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The Clean Sport Collective is a community of powerful voices comprised of athletes, brands, events, clubs, fans and the public to support the pursuit of clean sport and athletics through the absence of performance enhancing drugs.

With this podcast, we will celebrate clean athletes, educate you on issues in the world of clean sport, and bring hope that we can all believe in the power of fair play across all sports.

Clean Sport Collective Kara Goucher, Shanna Burnette, and Chris McClung

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The Clean Sport Collective is a community of powerful voices comprised of athletes, brands, events, clubs, fans and the public to support the pursuit of clean sport and athletics through the absence of performance enhancing drugs.

With this podcast, we will celebrate clean athletes, educate you on issues in the world of clean sport, and bring hope that we can all believe in the power of fair play across all sports.

    Episode #41: Kathrine Switzer, First Woman to Officially Finish the Boston Marathon

    Episode #41: Kathrine Switzer, First Woman to Officially Finish the Boston Marathon

    On April 19th, 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to officially finish the Boston Marathon in a time of 4 hours and 20 minutes. During the race, she was attacked by race official Jock Semple who tried to pull her off the course. Jock would not succeed, but the iconic photo of him trying would create an indelible image that would change the future of women in sport forever.
    From that day forward Kathrine became a catalyst for change, leading the way for women to be able to officially race in the NYC and Boston Marathons as well as the Olympics, all while continuing to compete and win races herself. 
    Kara and Shanna lead this interview and get to it all. With Boston postponed this year until September, we hope this interview, rich in history from Boston, will tide you over until then. Kathrine has been leading change for women in sport for decades, and it was an honor for us to chat with her. While we know it is not enough, we bow low and say "thank you" to Kathrine for paving the way for so many.

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    Episode #40: Nancy Hogshead-Makar, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming

    Episode #40: Nancy Hogshead-Makar, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming

    Nancy Hogshead-Makar is an American swimmer who won 3 gold and 1 silver medal at the 1984 Olympics. She was a champion in the pool from a very early age, but her impact on sport and particularly for women in sport extends well beyond the pool.
    With a law degree from Georgetown University, she's been a long-time champion for women on issues including equal play, Title IX compliance, sexual harassment, abuse and assault, as well as employment, pregnancy, and LGBT discrimination. She is currently the CEO of Champion Women, an organization leading targeted efforts to change policy and advocate for equality and accountability in sport.
    Shanna and Kara interview Nancy to discuss all of it. It's impossible to truly understand and summarize Nancy's story in a few sentences so we just encourage you to listen, be a fan, and consider ways to stand with Nancy as a champion for women in sport. We are so thankful to have her leading the way for so many.

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    Episode #39: Aliphine Tuliamuk, Olympic Marathon Trials Champion

    Episode #39: Aliphine Tuliamuk, Olympic Marathon Trials Champion

    It seems all too perfect for International Women's Day to fall on the same day as the release of this interview. For this episode, we are excited to talk with the new queen of US marathoning Aliphine Tuliamuk who won the US Olympic Marathon Trials last weekend in Atlanta to punch her ticket to Tokyo.
    Aliphine is a living example of the American dream. She's Kenya-born, one of 32 children, and moved to the US for college, becoming a US citizen in 2016. She now trains with team Hoka NAZ Elite under coach Ben Rosario. At the Trials, she and teammates Stephanie Bruce and Kellyn Taylor finished 1st, 6th, and 8th respectively to show the power of women working and training together.
    In this interview, Kara and Shanna chat with Aliphine and get to hear her story from her beginnings in Kenya all the way through the finishing tape in Atlanta as an American Champion. Aliphine discusses adapting to life in the US, her collegiate career, transitioning to pro running without a contract for the first several years, almost quitting a few times, and surviving several major injuries before finally finding her home at NAZ Elite.
    Yes, she is a fast runner, but she is so much more than that as a bright light in our sport. You will see what we mean when you listen to Aliphine talk about her desire to be a nurse or when she discusses clean sport and the young girls she wants to inspire at the finish line of the NYC Mini 10K. We couldn't be more proud to have Aliphine representing the US in the Tokyo Olympics this summer!

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    Episode #38: Colleen Quigley, Olympic Steeplechaser

    Episode #38: Colleen Quigley, Olympic Steeplechaser

    We are excited to kick off a new month with a new theme! March is National Women’s History month so this month’s guests will all be badass women who are athletes and/or advocates for clean sport. For this first episode of the month, we interview Nike-sponsored athlete from the Bowerman Track Club – Colleen Quigley.
    We often get the critique that we are anti-Nike, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We are simply pro-clean sport, and we will condemn actions by Nike or any brand that are against our mission. At the same time, we will celebrate actions by Nike or any brand that further the cause. As just one example, Colleen Quigley and her teammates at the Bowerman Track Club should be celebrated, and we are excited to share this interview with you.
    Colleen is an NCAA champion and Olympian in the steeplechase which means she makes her living on the track hurdling barriers and water pits for 7.5 laps at a time. Her story is an interesting one because she didn’t move to the steeplechase until she went to college at Florida State University, but she took to it quickly and would ultimately fulfill her coach’s prediction that she would win an NCAA Championship in the event.
    Kara and Chris chat with Colleen about her early days in the sport, her collegiate years at FSU, and of course her transition to the pro ranks at the Bowerman Track Club, where she trains with the fastest group of women in the country. Colleen discusses her secrets to striving for excellence and what it’s like to train with such an amazing group and now be coached by the great Shalane Flanagan.
    Then, we dig into the tough topics including prominent doping violations within her event and within the Oregon Project at Nike itself. She discusses her own reaction to the Alberto Salazar suspension and Mary Cain revelations as well as the dynamics between the Bowerman team and the Oregon Project. Finally, we discuss the evolution of footwear including the impending application of Nike Vaporfly technology to the track and what should be done with shoe regulations.
    What you see is what you get with Colleen, and we appreciate her courage and openness in our discussion. As someone who has signed the Clean Sport pledge, we believe in Colleen and will be cheering for her to make another Olympic team in Tokyo this summer!

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    Episode #37: Sara Hall, 2:22 Marathoner (#6 All-Time)

    Episode #37: Sara Hall, 2:22 Marathoner (#6 All-Time)

    Warning: if you listen to this episode, you might be inspired to run all-out hill repeats with an uncontrollable smile on your face. Sara's love and passion for running is THAT contagious! Sara is a 2:22 marathoner (#6 all-time), but like many of our interviewees in this series, her marathon time only tells a small part of the story. She is a multi-dimensional athlete and person, and Shanna and Kara explore it all in this discussion.
    Sara talks about her running career including how it began exploring the woods as a kid alone in her home state of California. She discusses her time at Stanford and what she learned from the great coach Dena Evans. She gives details on how her relationship with Ryan Hall began and how it has evolved through his elite running career to the present day with him as her coach. She shares what led them to adopt 4 orphan girls from Ethiopia and what it's been like integrating them into their life here in the US. And of course, we get her perspective on shoes and clean sport and how she wishes we could all experience the purity of the sport she fell in love with in the woods as a kid.
    Sara is one of the nicest people we know, but don't let that fool you. She is also a fierce competitor and will no doubt be making waves on the course in Atlanta. We can't wait to cheer her on as she tries to make her Olympic dream come true. Go Sara! 
    This episode concludes our series interviewing 9 of the top contenders for the Olympic Marathon Trials this weekend. It all started with Desiree Linden in episode #27 and continued with episodes #30-37 including Molly Huddle, Shadrack Biwott, Emily Sisson, Scott Fauble, Stephanie Bruce, Jared Ward, Kellyn Taylor, and this final one with Sara Hall. You have a few days left to binge-listen if you haven't already to get fully prepped for the big day on February 29th! We hope to see you at our shake-out run on Saturday at 8:30 am. For more details, check out our twitter or instagram feed @cleansportco.

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    Episode #36: Kellyn Taylor, 2:24 Marathoner (#7 All-Time)

    Episode #36: Kellyn Taylor, 2:24 Marathoner (#7 All-Time)

    Kellyn Taylor is a 2:24 marathoner and ranked #7 on the US all-time list, but her story is so much more interesting than a time on the clock. She's also training to be a firefighter, has a passion for fostering children, and is working to instill her trademark mental toughness in her own daughter. In this interview led by Kara and Shanna, we cover it all.
    Kellyn tells us about her Wisconsin roots where she grew up doing gymnastics and playing soccer before running became her primary sport. She talks about her transition into pro running with MacMillan Elite before she made the shift to work with Ben Rosario at NAZ Elite.
    She gives us the details behind her running highs and lows including two narrow misses for making the Olympic team in 2016 in both the marathon and 10K, her DNF at Boston in 2018 in nor'easter conditions, and her big PR in 2:24 at the Grandma's Marathon just 8 short weeks after the Boston disappointment. In addition, she shares personal stories about returning from pregnancy to run again and the roller-coaster ride it can be as a foster parent.
    Finally, we discuss the clean sport culture within NAZ Elite and Kellyn's perspective on the great shoe debate, including why she believes that all carbon fiber plates should be banned. Like her teammates from this interview series Steph Bruce and Scott Fauble, Kellyn is an open book who isn't afraid to tell it like it is, and we appreciate her so much for that. We are excited to cheer her on from the sidelines in Atlanta next weekend!
    As mentioned in the closing to the interview, you can meet the Clean Sport Collective podcast co-hosts in Atlanta on Saturday (Feb 29). We will be offering a 3-mile shake-out run with Kara, Shanna, and Chris at 8:30 am from the Olympic Rings in Centennial Olympic Park near the Trials finish line. Come for the run, meet the hosts, and get your CSC temporary tattoo to rep as you cheer for the Trials! 

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