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Welcome to Creative Magic Club! Together, we'll discover inspirational stories of creative entrepreneurs living out their dreams, doing the work they're MOST passionate about and building wealth in magical, FUN ways!

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Welcome to Creative Magic Club! Together, we'll discover inspirational stories of creative entrepreneurs living out their dreams, doing the work they're MOST passionate about and building wealth in magical, FUN ways!

    Creative Ways I shift Money Blocks

    Creative Ways I shift Money Blocks

    🎙New Podcast EP: Creative Ways I shift Money Blocks
    Do you ever feel stuck when you’re attempting to make a pivot in your relationship with money? 
    Maybe you fall into avoidance in taking care of your money management? 
    Or do you feel in resistance to taking the actions that you KNOW will bring more money in?
    Especially in the ways you MOST desire to be bringing it in?
    I get it! I go through this on a regular basis, with every new uplevel I set my sights on, whether it’s on bringing in more income overall, or shifting the WAY I’m bringing that money in in my business. 
    But I don’t believe in money blocks because there ALWAYS an action we can take to shift our energy, mindset and action to feel back in a feel-good flow with money. 
    Tune into today’s episode to discover 3 creative and accessible ways to reconnect to money flow in your life! 

    • 16 min
    How The Patriarchy Is Cock-Blocking Your Financial Health (And How to Stop It!)

    How The Patriarchy Is Cock-Blocking Your Financial Health (And How to Stop It!)

    🎙️New Podcast Ep: How The Patriarchy Is Cock-Blocking Your Financial Health (And How to Stop It!)
    Have you ever questioned why money can feel so complex, overwhelming and downright shitty to navigate?
    Do you ever wish you could be the kind of person who had consistent access to opportunities, cash flow, new clients, clarity and confidence with how to make money in fun, aligned ways?
    I get it… I was the girl who was consistently overspending, falling short of her income goals, overworking, and feeling like I was constantly giving more than I was receiving. 
    Until I discovered how to heal my relationship with money and realized that my struggles were a direct result of a toxic patriarchal culture. 
    I decided to talk about this in this week’s episode so I can share my insights, understanding and healing process with you so you can stop giving yourself a hard time for falling short of your desired income yet and have the ability to shift that. 
    So if you have been feeling like making money in the ways you desire to is harder than it needs to be, then you’re going to want to listen to this episode! 
    This is a powerful topic in honor of my 100th podcast episode - and an example of what’s to come as I deepen my commitment to supporting you to make more and more money going forward!!

    • 21 min
    Believing in Yourself is The Path to $30k Months

    Believing in Yourself is The Path to $30k Months

    🎙️New Podcast Ep: Believing in Yourself is The Path to $30k Months 
    Join me and bestselling author and business coach Melissa Fino in an interview about the level of self belief she required to go from college dropout to multi-6-figure CEO. 
    Melissa shares exactly what happened to kick her self belief into high gear in a way that completely turned her life around. 
    She shares the truth behind growing a coaching business and what you need to know as you grow and scale your income. 
    And you’ll love the inspirational story of her first $30k weekend where she really felt like she had made it in bringing her dream business to life!
    You’re going to love this conversation! 

    • 23 min
    From Debt to Multi-6-Figure Wealth

    From Debt to Multi-6-Figure Wealth

    🎙️New Podcast Ep: From Debt to Multi-6-Figure Wealth

    My guest on the podcast today shares what it took to go from $100k in debt, overworked and underpaid… to a multi-6-figure business that supports women to transform their relationship with money.

    Taylor Eaton is a money mindset coach and the creator of the Wealthy Woman Oracle Deck.

    We talk about why money mindset work can often seem so magical when actually it’s about making very logical shifts in the way we have been conditioned around money.

    Taylor shares how giving herself permission to make money from her creative side hustles as a self published fiction writer eventually evolved into a multi-5-figure-month business that gives her the freedom to define wealth on her own terms.

    If your desire is to feel more free to be wealthy in creative ways, you’ll definitely want to catch this expansive conversation!

    • 26 min
    Stop Feeling Guilty For Raising Your Rates

    Stop Feeling Guilty For Raising Your Rates

    Have you been stalling on raising your prices because you feel guilty about becoming inaccessible to all of those people who won’t be able to afford to work with you?
    Do you feel bad about charging higher end rates because you know you desire to help lots and lots of people and charging lower rates seems to make sense but it’s not actually sustaining your business….?
    Do you fear that raising your rates will lead to even less interest from new clients than you have currently?
    Is your secret desire to charge super low rates and have your work impact the lives of thousands… or even millions of people?
    I get it, I used to think I had to focus on helping people who were already wealthy to have a successful business which was not my true heart’s desire… until I discovered how I could have both the income AND the types of clients I truly desired. 
    Let’s talk about why there’s absolutely no need to be feeling guilty about charging rates that allow you and your business to thrive…
    … and how raising your rates actually gives you MORE power to help even more people!
    I can’t wait to dive into this conversation with you in this week’s Creative Magic Club Podcast Episode!! 

    Do you ever catch yourself thinking “I shouldn’t charge too much because so many need my work” or “I Feel bad being exclusive” - me too!  Here are a few solid reasons why you should never feel guilty for raising your prices Just because you charge higher rates DOES NOT preclude you from helping people who can’t afford to work with you - this is why I love the kind of business model that relies on free content marketing that involves sharing valuable supportive content on social media, running free workshops and events and consistently offering tons of value thats accessible to anyone with an internet connection - completely free of charge. Time, energy & money we put into this - is covered by our premium pricing. Reality check: You can’t afford to give away valuable free content AND charge super low rates when youre in the beginning stages of your business UNLESS you have another income stream supporting you already! Plus you can make scholarships, low cost or sliding scale offers available where it feels good to do so - like in scalable offers such as group programs. So don’t use leaving people behind as an excuse to not create premium priced offers just because the truth is you’re scared to raise your prices. Create the business model that works for you and that supports you to do your work in the way that allows you to do ALL the things you desire to do!  You CAN charge super low rates and serve thousands or even millions of people, but here’s the thing, you have to build your audience first… this is a skill, an art and a big time, money and resources investment - whether you do this organically through your own hard work or by hiring a team, or you use paid advertising to grow your reach. Audience building takes consistent work and it doesn't come for free. You have to start somewhere and signing a few clients at  higher rates is a much faster and easier way to get your business off the ground and start to build resources and experience to be able to reach those bigger audience goals even sooner.  Your price isn’t the issue. There’s actually not that much difference between a few thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars plus. If you’re not feeling confident to raise your prices it’s most likely because you’re not quite clear enough on the value you’re offer delivers, who exactly it helps and WHY what you’ve chosen to support them with is so valuable. Because when YOU’re clear on these things, it’s so much easier to feel really excited to offer these kinds of opportunities to deeply support people to create real transformation in their lives, and when you can confidently communicate that - the person who’s ready for that transformation will prioritize

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    Habits That Make Me Rich

    Habits That Make Me Rich

    Since becoming a coach, I have been obsessed with seeing the behind the scenes lives of mentors who are making loads of money and living freedom-filled lives they love. 
    I love to know the specifics of what others are doing in their business in their financial management and in their life outside of business to sustain the ecosystem of the dream-come-true-lifestyle. 
    I want the juicy details and I always ask for them. Some mentors are more willing than others and I’m so grateful for the women who have shared the details of what it really takes to be masterful in money and life. 
    While I’m still definitely a work in progress, I’m in a very different place with money now, and there are some really key habits, lessons and practices that I have embodied that allow me to be in a calm, anxiety-free, peaceful and much more empowered relationship with money, no matter how much is coming in or moving out of my bank account. 
    Feeling rich, to me, is this. A feeling of freedom, like I get to live a life where I get to do exactly what I desire, day in, day out, and where I work together with money to make all of my big fun creative dreams come true. I’m living that reality more than ever before and I want to share how I got here with you in this episode of the Creative Magic Club Podcast today. 
    If you want to hear my insights on the habits that make me feel truly rich and not like I’m overgiving from an empty cup, or having to sacrifice things I’m not willing to sacrifice to live my dream life and business, whether I’m reaching my next level income goals or not - you’ll want to listen to this one. 
    You may be surprised by some of the things I have to share with you….

    • 19 min

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1 Rating

Lucag81 ,

Inspiring and powerful

I love this podcast, Sarah’s wisdom and openess about her life journey resonates with me so much. Great insights, powerful strategies to live more fulfilled and abundant life while having fun with it. That with combination of amazing guests she brings to the show makes you wanna listen more and more. Highly recommend. Alex Grzybek

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