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ClashMusic's Dj Mix Podcast series aims to provide free Dj Mixes from the leading lights and hottest newcomers in the Dance music scene. To hear, and download, any of our earlier, 100 plus mixes, visit - http://www.clashmusic.com/feature/dj-mix-podcast

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ClashMusic's Dj Mix Podcast series aims to provide free Dj Mixes from the leading lights and hottest newcomers in the Dance music scene. To hear, and download, any of our earlier, 100 plus mixes, visit - http://www.clashmusic.com/feature/dj-mix-podcast

    ClashMusic Dj Mix - Reso

    ClashMusic Dj Mix - Reso

    Beat-mangler Reso buys us a one-way ticket to a frenetic, dancefloor-crushing future in this week’s Clash mix.

    Known for his forward-thinking outlook and ability to warp D&B, jagged dubstep, breaks, breakcore and electronica into maniacally dystopian dance tracks, the producer has released a string of hard-hitting EPs and 12”s over the years before finally releasing his full-length debut album ‘Tangram’ in 2012. As expected it packed a helluva punch and has just been remixed by an impressive cast of beat-heads, including Drop The Lime, Starkey and Om Unit.

    Reso takes his love of dark, techy stylings and runs with it for his Clash mix, revelling in malevolent, bassy D&B and hectic, hyper-glitched beats, also dipping his toe into more ambient D&B, twisted breaks and grime along the way. A proper face-melter of a mix.

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    Nick Monaco

    Nick Monaco

    Soul Clap Records signee Nick Monaco takes us on a low-slung, funky journey for the latest Clash DJ podcast.

    Firmly established as part of the Soul Clap family as the duo begin charting releases on their new label, San Franciscan DJ and producer Nick Monaco’s heady electronic funk – at times reminiscent of Jimmy Edgar – also caught the attention of Claude VonStroke last year, who signed one of his tracks to a Dirtybird ‘Hatched’ comp.

    Monaco is creative but not precious in his music tastes, as his Clash mix demonstrates. There’s a Happy Mondays remix, a Busta Rhymes acapella (shedding light on his hip hop background) and Cameo’s nostalgic eighties funk journey, ‘Single Life’, sitting next to underground psyche-funkist Architeq, garage-house duo Maribou State, hip house act Wolf + Lamb, and plenty of Monaco’s own – very strong – tracks. It’s an upfront, undeniable mix, injected with soul and passion. Keep an eye out for Monaco’s rise.

    Nick Monaco’s ‘Naked Is My Nature’ EP is out in February on Soul Clap Records.

    Nick Monaco tracklist

    1. Opposite Sex - Nick Monaco
    2. Key West (Break) - Kasso
    3. Last Night's Definition of Touch - Soul:ID
    4. Mind Games (Feat. Ilija Rudman) - Architeq
    5. Step On (Remix '91) (Break) - Happy Mondays
    6. Freaks of the Industry - Dubblestandart
    7. Butterfly (Acapella) - Nick Monaco
    8. Intimate Connection (Break) - Kleer
    9. My Baby's Back (Dubapella) - Nick Monaco
    10. My Baby's Back - Nick Monaco
    11. Single Life (12” Mix) - Cameo
    12. Golden Mind (Pional Remix) - Debukas
    13. Party Therapy - Nick Monaco
    14. The Animal Inside (Acapella) - Nick Monaco
    15. Hot Music - Soho
    16. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Acapella) - Busta Rhymes
    17. Liquid Liquid - Cavern
    18. Demon Spawn (Lonely C & Baby Prince Remix) (Nick Monaco Edit) - Lucky Paul
    19. Naked Is My Nature - Nick Monaco
    20. Summerfolds - Maribou State
    21. Everybody feat. Evelyn "Champagne" King (Soul Clap Remix) - Miguel Migs
    22. Real Love (Nick Monaco's Ode to Marcy Remix) - Wolf + Lamb vs. Pillow Talk

    • 55 min


    Happily lose yourself in the ludicrously deep grooves of Luciano, as the acclaimed DJ and producer steps up to deliver his Clash mix.

    The Swiss/Chilean producer has been in the game since the early nineties, and has become of the foremost exponents of the refined, stripped-back but colourful tech-house sound that he helped to drive forward. Much like the man himself, Cadenza Records – the label that Luciano founded with fellow Swiss DJ Quenum – has also been going from strength to strength, showcasing some of the finest contemporary minimal house and techno talent (Monika Kruse, Reboot, Mauro Picotto, etc), and gearing up for celebrating its tenth year in 2013.

    Luciano has always been able to switch effortlessly from sparse, tech-house landscapes (such as the epic ‘Etudes Electroniques’ EP) to uplifting and melodic moods, like those on ‘Tribute to the Sun’ or dancefloor-primed club tracks (such as ‘Rise of the Angel’ earlier this year, which also makes a sneaky appearance in the mix), and his Clash podcast shows this particular talent to be in rude health.

    Beginning with atmospherics and tight grooves, the mix then locks into a percussive house exploration before loosening up and exploring rawer, playful rhythms and melodies, subtly exploring a wide range of upfront tech-house moods – some euphoric, some club-driven, all of them deeper-than-deep.

    As for the tracklist, in his usual enigmatic style, Luciano has decided to leave that for you, dear listeners, to figure out. Look at it, perhaps, as a mystery Christmas gift, waiting to be pieced together, or just listened to and enjoyed straight-up, which isn’t difficult given the quality of both the tracks on offer and the artist putting it all together. A razor-sharp selection from Luciano, which should keep you going all through the festive period.

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    Bristol producer Artifact lays down a genre-leaping dancefloor-slaying selection for the latest addition to the Clash DJ podcast.

    The latest in a long line of talent from Bristol, Artifact – Ryan Bonfield – is certainly one of the most innovative of the crop of new UK producers, with a sound that’s frequently heavy and bass-driven, but never easy to pin down.

    His Clash mix takes in a host of dark dance delights, via Jon Convex, Scuba, Jimmy Edgar, Trevino and plenty more.

    Read an interview with Artifact - http://www.clashmusic.com/features/clashmusic-dj-mix-podcast-artifact


    1. The Mole - Hippy Speedball [Ostgut Ton]
    2. Kommune1 - ShadowKick [Magic Wire Recordings]
    3. Jack Dixon - FindShelter [Hotflush]
    4. Basic Soul Unit - Late Nite Shift [Midnight Shift]
    5. Scuba - Hardbody [Hotflush]
    6. Baby Prince - Nobody (Miguel Campbell Club Mix) [Somethink Sounds]
    7. Jimmy Edgar - Sex Drive (Jon Convex Dub Remix) [Hotflush]
    8. Unknown - Unknown
    9. Indigo - Kali [Hypercolour]
    10. Trevino - Under Surveillance [Applepips]
    11. Jon Convex - Aversion [Convex Industries]
    12. Deepchild - Bleeding Down The Night [Thoughtless Music]
    13. Artifact - Drain [Local Action]
    14. Clouds - Krafterah [Turbo]

    • 56 min
    ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Seb Rochford

    ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Seb Rochford

    Wild-haired rhythmical genius Seb Rochford, of jazz futurists Polar Bear, provides a heady juxtaposition of hip hop and shoegaze for the latest Clash DJ podcast.

    Polar Bear have been a continually experimental and innovative force in contemporary jazz, blending a punky ethos, electronica and rock riffing with traditional jazz ideas, frequently held together by Rochford’s incredible rhythms and dexterity.

    Starting off with some spacey ambience courtesy of fellow Polar Bear bandmate Leafcutter John, Youngs Teflon and Angel Gaze then verbally smack you around a bit before melting into the hazy tones of The Invisible. And so the cycle continues, with a blend of blissed-out instrumentals peppered with processed beats, Mozart and a dash of world music experimentation, before the relaxed rhyming of 2morrows Victory and Micachu’s ever-charming weirdness bring things to a close.

    Polar Bear play at Rich Mix, London, on December 15, where they will be performing material from their new album, scheduled for release next year.

    Seb Rochford tracklist

    1. Leafcutter John - Sweepstake
    2. Youngs Teflon ft. Grizzi and Scrooge - Incredibles
    3. Angel Haze - Werkin Girls
    4. The Invisible - Utopia
    5. Art Life - Modern Day Hippy
    6. Hello Skinny - Knot Life
    7. Scrufizzer - Fizzy Intro
    8. Gow Row - The Shroud Of Columbus
    9. Berliner Philharmoniker - Mozart Requiem
    10. Kesarbai Kerkar - Devi Durge
    11. Zerfu Demissie – Sek’let
    12. Mim Suleiman - Wakati Dawa
    13. Icez - Get Ghost Ft. Kush Gang
    14. Gunna Dee - Mind Right
    15. Black Moon - Powerful Impakt
    16. 2morrows Victory - Option 1
    17. Micachu And The Shapes - Fall

    • 49 min
    Matthias Zimmermann

    Matthias Zimmermann

    Take a deep breath and breathe in the colourful, ambient electronica of Matthias Zimmermann’s Clash mix. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

    German producer Zimmermann makes synth-led electronica with a subtle hip hop wash that hits somewhere between charmingly eccentric electro and early Warp bleep-house, all of it pretty delicious.

    For his Clash mix, Zimmerman breaks out a host of excellent names, including Daniel Avery, DJ T., Martyn, Daphni and Auntie Flo, but there’s a hidden method to his selections. Firstly, consider the words of Zimmermann’s record label, Sound Pellegrino “All tracks on Matthias Zimmermann’s releases have first names and constitute the population of an Isla we’re gradually exploring with him.”

    And here’s Zimmermann’s explanation of his mix: “The mix puts the listener in the position of being marooned on the ISLA. It describes the plot in different phases:

    - shipwreck
    - blurred perception of the environment
    - alien impressions
    - realization of the dramatic situation
    - starting to brace oneself
    - exploration
    - being captivated by peerless purity
    - looking out for shelter
    - building a makeshift home
    - hunting for food
    - struggle in the wilderness
    - growing desperation
    - escape”

    So there you have it. A desert island drama told through the medium of contemporary electronica – a concept we fully approve of. But whether you get on board with the shipwreck vibe or not, it still makes for damn fine listening.

    Matthias Zimmermann’s ‘Botanica Dub’ EP is out now on Sound Pellegrino.

    (right click and 'Save As...')

    Matthias Zimmermann tracklist

    1. Clark - Dove in Flames
    2. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Your Love (Pearson Sound remix)
    3. Octochamp - Port Manteau
    4. Mike Monday - Grace (Justin Martin remix)
    5. Rekchampa - Collapsin'
    6. Chunky - Decca
    7. Crackazat - Tunnel
    8. Matthias Zimmermann - Vincente
    9. Andre Kraml - Safari (James Holden remix)
    10. Auntie Flo - La Samaria
    11. Chateau Flight - Discobole (Pépé 75cL remix)
    12. Martyn - Red Dancers
    13. Daniel Avery - Taste (Paul Woolford's special request remix)
    14. DJ T. - Dis (Kink 909 tool)
    15. Makam - What Ya Doin'
    16. Daphni - Pairs
    17. Fantastic Man - Sanctuary
    18. SCNTST - Rhythm Sticks
    19. Matthias Zimmermann - Una (demo)
    20. Pointer Sisters - Dare Me (12 extended mix)
    21. Bullion - Keep A Document
    22. Shed - You Got the Look
    23. Carl Craig - Goodbye World

    • 1 hr 27 min

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