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The bad boys of podcasting are back

Corncobs & Donuts: A Twin Peaks Podcast Blocked & Reported: A L0G1c9UY Podcast

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The bad boys of podcasting are back

    B&R - Special Report: The 2020 CUTIES Scandal

    B&R - Special Report: The 2020 CUTIES Scandal

    It's your favorite podcasting cuties (Dan L0G1c9UY and Kyle)vs the internet's least favorite CUTIES, the scandalous Netflix movie everyone was talking about two months ago.
    They're busting alright, busting the child sex trafficking rings that Netflix is complicit with.
    It's the greatest controversy of the 2020 election and the bad boys of podcasting are back to investigate as only they can. Find out what everyone else got wrong. You'll never watch CUTIES the same again!
    Also, they take a trip in the wayback machine to investigate another entrant in the children-are-inappropriately-sexualized sub-genre, Jonathan Glazer's Birth (2004) staring Nicole Kidman as a woman who takes a bath with a 10 year old.
    Plus the latest dad report with Kyle, the boys say goodbye to skeptic legend The Amazing James Randi and more...

    • 1 hr 26 min
    Blocked & Reported - Journey to Bridgewater Triangle

    Blocked & Reported - Journey to Bridgewater Triangle

    Back in June, in the early days of the pandemic, the boys took a trip into the dark heart of a local supernatural hot spot known as THE BRIDGEWATER TRIANGLE.
    Join them as they explore the occult history behind this cursed region. Along the way they'll address the controversy behind the fake unauthorized Blocked & Reported knock-off podcast, discuss the latest news about #TheSnyderCut and they talk about a 90s TV show called Eerie, Indiana for like 45 minutes. And listen to the end for some big life news.
    it's the most action packed episode of B&R yet.

    • 53 min
    B&R Ep2a - The Hunt for ... THE HUNT

    B&R Ep2a - The Hunt for ... THE HUNT

    The bad boys of podcasting are back! You've heard all the wokest JOKER hot takes but have you heard about THE HUNT? The movie so SICK & TWISTED it was BANNED! from release.
    Famed shitposter L0G1c9UY and his trusted friend Kyle are on the case to bring you the TRUTH that the media is afraid to cover. They'll expose the labyrinth web of collusion that runs from beanie wearing youtube shut-ins all the way to the highest office in the land!
    Along the way they'll discuss why The Hunt is actually about being extremely online. Why you shouldn't say "pizzagate is real". Why the left cannot afford an Epstein posting gap and they'll pour one out for a recently fallen posting legend and discuss some deepest lore.
    This truly is the one episode of seasonal podcast Blocked & Reported that you can't afford to miss.

    • 1 hr 14 min

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