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Hosted by Emma Isaacs, this creative show is filled with inspiring interviews with successful creatives who have followed that feeling. This show looks at how to design a life that’s truly fulfilling, giving the world what you have been gifted and getting paid doing what you love every day!

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Creative Ways Podcast Emma Isaacs

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Hosted by Emma Isaacs, this creative show is filled with inspiring interviews with successful creatives who have followed that feeling. This show looks at how to design a life that’s truly fulfilling, giving the world what you have been gifted and getting paid doing what you love every day!

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    What Playfullnes and Keeping Curious can do to your Art - Ashley Mary

    What Playfullnes and Keeping Curious can do to your Art - Ashley Mary

    Ashley Mary is an abstract artist, designer, and illustrator who creates lively, energetic works in her studio in Minneapolis. Her work focuses around strong use of colour and shape compositions. Ashley’s paintings are in heavy acrylics creating thick textures.
    Her process is influenced heavily by her collage work, patterns, vintage ephemera, and her background in graphic design. Ashley’s work pays attention to the unintentional and leaves space to be surprised.
    Her murals and product designs can be seen nationwide in large scale collaborations with brands such as Starbucks, Anthropologie and Google, 
    Ashley is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Curiosity Studios. A creative learning space for those blocked.
    Ashley’s Takeaways
    1.Be confident in your mark making.
    2.Moving your body moves your mind and work.
    3.Change your surroundings.
    4.Honour your space and silence if that’s where your best art
    is born.
    5.If you feel the flow and strong energy in your commission, ask your client if they will let you carry this flow to your own natural completion.
    6.Sometimes there's no reason why a commission or client isn’t a great fit, it’s not black and white and can just be a personality clash.
    7. Look at your why and core values.
    8.If it’s a no is a yes to something else.
    9.Its ok to have your years intentions different from previous, in fact it should be. what got us here want move us there.
    10.Being present instead of big future goals can be huge and more productive and tangible.
    11.Making a big life change like relocating or making a fulfilling a life dream or smaller goal will come out in your art and shift your craft for the better.
    12.Place close attention to what’s in front of you.
    13.Get outside more!
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    How to put Magic in Your business - Louise Hardaker

    How to put Magic in Your business - Louise Hardaker

    Louise Hardaker, founder of kids clothing brand Magic Kind, finally listened to those inner nudges she had experienced all of her life and finally turned her childhood passion into a booming business.
    More than that, her kids clothing brand has proven time and time again the ripple affect with helping other creatives and business’s. Louise purchases U.K surface pattern designers work and keeps her brand true to her vision.
    Louise also shares the importance of having a day job and the boundaries that and running. family has around juggling the business.
    ⬇️Louise’s Takeaways⬇️
    1.If you’re not feeling your truest self, ask yourself this, ‘when was last time I created for myself? For the process? For the joy of it?
    2.Have strict boundaries with answering emails and work hours
    3.You’re not being selfish, as a mum your kids are learning skills and watching you build something. You’re giving them examples of how we can turn a thought into a physical business!
    4.Your business helps other business’s look at Louise buying surface patterns deigns, it’s all great generous energy
    5.Get out of your comfort zone! If you can’t afford a coach or mentor, ask a friend for accountability who will tell you what you need to hear not what you want too.
    6.Business products don’t go viral overnight; you have to keep reminding people. The marketing experts used to advise 7 steps, these days try tripling that these days with social media.
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    How to Find Your Creative Village - Emma Isaacs

    How to Find Your Creative Village - Emma Isaacs

    Are you looking for a safe space with like minded individuals?
    Do you love freelance life but yearn for more connection to your peers? 
    Do you want to make more friends in biz?
    Do you struggle setting goals and sticking to them? 
    I am launching a brand new membership - 
    A membership packed full of knowledge, accountability, masterclasses, co-working sessions and above all COMMUNITY.
     Have you found your people? Your tribe?
    Well, now you have.

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    How to Become a Mural Artist -Eloisa Henderson

    How to Become a Mural Artist -Eloisa Henderson

    London based mural artists Eloisa Henderson Fills the world with happiness, she brings excitement to many lucky people’s walls! Of course we know how brave she must be to paint huge murals but what I love about her  is that she explains in our conversation that’s she feels the fear each time! She explains here how she pushes through and her childhood growing up with her mum who works with children who are maybe vulnerable and neurodiverse, which of course has helped shape Elosia's art to this current day.
    What I also love is that this was all born through lock down! To help keep a float last year, Eloisa Henderson ran workshops in her garden. Eloisa spins lots of plates, she paints on film sets too!
    Eloisa’s Takeaways
    1.Just because you didn’t enjoy the project, the teaching, or whatever the thing is the first time, it doesn’t mean you won’t again, try it a second time and see!
    2.Put out what you want more of. It’s that simple
    3.Worrying about a project is common, it’s what keeps us at our best, we have to look for ways to keep this healthy and not overtake us.
    4. As creatives we natural worry
    5.If you don’t get the project you pitched for remember, you’re successful to even be in this position to apply.
    6. It’s about trying again down the line, it’s not a sorry no’ it’s a ‘not right now’.
    7.Some projects can just feel way too big because it is right now, and that’s ok, if you feel it will impact you negatively. Listen to that. Of course, we need to push ourself out of our comfort zone, however, there is a difference, don’t confuse the two.
    8.When children play up, we know it’s for attention, use your art to play! This will ease them into a safer, calmer mental space. Art is a super power.
    9.You can make people smile through your art that’s the true magic!
    10.It is possible to spin lots of plates If you’re interested in a variety of different creative areas, it’s important to do if you know you need the mix
    11. When working on a job its expected for you to work out what you need to do to get that job done, so don’t worry if it’s new to you, just say ‘Yes thankyou let me get on with that’ and research later. Your manager just wats it done, they don’t mind if you’ve done it or not.
    12. You don’t always know more the longer you’re in a studio, don’t worry, just learn on the job. That’s what we all do!
    13. It’s ok to be anxious when you’re putting yourself out there creatively, we can reconise that nasty voice and say internally ‘thank you, I’m doing it anyway! ‘I’m doing the best I can and that will lead to more great art’ This kind of narrative is far more inviting, progressive and helps us move past in the moment than letting all of the nasty mean words paralyse us.
    14.Spread your art outside or hang in your windows for passer by’s to enjoy, your art will brighten their day, it’s a gift.

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    How to Own Your Style -Victoria Tojeiro

    How to Own Your Style -Victoria Tojeiro

    Victoria Tojeiro founder of ‘Happy Stuff Studio’ is a self taught illustrator, designer and now has her own jewellery too
    Victoria gave up her teaching career to follow her pull to a creative life that suits her vibrant personality, not only does Victoria create  colourful fun characters, she also literally wears her joy too! Victoria gave up her wardrobe of beige, grey and blacks for a fully pattern on pattern fun retro galore she says ‘everyday is literally dress up day!
    Nothing makes her happier than knowing she's been able to spread a bit of 'daftness and joy to the world' 
    Victoria’s Takeaways 
    1.Question anyone who tells you there isn’t any work for the arts 
    2.Step into your children's world rather than expect them to embrace
    3.Step fully into your originality 
    4.We need to stop limiting children need to teach us
    5.The younger generation keep design industry
    6.Wear your joy, it’s all connected
    7. Create what you want not what you think will sell
    8.Don’t force it
    9. Your happiness will fill the house with your mood, don’t underestimate it
    Connect with Victoria here 

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    Landing a Dream Design Job Without a Degree - Lisa Metcalfe

    Landing a Dream Design Job Without a Degree - Lisa Metcalfe

    Lisa Metcalfe is a designer and illustrator for the greeting card industry, her designs can be found in many major retailers and charities globally.
    Lisa got here, employed to design in her 3rd big studio without a university degree! 
    'Lisa didn’t stop there and sit back mind you, she is constantly pushing herself and developing new skills with online course's trying new techniques.
    Lisa’s Takeaways
    1.You don’t need a degree to make a living from your art
    2.Keep knocking on doors
    3. Getting back up and being resourceful is always the key
    4.Put pride aside and be humble and gracious, we can all agree its an attractive trait
    5. Always be curious and perculate, experiment and play with Developing new ideas
    6. Set a space up in the house however small
    7.Getting looser with your work and not being precious
    8. Remember if you don’t like it you can paint over it.
    9.Get the kids involved
    10. Tell the family how important this new project is to youUse up left over paint with making marks in your sketch book
    11. Paint for the process not the outcome
    12.You don’t need loads of time for your art – the first 20 – 30 minutes is normally your best most energised work
    13.Don’t get in your own head
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
58 Ratings

58 Ratings

LottieCreates ,

Absolutely Amazing

Only just discovered podcasts and I’m absolutely blown away by Emma’s inspiring and warm approach in sharing experiences of the creative art world and touching a little on every day life. Great interviews with some truly wonderful people.

G.frog ,

Such an inspiring podcast for any creative!

I love Emma she is my "people” if you are ever in need of a little Inso or a pick me up then you have come to the right place :)

Who'sknickedmyusername ,

Essential listening

I found this podcast whilst researching info for my daughter and I am hooked!

This podcast is not just about being creative, if you enjoy deep conversations about all sorts of things, then you will enjoy it! Always feel happy after listening to Emma and the numerous guests she has on the show.

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