: AKKI

    136 With James Chang – Special Guest: AKKI

    Boss man James Chang comes back to mix something delightful for us once again gaaaaang…

    Aside from running the radio show, James has been busy finishing up some fresh new deep house music, which he is showcasing in this first mix which is pretty neat, as you lot get to hear his stuff for the first time!

    After we hear the first part of the show, we’re then hearing what’s been sent to us for our Spotlight Special, and boyyyyy have you got to brace yourself for this one! Super energy from start to finish.

    After the break…well the super ENERGETIC break…we hear from a returning artist! Because once a guest always a guest. NYC based AKKI comes to us with some fresh music for us to hear.

    Deep House Mix

    COEO – Sunkist, Flatt Matt – Solitude, Groove Armada – For You, Mathias Kaden – Ikenga (DeWalta’s Distance Remix), Mr. G – Precious Cargo (Mr. G’s Out Dub), Mr. V – The Revolution, Spiritchaser – Not Far, James Chang – Mahon, Rodriguez Jr. – 1PM Sunrise, Geddes & Mic Newman – Solaris (Anonym Mix), Hostom – B, James Chang – ID, Laszlo Dancehall – Tide Out, Mr. V – The Loving Memory

    Spotlight Special: Aria Rostami – That Internet Mouse Face


    Charles Mingus – Myself When I’m Real, Nils Frahm – All Armed, Tunnelvisions – Guava, Timba Feat. Kazuyo Shionoiri – Kino Todo, Panooc – Monoimi (Sean Cormac Remix), Pangaea – Like This, PEACE MAKER! Feat. Nostalgix – Don’t Really Care, Codes, Truth x Lies – Stand Clear, Jubilee – I Don’t Think So, Daedelus – Fettle (QRTR Remix), Prospa – Corrosion, Chris Lake & Lee Foss – Lies, Deception And Fantasy, Octo Octa – Move Your Body, Shygirl – Freak, Asquith – Let Me (Rave Mix), Body Ocean – Within Reach, Casmalia – Four Letter Word, Kutiman – Awake In The Rain, Inigo Vontier – Bo Ni Ke (Nicola Cruz Remix), Alkalino – All Lies In The Hands Of The People (Version 1), Pirate Copy – This Time, Mitch Dodge – Body Breaks, JYNX & Missy – My Wig, Bonobo & TEED – Heartbreak, OTHERLiiNE – Chimes (George FitzGerald x Lil Silva Remix), Jamie xx – All Under One Roof Raving

    Take a peep if you will:





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    135 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Dunmore Brothers

    135 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Dunmore Brothers

    It’s an episode paaaaacked with music that will make you describe it as funky, soulful, groovy, BESPOKE maybe…

    Yep, after recent smooth mixes by Mr Vino himself, he’s back once again to deliver and his first mix holds that signature style that he always brings to the table…or party even.

    Even though he missed the recent photoshoot (Video is available on our YouTube channel), he certainly makes up for it with this mix (Don’t worry though, we’ll do another video when we get him!).

    At the middle of the show we get to hear the latest Spotlight Special and it’s real beauty from Eauxmar…there’s not much else to say other than that…it’s just a beauty of a track.

    We then finish up with a special guest mix from the Dunmore Brothers, as they spin up some of their favourites.

    Deep House Mix:

    Frits Wentik – Everybody Knows, Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa – Different Rhythms, Chris Stussy – Be Real (Edmund Remix), The Checkup – I’m Burning, Studioheist – Directions, Saison & JT Donaldson – This Must Be Deep, Paula & Moonrocket – Reciprocity (Richard Earnshaw Remix), Blakey – Real Life (Sebb Junior Remix), Tiger Stripes – Rasmus Plays Marimba (Dirty Secretz Remix), Anil Aras – Mad Houz, Tommy Noir – Love house, Demuir – Nice & Dutty (How Yo Bawdy II)

    Spotlight Special: Eauxmar – Opal

    Dunmore Brothers:

    Laolu – Many Faces, Cubicolor – No Dancers (Adam Port Remix), Michelle Cartello – Liquid Summer O Luv (Oscar P & Ivan Re-Touch), Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Vermillion (&Me Remix), Daniel Rateuke, Kadosh & Ivory – Endless, Mr V – Fire La Chocha (David Mayer Remix), Floyd Lavine – Masala (Pablo Fierro Remix), TB – Night Heat (Gerd Janson Remix), Kim Ann Foxman – It’s You That Drives Me Wild (Maya Jane Coles Remix), Joyce Muniz – Back In The Days, Mr V – Jus Dance (Claude Monet Remix), Oscar P – Dirty Talk (Norty Cotto Raunchy Remix), Nasser Baker – Say Something, Laroz Feat. Sheera – Under Your Skin

    Spy on them:





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    134 With A.M.B – Special Guest: Sinner & James

    134 With A.M.B – Special Guest: Sinner & James

    Ayyyyy Emmmm Beeeeee is making waves again in an episode that is guaranteed to transport you to your nearest dancefloor…

    Even though most places will be closed, we’re still providing with some party themed sounds to get you feeling good, pumped and pleasant. A.M.B selects some of her favourites and it features some of her signature styles with those sampled vocals and groovy rhythms.

    Part way through the show you know what we do…Spotlight Special babehhhh…this time round we hear from returning guest Jay Hill with her latest fresh tune.

    We then finish off with another returning guest! because we believe that ‘Once a guest, always a guest’ so we welcome back Toronto duo, Sinner & James!

    Minimal Tech House Mix:

    Relativ – What About, Politics Of Dancing – Sway, Carter (UK) – My Beat, Charlie Banks – Later, Dimmish – Everyday, Jizz – Road Again, Neverdogs & Spencer Kennedy – Wednesday, Sidney Charles – Groovy Mushroom, Josu Freire – Distorsion, Deiver – Hit The Beat, Sanel – No Stop, Politics Of Dancing – MAchines

    Spotlight Special: Jay Hill – Life Is A Beautiful Day

    Sinner & James:

    Galleon, Tonky & Josh Creek – U Got Me, Alaia & Gallo Feat. Ella – Your Reality, Jeky Saviro – Yes I Do, Sinner & James – Just Wanted To Dance, Dino DZ & Ted Funke – What’s That Called, Andy Bach – Right Now, Black Legend Project – For You (Dub Mix), Superlover & Baum – Bumper, Tanera – Magic Underwear (Kevin McKay Extended Mix), Sinner & James – Muzik 4 Lawnchairs, Roland Clark Pres. Urban Soul – President House (Sinner & James Remix), Wrigley – Together (Club Mix), Sllash & Doppe & Wh0 – The Fire

    Click and seeeeee:





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5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

cat.sntnn ,

Great Show

Changing faces is a great podcast model. We need more shows that showcase new great music. Definitely a show to listen to

Amb_dj_ ,

Great guys and great shows!

Loving tunes, variety and the ethos of changing faces! Big up the team that puts it all together!

TJ Kenzo ,


These guys are great, changing faces is an amazing feature and it brings to light SICK music you may not have come across yourself. It’s a real game changer, I’d recommend giving the station a try, you’ll thank me

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